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Posted September 7, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Are you tired of the default Nokia standby menu screen? I mean everyone has it either turned on or off and nothing makes it special really and no matter how many applications you can actually show on the default menu screen makes no difference. But now with the introduction of Handy Shell 2 all that changes and changes drastically. With Handy Shell 2.0 installed on your smartphones you can ensure faster operations, efficient program customization and also make you Nokia N95 8gb or E71 stand out from the crowd ‘s stock version smartphones. The new version will also work with Nokia N97 and other 5th edition smartphones.

Handy Shell 2.0 works in a way your Macbook Pro or Lifebook with the Vista premium installed on them does for you or your Apple iPhone menu screen shows, it shows the updated status for all your everyday applications including e-mails unread, incoming calls or missed calls, the status of the bluetooth reception, the upcoming events on your calendars like your friend’s birthday or even your upcoming meetings and it also provides you with a quick shortcut menu link for further modifications. The level of on-screen modifications depends entirely on your phone’s installed application. As for example if you have Handy Weather installed or Nokia Maps 2 installed then the active standby menu will be able to show your latest location marks or your city’s current weather forecast.

Among the different type of plugins that are already equipped in this handy application called Handy Shell 2, the most interesting and useful seems to be the e-mail/SMS inbox feature and the application shortcut feature. Obviously we all know why mobile e-mail inbox status message is so important, we all have to follow up e-mails regularly nowadays but what does the application shortcut means? Application short cuts leave us with a few infinite possibilities. Depending on your cell phone’s capability it will integrate the standalone application’s data on the screen to show you the updates!! How cool is that? Pretty cool, I know! Lol. The default e-mail inbox option is simply superb and the bigger the mobile screen resolution of your phone the better it is cause then the screen remains clean and do not create any kind of unnecessary clutter.

With Handy Clock installed you will be able to show the big digital clock on the main active screen without the need of any kind of flash lite screensavers or wallpapers. However I do personally like Flash Lite applications but I am sure many of you still do not digest the whole technology yet. For them this is a dream all in one application. The Handy Weather integration also will let you show the next five day’s forecast right on the standby screen and they look really tacky and sophisticated when activated. You can call your contacts without ever going into the contacts menu and not only that, Handy Shell 2 will let you use its built in File Explorer for your memory card’s browsing pleasure.

Handy Shell 2 Screenshots:

Handy Shell 2

Handy Shell 2

Handy Shell

Handy Shell

Handy Shell 2

Handy Shell 2

Handy Shell Downloads (Updated November 19, 2009):

Download Handy Shell Free

Download Handy Shell Version 1.0

or download the updated version:

Download Handy Shell 2.0

Download Handy Shell 2.0

The whole contacts manager is really very intuitive and user friendly and it will make your default contacts manager kinda obsolete. Just remember to reboot your phone after the installation completes and you will see the awesomeness of this application from the start of the Nokia 3rd edition symbian OS booting!

Every single plugin, features that are available in this mobile application or software Handy Shell 2 can be removed or configured at your will. Compatible with all the latest N-Series, E-Series S60 3rd edition smartphones and handheld devices including Nokia N96, N79, N78, N80, N91, N81, N82, N85, Nokia N86, N79, N73, N75, N76, N77, 6600 Slide, E65, E50, E51, E90, E70, E71, E66, Luna, Sirocco, Arte, E60, E61, E62, 6110, 6120, 6290, 6121, N95, Xpress Music 5700, 5710, 6300, N92, N93, N71, 3250 and more.

All major networks with GSM and WCDMA connectivity like AT&T Wireless, Hutch, T-Mobile, Digi, Orange Mobile UK, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Airtel, Telstra, Vodafone, Vodacom, Virgin Mobile, Reliance Mobile etc are supported with this application. Hope you enjoy this one and have fun!! Godspeed!

Please subscribe to the RSS Feed before downloading this fantastic cell phones application. For other handy mobile phones application please check out the archives or do a quick search and I am sure you will get them in a snap!

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  1. ibrahim

    let me try firstLy b4 comment

  2. Kroxs

    Buddy! Nice work man.
    But pls I need the Reg. Key
    My email: akinlosdom@gmail.com

  3. Kroxs

    Buddy! Nice work man.
    But pls I need the Reg. Key

  4. my mobile phone is nokia 5233 .
    I used handy shell 2.0 version
    Please give me register key
    My email address – mahulcawda@yahoo.in

  5. zxc ertyu

    how can i register it plz mail me thanks.

  6. mian

    how can i register it plz mail me thanks

  7. nilay

    i m havin trouble?when i use handy shell n i attend call n if msg comes my phone restarts…

  8. mario

    the application is not launching on my 5800 !
    anyone know why or what should i do to launche it !

  9. Manny

    Thanks for the great app. You have a very good and well designed site. I love coming back here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week dude.

  10. Allen

    best for nseries n N73 N95 better others dont try…

  11. Mike

    enybody have a code for the handy weather

  12. Dude

    @ Sand & Mr T :
    I can only suggest you install the application Again. When it asks you to buy or try , choose trial. Then from the options menu choose Register and enter the code.
    Theres nothing wrong with the app.
    Now i’ve heard it doesn’t work on E90. So it might be a compatibility issue. There’s gonna be a final version. So if this version doesn’t work for you , you have to wait a little longer for it to be released.
    in any case try it one more time.
    You’ve nothing to loose.

  13. Mr T

    I have the same problem like sand. I have a 6120c and after install its asks to trial or buy. After option is selected then the phone hangs….aaaargh

  14. sand

    after i install it, there’s this option said to buy or try, but when i chose, my phone got hang, somebody help…….my phone is 6120c

  15. Riz

    Its coooooooooooooooool man

  16. Thanks a lot for helping out Dude!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Which version of firmware are you on Vau9hn?

  18. Vau9hn

    Does not work on Nokia 6110. Phone hang when Handy Shell is launched…any ideas?

  19. floor

    this is truly the best there is …. it works perfect

  20. Dude

    @kadz :
    What phone do you have ? Because even the built-in Note application should read it. Also you can try with “LCG X-plore”.
    It can read any note/word files.
    In case you’re too lazy/busy to try that out, here’s the code :
    “96741829-22427190″ (without ” of course)

  21. Kadz

    Me again. My bad =) I have already registered it. Thanks!

  22. Dude

    @kadz :
    What phone do you have ? Because even the built-in Note application should read it. Also you can try with “LCG X-plore”.
    It can read any note/word files.
    In case you’re too lazy/busy to try it out, here’s the code :
    “96741829-22427190″ (without ” of course)

  23. I’m liking this application, however I can’t open the other file that comes with it. Thus, I am not able to register this. Would it be too much if you post it here. =)

    I have already bookmarked your page, and your site is full of useful mobile content. Thanks!

  24. Hi Bader thanks :)@Bader

    Please read the Read Me File properly and you will see what it exactly is brother… ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Charun

    It does not… read the Read Me file.. There is a reason they call it the read me file you know lol… Cheers… @Eyo

    It’s working smoothly!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. charun

    its a trial version dude

  26. charun

    hey its a 14 day trial version software??????????

  27. Bader40

    Wow, you’ve surpassed yourself with this one. Thank You.

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