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Posted August 13, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings occupants! Whether you are using a music phone with a 8gb memory limit or a phone with 256 mb card, virus sucks! Are you not sick of the virus that’s sending SMS or MMS messages from your phone without you knowing what exactly is happening? Are you not tired of your friends telling you that you and your Nokia sucks cause last night I received a SMS from you and when I opened it, I was ‘virus-fied’ too! I know, I once had a serious problem with the Cabir virus and all my friends and colleagues were going nuts cause they were telling me that I was sending them Bluetooth invites and sending them viruses! Being a Nokia freak myself, I was almost devasted by the accusations. So I had to do something about it!!!

And I did, I installed a free anti virus which immediately rectified the problem, deleted the virus, backed up the original file and made my day!! Ah that was quite a relief I must admit. Mobile virus can spread through GPRS (EDGE and 3G), WAP, Multimedia messaging or via Bluetooth and SMS. Keeping that in mind today I decided to enlighten you with a new collection of free mobile antivirus for Nokia 2nd edition and 3rd edition phones. Almost all of them will ensure that you can use them easily without messing up anything in your phone and will solve your virus issues of the symbian devices.

In this collection I am including the six top most anti virus applications ever released for smartphones and pda. The entire package includes F-Secure for Nokia, Jiangmin Anti Viral guard, Kaspersky Mobile Anti Virus, Net Qin for Nokia 3rd editions, Exo Virus Stop and the glorious Trend Micro Mobile Security. Almost all of them should work smoothly with your symbian handsets and will ensure complete safety. All of them also includes a firewall for intrusion detections via untrusted bluetooth connections. One anti virus even has SMS clean features which not only can block infected SMS but also can make your personal SMS vanish remotely in case your phone is lost or stolen. All of them also includes automatic database update through the mobile phone interface or via your laptop/pc. Via the use of a stand alone firewall you will be able to guard against background internet activity in your Nokia and thus stay safe from mobile spywares, spams and malwares. Easy to use and very light on the mobile flash memory you can be sure that either one of them will be of utmost use to you and your friends.

All the applications in this jam packed collection are tested with Nokia 3rd edition N-Series and E-Series S60 mobile devices like the Nokia N95, N93, N80, N91, N92, N96, N82, N81, N78, N73, N72, N76, N77, 6110, 6120, 6210, 6121, 8800 Sirocco, Luna, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E66, E71, 5500 Sport, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 5200, 6300, E90 etc and more. All the major GSM and CDMA carriers like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telstra, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Orange Mobile UK, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Digi, Telenor, Airtel, Orascom etc are also supported.

Please do share which one you liked the best and which one you truly hated! Also please subscribe to the RSS feed to keep yourself updated about the latest releases in Nokia Symbian Themes. Cheers and have a fantastic day peeps!


Free Antivirus for Mobile

Free Antivirus for Mobile

Free Downloads:

Nokia Anti Virus Download Free


Here is the updated version of Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky version 8 for Nokia symbian smartphones.



For Nokia E71 you can download the version of Netqin below:

E71 Mobile Antivirus Netqin download

E71 Mobile Antivirus Netqin download

NetQin Antivirus for Nokia E71 works without any issues whatsoever. You can automatically update the virus signature database and schedule to start the antivirus scannner automatically in the background of the phone when you switch it on. It also comes with a firewall which protects you against all types of security threats related to mobile.

For all other smartphones the version that is given on the first installer i.e. should work smoothly.

Cheers everyone!

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Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


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    • Sumesh

      All anti virus wil only work on symbian s60 phones. Lower versions like s40 etc cannot work. Ie these r java phones. So ur e5 is am s60 os. It wil work all anti virus mentioned above.

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  39. Manish Sukhdeve

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    its very useful & working , Kasper Sky is valid for july 2010, pls provide me another activatio code , i will be thankful to you. and also send me email about new updates for my NOKIA E63

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    Please check the version of your mobile phone for suitability of the software if 2nd or 3rd edition of Symbian OS for Nokia. McAffee, Netqin and AviraAntivir runs in 2nd edition and F-Secure, Netqin for 3rd edition. Just search the web. You can get also in this site. It really removes virii and malware.

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  124. Hi…Can anybody tell me the URL or the best method to download free Dictionery for my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Mobile ????

  125. Can anybody pls tell me the URL or the best method to free download of Dictionery for my Nokia 5130 XpressMusic….????

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    i am nokia 5130 user
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    trendmicro mobile security installs…but it asks for activation code ???? it has just a serial number

  130. aziz

    kaspersky does not install…it has a certificate error…any help!

    • AHMAD

      go to application settings and change the software installation to all…………this should work, if you get a message certificate expired try changing your phones date to an earlier date

  131. happi

    i m nokiaE 63 user, Why it is not in u r list? & which one is best antivirus for it? Pls reply pls pls

  132. manu

    these all are trial versions or full versions?

  133. Tushar

    No, u cannot install anti virus in ur moto razr v3i. its not support SIS files.


  134. Can I use Antivirus on my moto razr v3i ? Please tell me the best antivirus for this mobile ? How can it install and use ? Please give me the proper solution .

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  137. yinka

    please someone help, me how can i download an anti virus on my 5800express music

    • AHMAD

      5800 express music is a series 40 based phone. they dont require antivirus as they dont have operatiing sytem. all its applications are java based. basicaly series 40 phones are the safest. as they cannot be hacked

  138. yinka

    i downloaded a nokia anti virus on my nokia 5800expressmusic but it didnt open pls help me!

  139. n96

    thanks a bunch! works great – though it said subscription is valid through 8/10/09, its already 9/7/09 but its still scanning ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. n96

    not storage memory, RAM!

