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Posted May 20, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Are you using your GPS navigation capabilities fully in your mobile phone? If not, then you should check Garmin Mobile XT out and I am sure you will change your mind pronto! with Garmin Mobile XT you can add a full-featured navigation to your GPS-enabled smartphone today. It has no monthly fees, with preloaded maps and turn by turn direction with which you can be sure of never being lost again in the road. Garmin Mobile XT includes the street maps and a huge points of interest database, or in other words important points of the road within the city. You can just easily find any address on the fly and that is not all, Garmin Mobile XT has a built in voice command mode which tells you where you are, where you need to go, which turn to take and which turn not to take. Just like Google Earth, it has a 3D map view and an automatic off route recalculation feature (which basically tells you if you are lost and where you need to go to be on track again for a marked point or destination). If you are taking a business trip then it can be your best companion in the road as it lets you call people up from the database with voice command, you can even assign addresses to the fields for each contact and command the Navigator to show you or tell you the way as you drive. It has also a built in database of the famous landmarks, shopping centers, parks, theaters, attractions, important places etc.

Garmin GPS MapsGarmin Download

Garmin GPS Maps DownloadGPS for Nokia

Beside all these, you can get live traffic feed and weather condition for any location you choose. You can find hotel rates, cheapest gas prices, and even stock markets with Garmin Information services! You can even receive alerts as you approach live safety cameras! How cool is that?

Garmin Mobile XT is actually compatible with a whole lot of PDAs and smartphones includingNokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N73, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500 Sport, 5710, 6120, 6120C, N80, N76, N71, E90, E50, E51, E70, E65, Nokia E61, E61i, E62, Nokia N81, Nokia N82, 3250, Nokia N96, N78, N93, N91, N92, N93i, Nokia 6110 Navigator etc. This download however is compatible with any Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2 smartphones, but the other files should work for any phones including any Atnt (or At&t) or T Mobile handsets or O2 PDAs, HTC Touch, ASUS PDA, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson, etc


First please subscribe to my RSS Feed for free either by email or by your favorite feed reader, then download the file below and extract it in your desktop first. You will find all instructions in the read me inside. Read that first carefully before installation!

Garmin GPS Download Full Version

Cheerios everyone and hope you enjoy this one very much!

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    Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation Download

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    Will it work on Nokia c3 00?

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    i have nokia 603 so garmin is working in my phone

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    can i have a GPS software like Garmin on my nokia N8.

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      yes, you can !!! i olso have this software on my N8, but now i must reinstallit, and i search for the final version. if you know how can i download the final version please answer me.

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    Great app! it’s like having an original Garmin device!! thanks for the file, it works much better than the old and -unfortunately for me- non upgradable N82 MAPS application.

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  13. como se utilisa este programa

  14. Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation Download


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    1. it’s can be applicated for N6720 classic?

    2.File too large to download (more than 45MB), what if file be split (become 2 or 3 file sequential) so can be download with ease.

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    Dowload gps map tracking for phone

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    the navigatoron my nokia n95 8g has stopped working.
    can you help me with some hints on how to get it working

    thank you

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    i need gramin download link for nokia n95

  33. i need gramin download link for nokia n95

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    With the Nokia 3250, need to be connected to the internet to work?

  35. Douglas

    Must be connected to the internet to work?

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  37. thank for such a wonderfull site
    Will it work with Nokia Maps?? Is it just a navigational sofware ????

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  46. I want to try out the application since I am involved in multiple outdoors activities from whitewater rafting, trekking and conduct map reading classes.

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    i dont cann install garmin on my nokia n96.. Cann anyware say me why??

    • CHRIS

      could anybody help me install Garmin on my nokia n8? i followed up the instructions,but when i do first step to install,is coming out a blue window of Garmin i make refresh and its says:a supported install location was not found.i have sd card in the mobile phone,whats wrong???and in the zip file there are 2 exe one 16mb and one 30 mb???

  54. Zed

    I installed it on my Nokia N8. Works perfectly. I like it more than Nokia MAPS. Nokia Maps gives me a robotic voice for navigation and easier to use.

