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Posted October 19, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

The term wireless mobile computing has redefined itself several times with the development of some outstanding and extremely intuitive technological leaps which most of us could never even have imagined otherwise. For the best mobile phone brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung, it all started with the Series 30 based java powered cell phones which later on evolved to Series 80, Series 40 and of course everyone’s favorite: the symbian Series 60 platform. One of the more recent development of the major mobile phone manufactures like Apple (with iPhone), Nokia (with N95) etc are their ability to detect movement quite extraordinarily with the help of motion sensors or accelerometers. Applications like Rotate Me or NokMote and many others took the center stage the moment those mobile softwares were developed. In fact, they still are high value potential products and joining into this portfolio of mobile applications are the two very dynamic and exciting mobile computing softwares called Hi N Bye and Rock n Scroll.

They are developed by the mobile technology driven organization called Keynetik (pronounced as KEY-net-ik) and I must admit that they have done an excellent job so far. Nokia N95 and Nokia N82 symbian accelerometer plugin really has opened up the basic platform one would need to develop such state of the art mobile softwares and applications. Powered by the break through technology called Accelon, you will be able to do so much more with your symbian smartphones that are running on the 3rd edition symbian os platform or newer. However, for the sake of humanity and divine, be noted that when you have these two insanely fantastic applications installed on your mobile phones you may get addicted to them (as if you are not already!) and be blamed for sudden “shaky behaviour” lol.

Remember, in the past, I published a post regarding all the accelerometer based Nokia softwares that are currently available or have at least been published under a beta version? These accelerometer based moile applications are similar to those in nature but both Rock N Scroll and Hi N Bye focuses on a much deeper level and will let you do multiple things from one point. One thing’s for certain that with these sensible and intuitive motion particles sensor applications installed on your symbian devices, you will save your keypads for a long time to come. 

What does these applications exactly do? Are they just fancy applications which we Nokia symbian users can only install to have some fun or even show off at cases? Good and legitimate questions from any general end user whose main use of the cell phone is for making voice calls or sending a SMS.

Well my friends, both Hi N Bye and Rock n Scroll can be classified as applications to efficiently complete tasks for you with the help of motion sensors. With the help of some physical and acceleration movement of the phone that are predefined with these mobile applications for your smartphone you will be able to:

access your gallery and start/end a slideshow,

scroll a list of tens and thousands music files in the music library,

control the navigation key when playing a mobile game,

receive, swap or dial phone calls,

enable or disable the loudspeaker of your phone

and the list goes on and on.

Oh btw, did I tell you that you will be doing all of these without touching your keyboard or initiating any kind of voice commands or with the help of your stylus!!

Exactly!! Capishce? Both of these applications are only responsive to some specific sudden movements of your hand like a quick small shake of the phone side to side or tilting it vertically and horizontally, flipping it etc. Each of these movements also depends on the position of your phone and it usually never happens when it is in your pocket because the space for these specific movements are limited and somewhat contained when your Nokia phone is in your pocket or bags. Thus both these applications ensures a 360 degree coverage (yes much like a beautiful panorama) of all issues you might be thinking of.

Let us have a formal and more detailed functional look of these two mobile applications:

Hi ‘N’ Bye Features:

Hi ‘N’ Bye:

Hi N Bye is a sensor or movement based mobile telephony management service powered by the accelerometer. It manages how you receive your calls or reject them, turn on the loudspeaker etc. When an incoming call rings in your phone, you will not have to do anything but just simply put the phone up against your ears and the rest will be covered by Hi N Bye. The moment it senses that you are receiving the phone by raising the phone near your ears it automatically manages the ringing tone by turning it off, this will protect your ears from the ringtone!! When you are in the middle of one call and another call is waiting on the queue, the quick shake of the phone will trigger a quick swap between the two lines. To disconnect the second or first call you simply have to shake your mobile phone again and Hi N Bye with the help of the Nokia accelerometer will disconnect it and swap over to the waiting call on the first line. To go loudspeakers you simply motion your hand forward in which you are holding the phone and it will turn the loudspeaker itself.

hi and bye

Just imagine that now you can manage a multiple channels conference call without pressing a single key of your phone. With the Hi N Bye already integrated with the Nokia accelerometer of your handhelds and smartphones, this single mobile application is one of the most convenient and sexiest phone softwares ever thought of and developed.

