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Posted October 24, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications
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This is a follow up for my previous post on Garmin GPS XT for Nokia smartphones. That was version 4 and it impressed all of us quite a bit with its ease of use and clear helpful voice navigation.  For those of you who do not have a clue what exactly Garmin GPS is, well it is an amazing GPS navigational tool that can track almost any place in the world. Garmin GPS XT for mobile can be used with your mobile phone’s integrated GPS transceiver and even if you do not have a GPS transceiver built in the phone, you can use it! Garmin GPS Mobile XT also lets you use your GPS through a TV out functionality! How cool is that? Woot Woot!

The best part of Garmin Mobile XT for Nokia N-Series or E-Series S60 mobile phones is that it supports the wireless bluetooth that comes built in with most Nokia phones. Obviously this will reduce the cost of using GPS significantly.  If you already have the data card that comes with the box then you have the default and detailed City Navigator NT street maps with a huge list of smarty points of interests. If you fix it up so that you can get the direction when you are driving your car, then Garmin GPS mobile XT will guide you turn by turn with a clear voice command and precise 3D maps. Even if you miss a turn for some reason, it will automatically readjust the entire navigation and calculate the shortest and most efficient way to reach your destination from the point you are.

You can also use Garmin GPS Mobile XT’s latest version to make calls and navigate at the same time, additionally you will be able to add your points of interests if you like to. This really makes this GPS navigator stand out among the all other that are available in the software market. Remember the post I made about GPS collection for Nokia symbian mobile phones? Well, you can still use them if for any reason you just do not like using the navigation system of Garmin. Garmin does have a huge database of maps and getting maps for Garmin is not really a problem. Just download them and transfer into your memory card and Garmin XT will automatically detect it when you restart your Nokia smartphones.

Beside everything else, Garmin XT GPS for series 60 handhelds and smartphones also lets you enjoy a load of online services and if you do not care about your monthly mobile 3G internet or GPRS charge, then you will absolutely love using the online services because they are so convenient at times. With these online services of Garmin mobile, you will be able to get the latest scoop on traffic conditions, gas prices, safety camera alerts which are placed around your road and even get the update of the weather conditions for major cities around the world. With Garmin Mobile XT GPS and your Nokia, you are surely set to go for an adventure. If you do decide to give it a go, just share it here so that we can hear all about how you did not get lost with the Garmin and Nokia combo.

Check out these videos to see what Garmin’s latest version lets you do with your Nokia smartphones:

Check out this one to see how it compares when Garmin is installed on Nokia N82 and is compared against Garmin Nuvi 610:

The same comparison  of Garmin, Garmin Nuvi 610 versus the Nokia NSeries N95 8gb smartphones:

Garmin Mobile XT on Nokia N95, used for a TV out functionality:

Here is a video showing you a comparison of Garmin with Nokia’s very own Nokia Maps 2.0:

Here is Garmin Mobile XT GPS on the 3rd edition of Nokia E-Series, the E90:

Now check out this superb Garmin Commercial featuring a fantastic song of the Heavy metal legend from Medusa, Stevie Grimmett. It’s really a fantastic, hilariously rocking commercial:

This latest version of this mobile application, Garmin mobile XT Gps, is compatible with all the latest Nokia N-series and E-Series S60 cell phones. Phones like Nokia N73, N80, N95, N81, N82, E51, E71, E66, N78, N91, N92, N93, N71, N76, N75, N77, N79, 6120, N96, 6110 Navigator, N95 8gb, E61, E50, E60, E62, E65, E70, E90, 5700, 5800 XpressMusic, 5500, 6290, 3250, etc are all supposed to run this Nokia mobile application smoothly. Major WCDMA and wireless GSM networks like AT&T Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Hutch, 3G Wireless, Airtel, Telstra, TeliaSonera, Reliance Mobile, Sprint Wireless, Rogers, Nextel, Cingular, Optimus etc are all supported. Please do read the tutorial that is inside and also do subscribe to the feed for free before you download this mobile application for your 3rd edition phone of Nokia. Cheers!