  55. I think the garmin is a nothing special. Because on the net you cant get him for free and its complicate to instaled. But Ovi maps havent signal in some countries.

  56. ok .tova e udobno.kogato ne poznava6 grada.

  57. sw.pribadi

    I like garmin mobile XT,but I can’t load it on my nokia E66

  58. sw.pribadi

    I Can’t loading garmia mibileXT on my nokia E66

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    Is Garmin Mobile XT compatilbe with Nokia X3 02?

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    I like your software. I have Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

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    how can i instal garmin mobile xt on my e90 comunecator

  64. adnan

    how can i insat garmin mobile xt gps on my nokia e90 comunecator

  65. adnan

    how can i instal mobile xt gps on my e90 comunicator

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    i want gps map for iran-esfahan with garmin program.
    tanks for your good website.
    .have nice weekend.bye

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    hi there,
    thank you for providing me with Garmin GPS for Nokia N95 8GB.

    I have been asked for keygen ID, but I don’t know how to get and from where to get the keygen ID.
    so kindly I request you to explain me what doese it mean and how to get.


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    This GPS is compatible with Noki 5233?

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    Hi are there 2010 Maps available for mobili XT for npkia N97 mini

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    looking for a gps application for off road navigation. let us say like trekking. going from pt a to b I would like to be able to feed in way points get a read out of my heading and speed also altitude if possible. Something like \gps status\ avbl in android market.

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  82. garmin gps is good for us.

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    Do we need product key becayse the version i found needed that key that i couldnt find?

  85. Nokia n82 review

    N82 has Xenon flash which gives absolutely amazing videos and photos. The phone is a solid performer with features like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The only problem I had here was the design which is a bit disappointing.

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    greta app,thx

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    I have N95 8gb. This is a great application and I thank you from my heart. Can you please help me find an updated Malta Map.


    Paul Mangion

  88. nice program keep it up

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    Please send me the links for Garmin Mobile XT maps of Saudi Arabia for my Nokia E75 cell phone. Much appreciate your help.

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    i already download Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation, but not really understand how to install. Can you all guide me in this? and also dont have malaysia map id.

    please help.

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    How can I download garmin for nokia E72, can you give me link please!

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  97. 1.copy file GarminMobileXT.sis into memory card (do not put in any folder,juz outside)
    e.g. e:/ GarminMobileXT.sis/

    2.find file GarminMobileXT.sis (in memory card, using hp file manager),then click file and the installer should start (choose phone memory) this file (177MB) –>> (if u don’t have)

    3.copy entire downloaded folder and paste it into memory card (juz put outside as 1)

    4.then finish…

    p/s: do have problem, conatct me

  98. Supporter

    How bout the E72 with Symbian 9.3… Will it work?

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    hi brothers im using 6110 navigator how to on my gps tell me friends

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    can i install gamin mobile xt for sonny ericsson c905? any body can help mi.pls…

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    i already download Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation, but not really understand how to install. Can you all guide me in this? and also dont malaysia map id. please help.

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    Anybody can teach me how to install it step by step? I’m using sony ericsson vivaz, downloaded the file already but didn’t manage to install it. Please help!! Thanks

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  109. I have Nokia E63 mobile and can’t find this free GPS map for this kind of mobile can one help me please

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  112. Alstair

    Does this only include US mapping or covers worldwide? Can I use local maps via mapsource in my phone?

  113. Gillian Jackson

    I have a NOkia E63 and have installed as directed in the readme file but there is no maps??? Can someone please advise me on what has happened and how I can istall the maps? I have connected to an external GPS but it is useles if there is no map to navigate with. Help PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Thank you in advance.

  114. Gillian Jackson

    I have a Nokia E63 and have dowloaded the program and it picks up my external gps but for some reason there are no maps found. I did everything it said in the readme file but still no maps found. It’s a shame as everything else looks and works great. Can someone please advise me how to get the maps?

    Thank you in advance.

    with kindest regards

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  118. joe

    Choose trial, and cancel the GPS searching. Get in to garmin mode.