Rock ‘N’ Scroll Detailed Demo:

Rock ‘N’ Scroll Features:

Rock ‘N’ Scroll:

Rock N Scroll for S60 Nokia phones is a complete package of well thought creatives and it takes the game to a whole new level for Nokia 3rd edition series 60 phones, period! Rock N Scroll actually was a concept first developed for the bluetooth based gestures for Pocket PC phones as a mouse to any Mac Os X laptops. However, with the increasing trend of the Nokia symbian accelerometers and other motion based platforms it has hit evolution!! Rock N Scroll will let you control every aspect of your phone navigation thoroughly. While some predicted that it will be a complete copycat of the NokMote but believe that this is by far the absolute best accelerometer application ever!

Rock N Scroll differentiates itself from all other accelerometer applications including the Hi ‘N’ Bye by its jam packed features. While most of the accelerometer focused mobile softwares does something very simple and straightforward in nature (like Shakelock locks the keypad, RotateMe rotates your screen from landscape to portrait etc) Rock N Scroll have a far fetched impact on the phone because it is the navigation we are talking about, it is the way you select item we are talking about. Just think about it, how convenient your navigation lets you operate will decide how much multitasking you will be able to do with the free hands. Rock n Scroll is surely going to change the way you operate.

Rock N Scroll works in gaming mode and flick mode. The gaming mode is the landscape mode through which you will be able to navigate in one way (through tilting the phone slightly) while the flick mode (vertical or portrait) will let you navigate and function differently (specifically do specific clickthroughs or perform a twist back). What function they actually perform can be completely customized through a nice detailed compass on an uniform map. You can set the speed of the wrist flick by which you will basically tell the symbian application how much force or acceleration it will set to determine a particular action. In the same way, through the gaming mode you can define the speed of the scrolling when the phone is tilted backward and forward. This really will come very handy if you have a big memory card and there are tons of pictures or songs in the gallery or music library. These two modes together completes the entire application functionality and none will really be this much special without the other.

For both the modes you can also set the Push and Pull functionality (and I don’t mean Push or Pull SMS) that determines the action it will perform. You can choose to receive calls or make calls, you can decide to launch the mobile based Premier Office Suite or Quick Office, you can even choose to go silent by  changing the profile when Push it. However, I personally felt that the current default functionality are the best ones as it results itself to come full circle so that this single application can take care every bit of navigation and basic functionality.

Last but certainly not the least is the ability for you to learn through the Notifications bubble which you can choose to be turned on or leave it as it is. will tell you to keep it activated at all times. It shows you if you are in a dead zone or if your phone is slanted at a 90 degree, (thus no tilt, simple physics!). However, it might be get annoying because it will notify you whenever you change the screen orientation of the Nokia phone. Totally up to you!

pda accelerometerrock and scroll

Experimenting and finding the perfect combination of actions which suits your daily life is what this application is all about and of course some more. Once again, I honestly feel that if you have any symbian powered 3rd edition Nokia devices with support of accelerometer or motion sensitivity then both these applications are something you really SHOULD CHECK OUT! They are new, they are flashy and they will certainly (according to me) evolve to be the next huge thing that mobile computing will follow and make the standard. All the latest N-Series and E-Series cell phones like N95, N95 8GB, 5800 Xpess Music, E71, E66, N78, N79, N85, 6600 Slide, and N82 should have accelerometer built in and should be able to use this symbian motion sensor application to make your life much easier. Smartphones from other brands with symbian os platform like the Samsung SCH-S310, SonyEricsson W910, 850i etc will also support both these applications smoothly.



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  1. hi can you tell me how to download rock n scroll on nokia n82

  2. shows disk error while launching…..!plz help…..

  3. Saikat Mishra

    I’ve installed the apps after signing it from OPDA website in my N79…but it doesnt works…I can see the apps installed in my application folder,but after clicking on them nothing initialized…the apps are not running by any means….

  4. Mohamed

    Hi. I have problem with the certificate what should i do please help

  5. when iam installing this application my n95 mobile is showing – application error
    can u ppl help me to install

  6. why it is not istall on nokia n78

  7. SMAll

    I have n95 8gb. After update software (v35.0.001) the rock;n Scroll does not working anymore. I press “open”…and nothing.:(…any solution?

    For certificate error: Try Hellocarbide (for older firmware) or hello0x (last f.)

  8. Eliza

    Who creates this symbyan software..is/are dump! I want to make my live easy!!!!!!! not to complicate it with a lot of certificate error…subscribes, registers, IMEI etc!! ggrrrr..ii hate human stupidity!!!

    i usually admire the effort of a team who develop some utility….and i post a lot of “thanks x100” …but now?

    thanks…but no thanks!!!!!!!

  9. soumye

    hey there…
    i signewd the application myself and installed it
    but after installing the icon doesnt wor..
    its istalled but its not working

    i have nokia 5800 v40

  10. my IMEI:358984012893072 id rajattomer@rediffmail.com nokia n82 pls pls. While installing,it shows certificate error?

