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Posted March 30, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Handy Weather Mobile can be considered as a stepping stone of the transition from WEB 2.0 to the WEB 3.0 world. Mobile web will be the main focus for everyone and this is what lead the way. In the WEB 3.0 world performing searches will yield smarter answers and the overall information flow will be much easier and that is what Handy Weather offers thoroughly. Applications that are mobile phone based will lead the industry and gradually be the main focus for application developers worldwide.

Symbian OS have already become one of the leading Mobile 3.0 and Web 3.0 operating system for any smartphones, mobile phone or PDA with web 3.0 mobile phone applications like EmTube, Vimeo Live TV, and many other Gesture or motion sensor controlled applications. You can find a lot of other mobile 3.0 applications by checking out the series of posts in category of Motion Controlled Applications. Handy Weather is one of the best mobile software ever created for any mobile phones or smartphones, period! It is flashy, new and it offers you an all in one solution for all updates and forecasts on weather on the move.

Handy Weather turns your Nokia symbian series S60 smartphones and wireless devices to be used as a dynamic weather updater no matter wherever you are. The biggest advantage of Handy Weather over any other similar mobile phone application like Foreca Weather which I posted and even reviewed earlier is that it consumes much less memory, the UI of the application is really friendly and the weather forecasts are more accurate. It surely is the easy and efficient way to get all your weather information. Handy Weather for Nokia also have a big database of cities, both small and major ones, which you can choose by typing the first few letters of the name of the city (e.g. W A S for Washington DC) or even mention the intials (NYC for New York City).

S60 Handy Weather

Handy Weather for Nokia

Handy Weather

Handy Weather for Nokia

It even supports the exact location the actual neighborhood and road you reside in like the Bronx and get forecasts of the weather specifically for that region. The entire list of the cities are also located remotely on the actual server of the service provider with which you can easily synchronise by using your wireless UMTS internet connectivity through EDGE, GPRS or 3G connection.

Special Features:

  • FREE! With this version of Handy Weather Mobile for Nokia that I am providing you here on Chaos Inc. Nokia Symbian Themes, you will have free and complete access to a pixel perfect High Definition (HD) Handy Weather ScreenSaver which will show all the relevant information along with the time and call details on the small screen (provided you have Handy Weather Mobile activated in the background of your Nokia.
  • Handy Weather is extremely fast when browsing through cities, at least 10 times faster than the mobile phone internet browser!
  • It offers you the pressure map which helps you to get all the information regarding the pressure of the air and the depression of the sea near your area.
  • Handy Weather for Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones also supports GPS satellite based map navigation for intuitive selection of the places or cities you want to get the information for.
  • It is an extremely low cost, premium solution for your smartphone and for all your weather forecasting needs.
  • The mobile software Handy Weather offers auto updates of the forecasting data making it extremely user friendly for anyone to get a hold of.
  • With Handy Weather you can easily add new information of any city that might interest you and it will automatically update it’s database accordingly.
  • A superb Mobile 3.0 application which you can take advantage of to stay one step ahead of them “others”.
Handy Weather

Handy Weather Europe Forecast

Mobile GPS Weather

Handy Weather Europe Pressure Forecast

This free mobile application for Nokia Symbian Series 60 3rd edition smartphones and devices is absolutely free to use, provided you have subscribe to my RSS feed (…subscription is free too!).

Updated: 26th February 2010

Download Handy Weather 7.0 Mobile for Nokia Series 60 devices:

Download Handy Weather 7

Download Handy Weather 7

Download the Weather screensaver for Handy Weather (optional):

Handy Screensaver

It is compatible with a wide range of Nokia S60 mobile phones including those in the N-Series and E-Series family like N93, N95 8gb, N95, N96, N97, N91, N80, N82, N81, N85, N78, N79, N73, N71, N77, N76, E66, E60, E65, E61, E90, E71, E66, E62, E63, Xpress Music 5700, 5800, 6120, 6290, 7210, etc.

Please feel free to leave your feedback and your opinion after using this application. Have a good day all – Cheerios!

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  1. Nick

    isent there an answers for Error 2001 – Wrong serial Number ??

  2. Chris

    I got the wrong serial number, pls support!
    Kind regards

  3. Alex

    I get the wrong serial number too!
    Also, even though it finally installs, it makes my e72 very sluggish, almost impossible to use. I think this is compatibility issue!

  4. Vlad

    I get Error 2001 – Wrong serial Number – saying “Try to reenter your serial number in Option-register” but there isn’t such option.

    Any ideas?

  5. Mnaoj Auti

    impe- cavemen

  6. www

    This is a 1 year subscription Handy Weather
    1.) Unpack
    2.) Install Epocware.Handy.Weather.v6.x
    3.) Locate your country & city
    4.) Go to Options Update & update the weather forecast
    5.) Uninstall this version & install v6.05
    6.) Enjoy!!

  7. Mohammed Ismail

    it says that this license has expired, any solutions for that????

  8. Coco2000

    in this version,impossible to choose a city in favorit or with gps (like version 4)… Version 6.0 is good but I regret the possibility to choose exactly the city what I want. And the version 6.5 impossible to update, an error appear.But the idea to display the day and night on the same screen is very good.

  9. Coco2000

    no hack your phone to install it.Just go to the chinese web site to have the .key et .cer and install with Signsis with your pc or with FreeSigner directly with your phone. It runs perfectly !!

  10. dani

    hack yo phone
    also wtf is web 3.0 ?

  11. Coco

    .hey, nobody could help us ??? what’s wrong ??? Thank you for your beautiful applications but absolutely useless because you don’t want help us. Strange !

  12. Coco

    hey, nobody could help us ??? what’s wrong ??? Thank you for your beautiful applications but absolutely useless because you don’t want help us. Strange !

  13. Tuhin

    I would like to install it but impossible to install in my N 82.problem with certificate and impossible to sign it.
    Please, could you tell me how could I install it on my phone.

  14. danny

    I downloaded this application but when im installing it just say the application expired. so what should i do. Btw, Is this application free?

  15. Coco

    I would like to install it but impossible : problem with certificat and impossible to sign it.
    Please, could you tell me how could I install it on my phone. Thanks by advance

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