    Card ID, you will find it in the garmin tools menu, under setting and go to ‘about’.


    copy the ID card number(this number representing your memory Sd card)

    use this id card number into garmin unlock key generator and generate the key.

    copy the key generated, and paste into microsoft NOTE PAD in your PC.

    ‘save as’ note pad name as ‘SW.UNL’ – without asterisk.

    save file type as ‘all file’

    after save, the note pad will change itself into system file with name SW.UNL

    copy and paste SW.UNL file into memory card, in the garmin folder.

    C: garmin/

    run garmin again, setup as you like, no more intro page.

    you need to setup GPS enable in the setting menu

    tools-setting-system-remote GPS-Use Attached Built In GPS

    then go to

    tools-setting-garmin online-disable Garmin online access

    done, go outside and let garmin searching the GPS signal, approximately around 2-5 minutes.

    good luck

  119. Simon

    I’m using nokia n82, and when i start up GMXT, it says “searching for GPS device…”
    so, it need a GPS device? I don’t understand, please explain…

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    May i ask what is the card id? And does this works in malaysia?

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    Hi, is this also the version that works only with garmins own Bluetoth GPS ?

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    hi, i just want ask, how to get the card id?

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    I have a HTC HD and my Wife HTC Snap we cant find any GPS to work
    Please advise

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    I am downloading it, but will it work with nokia e52?
    And also it has key or not?

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  141. ich mochte navi in mein hendy haven

  142. Ojie


    im not sure of the MapID. I am located in the Philippines.

    Currently, i am using OVI Maps of my Nokia 5800.

    Please help how i can get philippine maps of the Garmin Mobile XT for my Nokia 5800.

    Thanks in advance.

    • xotech

      Ojie, just google and become a menber. I’m a Contributor in d mapping project and u can get a routable map of d philippines, just read d “how to” n d forum to get aquintted. Enjoy

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  146. como eu posso instalar GPS Gramin para Motorola Q11

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    Way its says file not suported on my nokia e71 when i copy the files to the phone and i tried to open it says file not suported way pls help??

  148. how i can instal gramin GPS to nokia 6220 c ?

  149. Thanks for software….

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    I want to know what are the charges of Garmin GPS satellite navigator software for mobile phones.

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  153. Is it possible to work in Samsung Omnia Pro B7320?

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    Does Mobile Garmin XT GPS Navigation work with Nokia 5800 Xpress music?

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  156. @rival sure x6 can

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    Is this Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation compatible with the Nokia E71x phones??

  168. ciao a tutti,spero che questa volta finalmente posso usare il garmin sul mio nokia n82!

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    i am iranyan in my country sell \garmin…\ 10.000 toman
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    Thanks, the software is working, but I’m unable to open any map. It gives me “no removable map found” error!!!

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    tkhs, my phone cell nokia 6110 navigator. Can’t the garmin xt program looking for locate my sun cell number? if can, how to use it?

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  179. thank garmin buat wa tak sesat

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    nokia xpress music 5530 can support garmin gmobilext?xpress music 5530 have gps?why this mobile nokia 5530xpress music not support?

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    I am using N95, now going to download the software and test with my phone.

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    thank you, GMXT unlock n working. ‘m using E72. Try to add maps now.

  190. Hi i hope this is the solution for manyhours of searching.. There aremany productson the internet that the developer says is the best, most reliable and free.. I agree until the moment you download it and install it on your phone… Then you realize that it was just another pile of bullshit..

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  192. Molimo skinite navigatiju

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    anythings can help me ? i really dunno how to install it to my SD card, ‘m using N82 hp.. please help me.. .

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    I got everything installed except for the maps. Please help.

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    where can i find maps? For Romania.

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    i ad install but why still cannot use. there always write there gps is off.anyone can help me ?

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    fully activated ?
    no cost AT ALL ?

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    guys stop asking questions. just read all other questions and see if there is a single response to any of them, if you found one then post again your question but dont expect anyone to hear you. Here is a lonely planet. just pick and go and learn by trial and error, but you get what you pay for right?

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    would like to know garmin GPS software for nokia 5530 available or not pls ?

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    6210 Navigator is compatible or not thanks a lot.