Download Garmin GPS Free

Check out the earlier version of Garmin here and also check out the other Gps based Nokia applications which you can also use beside Garmin here.

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  1. where can i get south african maps?

  2. where can i get south african maps?

  3. ray

    how i update my Nokia N82’s Garmin Mobile XT Version 4.10.60s60.9 ?

  4. levani

    i have same problem on my nokia e71 help please…send me garmin instaler for nokia e71…skype id is leva887

  5. Andrew

    Please help me !
    I use Garmin XT for Nokia E71. I already installed the program but after the opening stand only 2 seconds then closes.
    What should I do?


  6. ade

    i hope it will work !!!

  7. loganathan

    sir could u kindly teach me how to install the free garmin maps to my Nokie E71 phone…I am new in this area of software installation


  8. mr.dejavu

    please help me…teach me how to install and use garmin xt, im using nokia 5800 xm…please.

  9. omer

    i copy the file in my nokia 5800 express music but its not lunch please help me

  10. Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    hi how I use it on nokia 5630?

  11. norlie

    how to download software n82??

  12. Ojie

    hi there!

    i already extracted the GarminMobileXT_v5.sis and copied it in my phone to replace the ver4, but the application still would not launch.

    im using a nokia 5800 express music phone.

    will appreciate any help. thanks!

  13. agostina

    very good program!!

  14. Kelvin Ng

    thanks a lot, will try to figure it out…..

  15. anuar

    still cannot used the gps..NO GPS DEVICES FOUND..plz help.

  16. golfie

    i managed to install the Garmin software from the download link provided. However, it does not detect the GPS signal and the menu does not respond on the touch screen (ie. no respond when pressing screen buttons like ack,
    ext etc), then it just hang, cannot even exit the app.

    btw, i’m in Malaysia/Singapore region, not sure if i can get the map for this area as the default map in this download link is England?

  17. my e51 imei=358997011410680 ple send me code

  18. Jaisonguru

    HI !!

    I have downloaded and installed the Garmin on N82, though it took a little time and by now I have installed it in 4 more more phones, N 95 all others.

    Its a 4 stage process

    Step 1 – Install garmin to card either via card reader, or making mobile as drive.

    Step 2 – use the key gen to get the code for the built in GPS.

    Step 3 – Install support files and maps

    Step 4 – use keygen to get the key for mapss.

    btw, keygen has virus, so clean it before use.

    Remember to store the sw.unl & gmapsupp.unl in the directory of Garmin.

    Good luck…


  19. Mo

    Sorry, but I found the instruction has a lot to be desired. Its very very vague for first time user. Its not clear at all. It doesnt say how suddenly without having installed any file or application, folder, file etc. how I find certain files you mentioned in SD card??? You have not yet given any instruction of how SD card should be loaded with files to begin with let alone copy files from it to later use it for importing or exporting back to SD card. Honestly try to read it once again yourself from a point of view of someone who is totally new on this and see if that sort of instructions make any sense. I am not being ungrateful to anyone trying to help others, but is this really help? I have previously downloaded all of your other navigation application none of which I mean none of which has worked. Its either certificate no valid or some other sort of error message. Why do it this way when you presumably done all the hard work to creating the application. I suggest spend less than a fraction of that time to give step by step guidance otherwise it would be no good to anyone and all your hard work wasted as it is now. Just look at the comments begging for help. You dont even respond to correct those in need. why?

