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Posted October 13, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications
guardian platinum

Greetings everyone! Wouldn’t you feel absolutely disgusted if your favorite cell phone was lost or hijacked when you were traveling? Maybe you just bought it a few days back and before you can even use it for a month, it’s stolen! Happened with me once upon a time with the Nokia N70 which was actually stolen by someone right out of my pocket during a major open air concert. I wish I was a blogger and true cell phone or symbian OS series 60 enthusiast because maybe I could get all my messages, images and music back!!!

So how?

Simple, with this latest premium release of the platinum edition of the standalone security focused mobile software Guardian Mobile for your Nokia cell phones you can be quite sure that you will be able to secure your data and maybe even locate the perpetrator within minutes from the incident!! For those who are still clueless about what exactly Guardian Anti Theft Mobile is, here is a quick overview:

Guardian Mobile is a must have smartphones application for any models of Nokia symbian smartphones and PDA.

Guardian Mobile is actually an anti theft Nokia software through which you can actually protect your smartphones data and other private stuff remotely.

You can password protect and thus restrict access of your handhelds and mobile phone folders, your Nokia smartphones contacts, all the camera images and recorded videos etc among other things.

The latest version of Guardian Mobile also allows you to assign specific numbers to mark as safe when and if a SIM card is changed so that it actually does not block a valid and authorized user’s SIM card.

Guardian Mobile platinum edition for S60 Nokia devices will send a SMS periodically from the phone number of the thief without him knowing about it at all.

Guardian Mobile can also act as a big time “on hand problem” for the thief by just buzzing with its awkward and “alert” sound mode which, of course, you can set to occur if you want after the actual steal. This will make the thief go outta control and scared for sure. He might even get scared enough to return it to you himself.

Through the use of Guardian Mobile platinum edition with your Nokia phone, you can track and pinpoint the exact location where the phone is currently located through the use of an intuitive and integrated GPS map which is ported straight from the Google Mobile Maps repository, thus it is exact! (You can download and use Mobile Google Maps or MgMaps in this post of GPS applications collections which I posted in the past)

All you have to do as an end user is set up the number and the text, the restricted password and the folders you wish to save just after installing it. It does not consume any insane amount of memory and works in the background and probably you will just forget about it after the successful install because it is that simple, powerful and discreet!

This intelligent application is really one of the most important symbian application of our time and through this you can save a stitch which in turn will save nine, if you know what I mean. The core of this application is the hotkey access combinations that really have been well integrated. I have also included the user guide and the configuration handbook just in case you need a reference in the future. This kick ass Nokia 3rd edition application S60 powered application is compatible with all the N-Series and E-Series based mobile phones of Nokia.

Take a look at some of the way that Guardian Mobile Platinum Edition for Nokia works:

Guardian Mobile Platinum

Guardian Mobile Platinum

Guardian Mobile Secret Codes Input

Guardian Mobile Secret Codes Input

safe nokia phonesremote mobile login and security protocol

This application is free to download only after you have subscribed to the RSS feed!! Subscription is free and it keeps you updated about the latest rants of Chaos Inc.




Download Guardian Mobile Platinum  3.1

Download Guardian Mobile Platinum 3.1

The list includes 6110, 6121, 6124, N75, N85, N76, E62, E66, 3250, E65, 5320, 5500, 5700 XpressMusic, 5800 touch UI based Xpress Music, E71, E90, N71, N73, N95, N82, N81, N96, N77, N78, N92, N93, N81, N81 8Gb, N82, N91, N93i, 6210, 6220, E70, 6290, 6650, E50, N79, N80, E51, E60, E61, E61i, N95 8Gb, 6120, and Nokia N96. The updated version also works with any 5th edition touchscreen devices including Nokia N97, 5800 and 5530 XpressMusic.

All the major network carriers like Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Orange Mobile UK, TeleSonera, Telstra, Nextel, Hutch, Cingular, Virgin, TIM Wireless, 3G Wireless, Airtel, Vodafone, Optimus, MTN Group etc are supported and should work independently with this application.

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  1. Lopik

    And last question πŸ™‚ where I find information about area : exmaples area:9600 cell and country πŸ™‚ ? in google ? or guardian page? I cant find it πŸ™ thank you

  2. Daniel

    LOST CODE Send an sms if authorized sim get your code on the locked unit. if not you get an sms with your lockcode. which means the thief send sms to prepaid card and get the code on the other prepaid.. good program.