  205. meor

    I installed Garmin MXT in my n95 according to the instructions, but when I start it the program ask for a remote GPS and I cannot acces the phone internal GPS. Can somebody help me what do I have to do for solving this issue?

  206. d.kostic

    this is the best sighite for this

  207. elboyero

    I installed Garmin MXT in my E71 according to the instructions, but when I start it the program ask for a remote GPS and I cannot acces the phone internal GPS. Can somebody help me what do I have to do for solving this issue?

  208. Mo

    I am not sure if my comments have gone through as no notification as such was given.
    sorry mate, although your work is to be appreciated but I feel the instructions and follow up help is very vague and unhelpful. I have tried a few of your navigation applications none of which has worked. I either receive error message of certificate not valid or some other sort. I am not saying the applications dont work probably they do but your instructions which will take the smallest fraction of time compared to putting the application together, needs improving. I downloaded all garmin applications from your site and garmin site. I open the instruction. Suddenly it tells me to go to SD card and copy this or that file without having even told me yet where these files came from into SD card as you didnt tell what should be copied to SD card first suddenly jumping to where files need to be copied from sd card???? Am I missing something here or simply being dumb?

  209. Muraley Pillai

    The service u provide helps people a lot and sincerely must thank U.

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    I just need an answer!

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    tenho um nokia navigator e queria gravar os mapas do garmim

  212. elboyero

    Hi, I think the instructions in the readmetx are not very clear!. GMXT cannot be installed directly to the PC, the installation program ask for a memory card in the PC or in the phone. Any aplication in symbian must be done trhu Nokia PC suit and you don

  213. champez

    is it gonna work on my nokia e75?

  214. champez

    is it gonna work on my nokia e75?

  215. bolitekurac

    opkp jkhi hobp

  216. Hi,

    I have installed Garmin Mobile XT in my Nokia E71. I can open the software in my phone however it can’t detect GPS device.

    I had followed the instructions to use the key generator to generate a code, saved it in the file as instructed and saved it in the Garmin folder in my phone.

    Is that all I need to do? Apparently I can’t seems to see any map as well.

    Please help. Thanks.

  217. geNe

    met up with some problems trying to install according to your instructions..:

    1. Download and install Garmin Mobile XT. (I unzip… installed the two, GarminMobileXTforSymbianS60_41080 & GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx as i dont know which GARMIN MOBILE XT file to install.) – do we need to install both files or just 1?

    2. Extract the archive to your storage card. (both files installed into my storage card successfully)

    3. Insert your storage card into your PPC, when prompted, install the application. (What’s PPC? Computer or Phone? In my computer, i’ve already installed to my card, so i assume it’s computer you’re talking about. Card removed. Installed in i8910 phone. Nothing happened. I wasn’t prompted anything. What do i do?

    4. Launch GMXT, got to Settings -> About. (Launch GMXT? From where? Computer? i doubt so… so i went searching for the garmin icon in my found… there wasn’t anything… checked ‘application installed’ and found garmin xt there.. once clicked, it only show the info of the program which is version 4 i think. No other icon available for me to click… )

    So for now, i cannot proceed any further with the installation steps…. please do help… thank you so much….

  218. fizan

    sory, how to install this thing. i`ve already abstract n put inside my nokia N95 8G. this garmin unlock generator, where can i find its unit ID?

  219. azian

    garmin is a very good

  220. jack

    Hi, I’m new to the whole GPS thing. I have a gmapsupp.unl in my sd card, but the ma doesn’t appear in my device. Do I still need to download a mapset?

  221. jpbass

    downloaded to PC. now its telling me to Extract the archive to your storage card( what is that?)

    3. Insert your storage card into your PPC, when prompted, install the application(ppc ?)


  222. zam

    can anyone tell me how to install garmin on htc touch diamond 2.

  223. abe

    is it compatible with nokia expres music 5630?

  224. Clint

    Download is great, 2 issues :- 1, cannot find GPS devices and 2, the maps have not loaded. Waht have i done wrong? Using Nokia E90 communicator.

  225. jaosn

    is it compatible with samsung i600?

  226. ilham

    I have nokia e75, How can instal garmin aplication in my mobile? and to use garmin for touring?