    While installing,it shows certificate error?

    please helpme………

  11. u

    hi n bye iz askin 4 license key. can u provide tht?

  12. Nikhil

    While installing,it shows certificate error?

  13. Piyush

    hi n bye as well as rock n rool are givin certificate erro what to do please tell

  14. Piyush

    how to download hi n bye application

  15. a

    “Download the file on your computer. Go to symbiansigned.com. There used to an obvious link to upload the file & enter your IMEI, then symbiansigned would encode the file and send it to your email address. Poke around on the site until you find it.”

    I tried to use the file in my e-mail but it didn’t work… same problem “certificate not supported”

    any ideia?

  16. p

    i tried more two time and it’s ok!

  17. p

    “Your application (RockNScroll_1_0_1.SIS) signing has failed. This may be because it has been flagged as a potential virus by our scanning or because the format of your sis file is incorrect or corrupt. Please try re-building your .sis file and re-submitting. If the problem persists, please seek support through the Symbian Signed forums on developer.symbian.org.”


  18. sanand

    heyy..i installed the program successfully on my n79..but the program is not starting..can you help me out

  19. yasirraza

    Can u help please

    • e

      Download the file on your computer. Go to symbiansigned.com. There used to an obvious link to upload the file & enter your IMEI, then symbiansigned would encode the file and send it to your email address. Poke around on the site until you find it.

  20. sTriKEr

    Hey man i have problem I have downloaded the soft but when I install it gives Error Of certificate that the certificate of this software is expired contact the software supplier .plzz help me now what do i do

  21. khalid

    hey dudes…….. i also cant install it because of this certificate… plz any one do guide me at my yahoo id . sawiz_coolboy@yahoo.com ….i shall be really thankfull to u guys

  22. pnucleus

    yea actuall i o have it on my phone it does work you might hav eto get it signed through symbiansign to make it work but i definately do have rocknscroll and rotateme and flipsilent

  23. e

    Just like RotateMe & Nokmote (even with pen and N96), this program doesn’t work because of certificate errors. …even if you back date your phone. Those who claim it works, are just lying.

  24. sishirhoo7

    certificate not supported what is that r u playing or what plizzzz help i want this software ……….

  25. raphy

    IT ALSO SAYS “certificate not supported” pls help! i want this app its soo cool

  26. aj

    Has this software actually worked for anyone and if so is it worth getting? I have tried to install it but am experiencing the same problems as everyone else.

  27. deewanshu

    can u help please

  28. deewanshu

    softwares are very gd…..bt

  29. James

    yeh plz help will it also work on nokia 6210???
    i have same problem with certificate thingy plzz help

  30. Ali

    hey its good application but registration code is not matched please look at that issue. and those who have certificate error you need certificate guys just get that and sign file with that then it will work

  31. Alvin

    Hi Chaos, this is a great mobile application but I can’t install it, I have the same problem with the others, it says certificate error, contact supplier.. Can you give us some advice on how we can install this? By the way, I have a N96 phone..

    Thanks in advance

  32. fasalurahman

    Could not install the software, it says certificate error

  33. I have an n96 and im getting the same error messages as everyone else. what gives?

  34. RIA

    There is an error with the applications it doesnt work, it says contact supplier

  35. ivan leon

    install error… 🙁 i found a different version, but it asks for a license code. What can I do?

  36. Deep

    Could not install the software, it says certificate error, contact supplier…

  37. Carl

    There is an error with the applications it doesnt work, it says contact supplier.

  38. kartikey

    hi i have NOKIA N78 can i use this application

  39. Tomy

    plase if someone can sign in this application for me… i found my n95 phone.. i remmembered i have it …:D imei code is 358998011325183

  40. Tomy

    i have nokia 6600slide can i use this application? ty

  41. Juan

    Hi, i have a nokia 5800, I signed the application but when i finally install it appear only the shortcut with no function, i haved tried some other ways it doesnt works! help meeeeeee

  42. pourya

    can u help please “certificate not supported” shows up every time i try to install it on my phone
    hhheeelpppp pllzzzzz

  43. dev

    this is of no use

  44. lukhmna

    this is of no use “certificate not supported”

  45. cheejing

    Hey i got same problem when download it on my phone it says some error and needs to contact the owner who made this application… i dunno why every accelerometer applications got same problem…

  46. pourya

    yah i have the same phone too nokia n95 8gb
    but wen i try to install tht to ma phone it gives mesome kind of erro and tells me to contact the supplier
    can u hellppp ppppppllllzzzzz

  47. Mohd

    heyy ,
    i have N95 8GB , & i really like the application and i tried 2 download it on my mobile but when i am installing it .. ” File Corrrupted “always shows up. so plz could u tell me what i can do with this …
    thank you

  48. charbby

    i have a n81 8gb and i tried installing it with the year 2005 but there’s still a cert error

  49. prannoy

    hi..i m nt able to install d software on my e51,its saying wrong certificate,consult d provider.wat shud i do now?