    • Lopik

      I have your aplicatinou and I have a question.
      How I recognize when I find the message that someone stole my my cell phone. If I send *12345 * *localize* and he returns fast back to him sim card to your phone … It comes to him my security code message into his phone? Or how can I recognize when I can use my secret code to find or control my phone thank you for reply …. My phone was stolen I need help…

    • Lopik

      could you explain it … for example he stole my phone and he try with him sim card …. 1:00am and 1:01 he remove his sim card from my phone and he put his sim into his phone because my phone was locked. I find sms 1:02 and I send *1234*localize* this sms recieve in his phone πŸ™ ?

  3. David Perry

    Is this compatible with the new N8?

  4. varun singla

    this is only a 30 days trial version, kindly provide the activation code for full usage.

  5. sweety

    can anyone plz help me for installing this software?
    about the certificate eror?

  6. Julius Musomba

    I downloaded and managed to sign Guardian. I installed it in my phone, updated to platinum with code 00000000, set up secret code, recipient and enabled. When I changed the sim card, there was no response..i.e. No msg was sent to my other phone number. How can I make Guardian work?

  7. SELIM

    I install to my n95 but my 95 is hacked by me, so working !

  8. my e51 imei=358997011410680 ple send me code

  9. jhomzTan

    HI.. i would like to ask if how can i install this application to my n70?i tried installing it but it always show “file corrupted”.. im desperate for this application.. please help… πŸ™‚

  10. Hi…. I tried to install Guardian.Platinum.v1.03. But betweeninstallation its shoe that certificate is expired…please help me i really need this application

  11. karthik

    hey please some tell how to install GUARDIAN MOBILE PLATINUM EDITION without certificate error

  12. Christine

    Hi.I would like to know after the sim card has been changed I will be reciving all the sms or only a few?I read in gardian version 2.1 we would recive all contact numbers & sms so I can monitor the theif.

  13. vineet

    I downloaded guardian in my nokia e90 but it isn’t installing only… Someone tell some way to do it…

  14. Byamukama

    My phone is not hacked, so it brought the certificate error, and then i signed the files but later brought utrusted software. What’s up?????????

  15. kiran

    hiiiiiiiiii, it now i am using still using

  16. AVI,MPG,MPEG player for Nokia N 96 needed. I have TCPMP player for N 90.but not support in N96.How can i get tcpmp player for N96 free download

  17. Downloader

    excuse me sir, i already changed the year and the date but it is still not working.
    can i know what is the exact date i should put?

  18. Tuhin

    no bro there is no read me file.
    i can upgrade it in to platinum or gold

  19. Kousik S

    Hai. I have a doubt. What if the thief switches the phone off and removes battery as soon as he steals it. How does we locate him ??

  20. HI!
    You are doing a hard work here we all Are with you keep donig This work I realy inpire with you .you are such a nice person You have my e mail id If you like my views so mail me the links and info. SO Keep Doing!

  21. thushmed

    nce wrk dude

  22. rippy

    plsss plsss help how to make application signed…above you tube link is not valid….thanks alot in advance

  23. SNG

    Hey, Thank you for providing the software. However, even though the date of the phone is changed, the installation seems to show the same error. Can’t find the solution but hoping to get one from you.

  24. Eaglespot

    Well done this is a fabulous site and I am glad I found it. Its now bookmarked for sure and I will spread the word about you too. Pls keep it up. Once again, thank you.

  25. @G-UNIT – No problemo bro!! As long as you finally could open it, its quite cool! Thanks again for helping out by actively participating in the discussion πŸ™‚ Thanks for the U tube thingy!

    @Frank – Frank, all you gotta do is change your date and install it.

    @kwateus – Bro you gotta sign them first. I really can’t help you on that. Please follow what G-Unit told you, that is go to this link and see the video!! πŸ™‚ Here is the link:

  26. G-UNIT

    @ srry chaos the read me file was appearin as a system file 2 me i had 2 choose that it gets opened with word pad

    as 4 the other posts search on youtube on “how to hack your n95” so u can install unsigned certificates

  27. kwateus

    Pls i can’t install this application and so many applications you have published so far. Any time i try to installed all those applications you have published so far its say “Certificate error contact the application supplier” so ples try and help me cos i really need all those applications. thank you and hope to hear from you soon. im using Nokia N95 8GB phone.

  28. kwateus

    Pls i can’t install this application and so many applications you have published so far. Any time i try to installed all those applications you have published so far its say “Certificate error contact the application supplier” so ples try and help me cos i really need all those applications. thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  29. sharang

    dude how did u install it mine says invalid certificate

  30. sharang

    dude i have a n82 how did u install it ,,, mine says invalid certificate

  31. sharang

    g-unit … i have a n82 how did u install it … mine says invalid certifiate

  32. Hi bro! Did you read the “Read Me” file that is inside?

  33. G-UNIT

    Registration code 4 the platinum edition? plz

  34. G-UNIT

    how do i upgrade 2 the platinum!!!!!

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