  227. alex

    thanx i was searchin for garmin long time.

  228. Hazim

    hey, I’m using nokia 6110 navigator. When i’m using garmin xt doesn’t have voice command mode. So how to enable it. Because i already tried to set it in the setting but it doesn’t have the setting and other things is how can it up date the date base..?? without using the phone to update it but using pc..??

  229. lovesane

    is it free? as i know they commonly have outrageous habit to require money to use that software.

  230. King

    I am using N95 8GB….. the problem with nokia maps is that as it calculates the route a form caome up on how would you like to pay for purchasing the Drive & Walk in the GPS?

    Can i install this Garmin mobile xt and remove the nokia maps from the phone? ……. thanks in advance for any help

  231. DJ

    Hi ,
    I use Nokia N 85, Is the Garimin XT compatible on the same. I have downloaded XT from another site installed it on to my phone but the problem is it runs for 2 secs n then exits immediately. Please help.

  232. star

    i’m using n81..i download from internet n move to my phone can open it but dint show anythings..jz hv europe word..izzit i dint install maps?how n wat the step i dint done?

  233. Leong

    Hi, I’ve downloaded the Garmin GPS full version. Anyway, I can’t find the mapset in the phone. May I know how to download and install the mapset?

    • Michal Jordan

      I wish to know,how u installed garmin gps.When i installed it in my Nokia 5800 Express music,i can,t open the application.i click on the icon but nothing happens.
      Can u guide me plz

  234. tony bassil

    is it for free ?

  235. Anton

    Sorry, found it. I am an idiot

  236. Rob

    Hi is there symbian app that will automatically forward new text messages ??? the reason i ask as i have a n95 8gb which i wanna use for work and a n97 which will get trashed if i take it to work , i have a spare sim which i divert my calls with but theres always text waiting for me and vice versa and dont really want the hassle of swapping sims or a duel sim card ,as the network providers cant help was hoping someone here can


  237. Faisal

    I cannot able to install GMoblieXT 50000. Please tell me how?

  238. Anton

    I installed the software but it keeps searching for GPS device. The GPS on my phone works fine but the Garmin does not pick it up. Nokia E90. Help!!

  239. john

    man this software very damn complicated when start to unlock it , so damn hard !

  240. jeff

    does this product work with nokia 5800 express music?

  241. brandon

    i agree with gurpreet. i am also very confused on how to install.. i followed the steps but i still cant launch it

  242. Gurpreet

    I cannot install it, im sooooo confused
    anybody please help if u have video showing proper way that would be great

  243. how i put maps in software, i can’t unlock tge codes, i need help
    i have a nokia n95

  244. very useful prog thx

  245. jhonatan guzman

    me servira para viajar

  246. Hope this works….

    Samsung Omnia i900.

  247. I have a Nokia N82 and I have downloaded this, and followed the instructions on the

  248. BeBeRapp

    Something very untrue, as I will not find it until now. Thank you!

    E ceva foarte neadevarat, nu credeam ca voi gasi asa ceva pana acum. Va multumesc !

  249. ?????

    I spent a whole day, I could not make it work with ??? Nokia E71-2

  250. Damir

    I have the same proplem can give me any help because I know nciht further stimulates me fully on what can be done about it?

  251. fazli

    hi, zainal

    can u help me?i`ve already install garmin on my nokia n95..but my problems is…my inbuilt gps is off…i`ve already turn it on..but garmin cannot detect the gps…and one thing i notice from gps info saying connection allowed to garmin gps devices only…whats that mean?…


    • Arnaldo

      Can someone fix it for N95 ?
      I do not know yet.

    • Sheltawi

      To have Garmin Mobile XT work it needs to detect a GPS chip …. if you have a built in chip and enabled it should detect it and operate like a charm ….. if not then the program will try to search for an external bluetooth GPS device and should be a Garmin Brand !

  252. Hern


  253. tan

    i install the garmin already but why cant open? my phone is n95. where can find garmin map for free??
    im first user… pls reply me…. thx..