  20. bozy

    hi i need help;…i have e71 but i dont know which garmin mobile xt i should go 4….pls some1 help me

  21. ryno

    where can i get free maps of south africa?and how do i load or install them?i have nokia n95 standard mail me please

  22. ryno

    hi there i managed to download garmin and put it on my phones memorycard.when the phone swiches on it shows installing then says could not complete install from app manager.when i go there it says file corrupt!!!!!!i tried reinstalling but no diff.please someone help me!!!!!email me please!!!nokia n95 standard with 4gb memorycard

  23. ryno

    hi there i managed to download garmin and put it on my phones memorycard.when the phone swiches on it shows installing then says could not complete install from app manager.when i go there it says file corrupt!!!!!!i tried reinstalling but no diff.please someone help me!!!!!email me please

  24. Swanky

    Installed the app. It shows the loading screen which has the word GARMIN on it, then it closes. Need assistance please.

  25. miksLV

    If i use external GPS Bluetooth (BT) but it can’t find GPS. Is it connects only with Garmin GPS??? Like it is said when searching for GPS in Garmin MXT????

    Please answer.

  26. ROLAND

    i have everything installed on my n95, and it won’t read any gps signal, is there something i’m not doing right

  27. Viking

    Pals, i have a Nokia 5800 XM, i am also having the same problem with Garmin XT_Ver 5. I copied the files on my phone, after downloading, installed the program but nothing happens when i click the program to open. Anyone just tell me one thing: Is this software (nearly 4 Mb in size) is in anyway different from the earliner Garmin XT (about 45 Mb in size)? If anyone can help me in running the program on my Nokia 5800 XM, i will be highly thankful.



  28. Aaron

    ok this is stupid, it’s not compatible with Nokia 5800, the program starts but when I choose the language English it doesn’t respond at all. isn’t there any other GPS Software here, each and every one is either not signed or doesn’t work..I really want one for Nokia 5800

    • Hey there Aaron, you will have to learn to sign apps before you can install any 3rd party apps. With Hello Carbide this process is much too simple so I will request you to read the tutorials section before doing anything else 🙂

  29. PJ

    I’ve now spent over 8 hours trying to activate downlad update ….USE this on the E71 I’ve recently purchased all to no avail. Any possibility this can be instructed to me over the phone or done for me? This has been another electronic software extremely frustrating waste of time otherwise.

  30. hafiz

    why cant i press next on nokia 5800… please…….

  31. hye, i’m using nokia xpressmusic 5800..i had this problem that when i press the next button,nothing happen and i cant even press next after choosing my language…please do help me..

  32. pusher92

    Does this program only work w

  33. Roy

    I too am having problems installing garmin, I have a nokia 5800 and having down loaded the zip file onto my PC and then tranferred them onto my phone memory card, all I get is a icon in applications, when I try to open the application nothing happens. I have entered my mobile number which appeared to create an unlock code, and subsequently from the generated unlock codes made the two additional files with these numbers, and added them to the garmin file, unfortunately all to no avail. Could some one please explain what I need to do in more detail, ( step by step possibly) sorry but i am not technically minded. I see others on this forum have a 5800 and experience success, so I guess I am doing something wrong somewhere. I entered my mobile number without the preceeding 0 to generate a unlock code as the number printed on my memory card itself was unacceptable. Please help and many thanks in advance..

  34. Amal

    HI there

    I file is only 4 Megs. Does that make sense ( Does it include all the Maps).
    The Program does startup and then stops back to application on my Nokia 5800. The previous post if 45 Megs ???

    Before i use up my bandwidth i like to know . Does it contain maps for South Africa and does it use Data for for internet.

    Any help

  35. zam

    i have install garmin on my n82. the probles is it keep serching for gps devise. when i go to remote gps there no option on selecting devise. plese help me…

  36. Peter

    Every newer version of nokia such as nokia E71 has already built in integrated GPS with A-gps system. All you have to do is to choose between using bluetooth gps device or using attached/built in gps device. The options should be under tools->settings->system->remote gps. There should be an option to enable the gps devices. you have to choose and enable the second option: use attached/built in GPS. And you are set to use the gps device.