  50. Piyush

    hiiii, n thank u very much 4 this…
    actually, i m going to buy a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music n i want to know will this work in it without any problems, as 5800 doesnt has any pen key?
    i am looking forward for ur reply..

  51. @pronoy – Hi Pronoy, I already listed the phones that are compatible with them and N78 is one of them. Did you read the post? 🙁

    @juanjose – Howdy bro! You will need to sign it accordingly. Check out the tutorials section. Keep in touch man!

    @Ajith – Hiya Ajith!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Please check out the tutorials section or the Symbian Signed pages.

  52. Ajith

    I read the above posts, and i tried installing as well. But Im facing the same problems as the others.. I tried changing the date but to no result. is there no other way to do this other than signing your own phone??

  53. Ajith

    Ok, I have a Nokia 6210 Navigator phone, which also comes in with an accelerometer. My question is, will I be able to configure my RockNScroll application, because, my phone doesnt have the ‘pen” key like on the N 95.

  54. Originally Posted By ogrescoyo tambien descargue el archivo, el accelerometer se instalo sin problemas, pero trate de abrir los otros dos .sis y me marca un error en la validacion del certificado,¿me podrian decir como lo soluciono? tengo un nokia N95
    realmente me gustaria provar esta aplicacion!

    I also download the file, the Accelerometer was installed without any problems, but try to open the other two. sis and it says error in the validation of the certificate, Would you tell me how I solve it? I have nokia N95
    I really would like to provide this application!


  55. pronoy

    does this aplication also work wid my N78??? plz do reply!!! Thanks

  56. pronoy

    hey Chaos…. would this application also work wid my N78??? 😕

  57. Hey peeps!

    I am so sorry about not being able to reply any sooner but I have been really busy with the smartphoneshow and some entirely personal matter. Anyway, for all the certificates and signing issues that you might face please first try to toggle/change the date of your phone to any from the year 2007. Then try to install it and it should work smoothly. After you are done with the installation simply revert the phone to the current date. You might also have to change the certificate preferences from the application manager so that your Nokia, SonyEricsson UIQ or Samsung smartphones are able to install unsigned processes.

    If this does not work then you might have to check your firmware version of the phone and if there’s a new one than what came in the stock version of your phone, you have to update it.

    Or, you can simply issue yourself a symbian signed certificate and sign it for your IMEI 🙂 There are two ways you can sign your phone without compromising your security (Which btw is really important!!).

    The symbian signed detailed step by step tutorials are listed below for your guidance:


    The one under the tutorials is easier and much more reliable than the second one.

    With all these being said, please do know that I really cannot manage my time to reply everyone of you individually but I always read every single comment that you leave me in the posts.

    I will really really appreciate it if you my good friends care to help each other out with the troubleshooting stuff because that is how it should be right?

    Take care everyone, do subscribe to the feed and feel free to leave comments (not spams! 😆 ) as much as you can. Godspeed!

  58. chinmay

    how to download these softwares on PC

  59. njs

    hey chaos,cant install on ma n81 8gb.keeps telling me “certificate error,contact the supplier”.men we need help.we know ur busy but please.

  60. Pronoy

    This crap gives me a certificate error message…. PLZ fix it i want this software!!!!!! thanks.;….. 😀

  61. ankush

    guys ths is an unsigned application. in order to install it on ur n95 u need to hack ur phone first…then self-sign application throgh mobile signer…n u’ll be able to install it..works fine on ma phone…
    just go to the tutorials page on this website, look for self signing applicaion and follow the steps…cheeers….

  62. arby_00018

    hey chaos.,I know your busy about alot of stuffs and comments but can you please just put signed applications instead? I’m really having lots of trouble signing them.. they just dont work..
    anyways i am really a fan of this site.. way too cool.
    i’ll really appreciate if you’ll respond in my comment, thanks

  63. ogresco

    yo tambien descargue el archivo, el accelerometer se instalo sin problemas, pero trate de abrir los otros dos .sis y me marca un error en la validacion del certificado,

  64. coolest app for my phone, thanks a lot. but hi n bye not supported for n82 ’cause file type not *.sisx. so it malfunction

  65. Akshay ayyanchira

    will it work for s60 v3 n73??

  66. Andrew

    I just downloaded this application.
    When i install them, Certificate error pops up
    How do i fix this??

  67. bob39

    tried installing app my n82 wont accept it says problem with certificate error

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