    • SN

      Dear All,
      I have also installed the Garmin Xt and manage to get the GPS working.
      However, the map that I install do not have the detail of my country (Singapore and Malaysia map)… How can find and install the correct map..? Please help…..!

    • Sheltawi

      Search for Garmin Maps ….. there is a lot there for free …… but the best is not for free

  254. hi i using n85..when i tried to install it doesn launch! is it compatible with nokia n85?

    • zainal

      so far i’ve been testing with N95, N78, N82, E73, 5800xm and everything seems ok.. Since N85 is a newer phone, it should be ok.. As long as u have A-GPS in your phone. But for u that have external GPS, the minimum requirement is to have bluetooth only..

      • Rash

        ok i got mine working now.

        but apparently the maps i use have bugs or soemthing….

        i cannot seem to use the WHERE TO – SPELL ADDRESS on main screen garmin,
        my searches return NONE!

        only can search through POI’s and spell there.. i wonder why….
        seems like a tiny prob to me, but complicated enuff as im new and lovin garminnnn !


  255. Karim

    It always ask me about the maps, there is no maps loaded!!!
    How can I get the Middle East Maps?

  256. Don

    When i start the GMXT appl,the Garmin page comes & then goes out. y am i not able to open the appl…can u help me out.

  257. vinay

    seems great? With lots of useful stuff thanks

  258. christos4321

    Hello my phone is nokia6210 navigator

  259. christos4321


  260. Roy

    Hello. Could someone please inform me how to load garmin xt onto my nokia 5800. I have downloaded it onto my desk top but do not know how to install it onto my phone. Sorry if this is a really stupid question yet to embrace the 21st century… Oh its also a compressed zip file on my desk top!

  261. Dragoslav Vokic

    I like that

  262. Zani

    Im using nokia 6220c. Already installed garmin xt but it only search for bluetooth device. It also close the program once i cancelled searching for gps device through bluetooth.

  263. fazli

    my phone is N95,i`ve already install garmin…but when try to use it..GPS not found…something like that.can u help me?thnx

  264. meggie

    does it work on samsung omnia?

  265. arsin

    i want gps navigation softwar for my sony ericsson c905 .can enyone help me?

  266. porcaccio de cristo morto sotto un trenop bastardo infame cojone de merda

  267. terrywong

    i have install the garmin v5.00.40 for my nokia 5800.but when i use,the software search my usb gps device.Why?? 5800 have internal gps device.

    • nasirmohad

      i have same situation..but my phone is nokia N95

    • Bruce

      Same here…have a nokia N95, the garmin application works but when it searches for GPS device it can’t find the built in GPS…does anyone know how to get this working…also where do you get the maps?

      • SN

        Hi Bruce, I had the same problem initially but
        1) try going to outdoor where the GPS may work better then Indoor
        2) I slected the GPS software from Nokia Map and waited for about 10mins. Then I went back to Garmin XT and it manage to search the build-in GPS…. 🙂

        • Bruce

          still can’t seem to find anything but I have a feeling it’s because i don’t have any detailed maps on there…can’ anyone tell me where to get a map of australia and new zealand

    • viper

      o.k guys, this is regarding the *gps not found*, you need to get a KG to creat what is called a sw.unl file, search for *jetmouse* kg, once you have done that it will work, otherwise will keep saying * no gps found, connect to bluetooth gps ? *.

      i have a n95 nokia and it works great, apart from the slow gps lock on, garmin and igo8 are the 2 best.

      • Hi,

        I have done by creating a sw.unl file and saved it under the Garmin folder in my phone. Is that right?

        But still cannot find the GPS device.

  268. Robert55

    I tried Garmin and Route 66 for my new nokia 6210 navigator
    With garmin i could not even install in the phone memory as recommended as it said that the phone ‘s synchronation is not compatible with the software, though the PC was well synchronised to mobile.
    With the route 66 it says the ‘installation not complete , contact supplier’

    Does a Tomtom would work on Sony Ericcson W715,

    Please help

  269. din

    garmin mobile xt for sony ericsson c902 can do or not.

  270. gaga

    The best site I’ve ever found!Thanks!

  271. gaga

    does it work on nokia 6120

  272. gaga

    Problem is my GMXT software can