    Regarding the use of free city navigator map, there should be a map tool under zip file to generate a map id. And from the generated map id, you should copy and paste into notepad.exe and name it as gmapsupp.UNL. Put gmapsupp.UNL and gmapsupp.IMG under garmin folder. Next step is restart the mobile xt program. you should see your position with the map.

  37. gbmolina

    same thing here, nokia e71, no gps device found and that’s it 🙁

  38. Tan

    Is this software FOC?

  39. jim tan

    any1 can help? Nokia E66..need a craked garmin …what should i do to get free usage of Map.

  40. Mak

    I installed it on my N95 8Gb and I have the same problem as Gedit, it is looking for external GPS.
    Is there any alternative to use the nokia internal GPS?

  41. Gedit

    Same, here… I guess it only works with Garmin devices and not with teh internal GPS. I have Nokia N82, went through the setup but it will only show remote GPS.. Any suggestions?

    Rest of you who have this application do nothing, you have not installed the main SW from the SD. Follow the instructions where the links to the core SW is posted. Connect your phones as Data Transfer so the SD becomes a USB-like disk.. The rest will be done automatically…

  42. Boris

    hello, i have instaled the sof.on E71, i can run it but i cant use the gps, it is searching for bluetooth devices.. help?

  43. Aweng

    have same problem, keep returns to previous sreen
    let me know what to do, tks.

  44. Sam

    Does this cost to use, do u have to be connected to the internet. Have an n73

  45. Same problem here with my N95 8GB. Which of the GPS applications working?

  46. simeon

    yeah me too please help 🙂

  47. ian

    Hi, i experienced the same issue with the rest here. After clicking the program on my E71, it returns to the previous screen. Help will be much appreciated! Tks =)

    • nismailm

      I have a Nokia N95 and it’s giving the same error i.e. searching for an internal GPS receiver and couldn’t find it. 🙁

  48. Hafiz

    No GPS Devices Found…. why?

  49. Scotty

    No GPS found…. Please help

  50. kenlkf

    Hi..i had tried installing it many times. But..same problem occurs. It stated no GPS Device found. Please help!!

  51. shadow

    i installed the garmin application on my E71 but it just gives me the first page and redirects me to the menu.Please someone help me!!!

  52. mj

    hmmm. i tried to install this garmin app but it just closes after i open it…i’d appreciate some input. thanks!

  53. dez

    I tried many times to install it in my E71 but didn’t work. When I open it I only get the first page of Garmin, and then back to menu, that’s all I get. Anyone can help?

  54. Need Help

    I have followed all instructions but I get the message no GPS Device found. Any help is appreciated.Thank You.

  55. Prasad


    I am a first time user of satnav. I am greatly impressed by your links and tried to install in my mobile. but I found it really hard to install since I have no previous experience. My mobile is Nokia N95 and installed the programe in my SD card and then inserted in to the mobile and once SD card is inserted in the mobile the programe automatically installed. But once I tried to open the programe it says no GPS device found. Could you please help me in this. Your help is very much appreciated. Many thanks

  56. parle

    This does not work well with the Nokia 5800, it doesn’t seem to support touch screen interface completely.

  57. eva halit

    hi ahmed how r u this is just for tesing

  58. ahmed

    all this 4 what?

  59. greg

    must we pay to this ?
    There is any connection that we had to pay ?
    Answer me yet !

  60. gsrrs

    i have the same problem as neteanN. using N95 after installin the graphic screw up.. anyway i need some help here..

  61. burcii

    sper sa mearga

  62. netean

    hmm installing over the top (as recommended in the zip) just screwed up all the graphics and menus. Had to uninstall and reinstall v4


  63. netean

    how do you get it to work with the internal gps? V4 worked fine for me, this one will only look ofr external garmin gps devices

  64. You have steps to get it working on e71? My voice and GPS bluetooth don’t work 🙁

  65. sofiane

    map of algeria ???

  66. G-UNIT

    maps maps maps any1???

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