  141. jude

    hey guyz… why cant my phone see the anti virus???? it says that \FILE UNKNOWN\… help m please.. the model of my PHONE is NOKIA 5610 XpressMusic…

  142. kazeem ademola

    hello people, i tried downloading this kerpasky anti virus but it did not open. pls wat can i do, i use nokia N73

  143. i need a antivirus,so i do it

  144. Tushar

    Lalit u have nokia PC Suite u dont have when u not install anti virus to ur mobile, And u have 1st open nokia PC Suite->open the nokia application installer, (also connet your mobile from data cable to computer),install the anti virus to ur mobile simple

  145. lalit

    p/s tell me where can i get my 3110c antivirus


    sorry i hv also tried downloading the antivirus on my fone but the network on my fone is not always responding and also i do get the memory full, delete data thing. so wat should i do

  147. baktash

    i want to have a free better antivirus for my mobile phone (nokia5310 music xpress)
    plz let me know which one is good and if can plz send me da site to my mail address which is

  148. Thanks, Please explain will this antivirus compatible with my Nokia 5730 express music? If not, can you suggest me a compatible antivirus for my mobile?

    Thanks in advance

  149. I am downloading it & sure it will be good.

  150. Kausalya Jerai

    My set is Nokia 7210.By bluetooth their are viruses in mobile.which antivirus is perfect for my set

  151. shyam

    I have nokia N73 and it is prompting again and again that

    • I also have N-73 & many times i also face the same problem.
      Why this happen?
      then i have to delete all my sms & folders

    • hi frinds who r using n73
      it mean u have virus in ur mobile .thake it to nokia care before virus distruct all the content .
      they will formet it and reinstell its software .i also hav n 73 but it is of no use now b coz of virus .
      so hurry friends

  152. Priyanka

    Dear All

    I have nokia N73 and it is prompting again and again that “Phone memory is full;delete some data”
    There is no data stored in phone memory still it is showing 44MB memory used.
    I am unable to recieve messages,neither am able to store any information onto it.
    Plz help me out!!!!

    • Zain

      Hi dear frnd! I’m also using N73 and facing the problem “memory full del apps”… Make a backup in
      ur pc of ur handset phone mem and mem crd mem ok an d then refresh ur mbile that will format ur all data but the virus will be deleted! JUST POWER OFF UR MBILE AND THEN PRESS ” *3 and OK button” AT THE SAME TIME MEAN PRESS THEM EQYALLY AND THEN POWER ON UR MBILE BUT KEEP PRESSING THE CODE I HV TOLD U “*3 and OK button” until it it is fully powered on and Nokia written is shown!then it will ask the optin to select county by city then slect it ok! your mbile will be new as u hv brought now!
      then scan the backup of n73 in ur pc by a antivirus and then restore the backup! for any other info my emil id is ”” and u cn also share me info about n73!

  153. Ruchil

    I download kaspersky anti virus software in my phone N81.
    But I am unable to find out the activation code. so, please help me and give me that anti virus activation code.

  154. Albert Ndabambi


    I downloaded the Kapersky mobile anti-virus and installed it on my Nokia N8, it found no virus when i scanned it. Problem is my phone is still misbehaving. If i try to brouse with it, the internet browser automatically closes as soon as it opens any wap site. What could be the problem?

    Kind regards


  155. neoalain

    my dear folks please be lenient in downloading files virii are attached on it can kill our phone it happened to me i highly recommend to you the following antivirus I used it this time : Netqin, McAfee Virus Scan, Avira GmbH. Always update your vdf to detect recent virii.

  156. prince

    plzzzzzz give me antivirus of nokia 7210 supernova

  157. Teddy

    Please can you help me with the anti-vuris I can use for my phone (nokia 3110c) I really need it I believe my phone contacted a virus that is why it is coming on and off.
    thanks Teddy

  158. Gosh, can’t install any of them above to Nokia E65… Why is that??

    Help please ??

  159. Vishwas S Bagait

    its simply gr8

  160. Riley

    Hey dude, great stuff and to what someone else said earlier about any applications killing their phone, buzz off!

  161. Thanks for sharing great list.

    Warm Regards,

    for ALL to ALL

  162. alamer

    pls know 5800 express music anti vires softwere

  163. Foxxi

    Please be careful people, some of these antivirus will “Kill” your phone. Please be very careful when you download them, trust me, it happened to me!

    • boby

      hello foxxi ,

      this is my first time to download such products,
      thank you for the comments. I’m affraid it will happend to me also.


  164. I am looking free anti virus for my Nokia N70. Please Guide me which anti virus i can use no trial version totally free.

    • Ramen Chakraborty

      I am looking free antivirus for my Nokia N70. Please Guide me which anti virus I can use no trial version totally free

  165. nimz

    My umts 6151 nokia symbian phone dose not surport kaspersky antivirus

  166. amjad

    i ,ike this jf

  167. David

    My umts n73 nokia symbian phone dose not surport kaspersky antivirus

  168. hemendra

    i need an anti virus for my nokia n 70 mobile , how do i get it and how i can save it from my laptop to my cell ???

  169. lokanath das

    sir,i need an antivirus for my mobile nokia3230

  170. Jeferson


  171. Soujit


    I want a antivirus for my Nokia E51. Can anybody help me, please give the link through which i can download free antivirus.

  172. hafiz

    do i need to reboot my phone one i installed kaspersky?

  173. roni

    thanks for brontox

  174. rishi ratan singh

    please send the code of kaspersky mobile antivirus for its activation.

  175. anthony

    hey guys, this forum is so helpful. Thank you for those who willing to give some tips and so on for future. adios

  176. Drknzz13

    Huh? iz dere ANY antivirus programme for nokia 5610 xpress muzik????

  177. gani

    i need free anti viruses for 5130 xpress music mobile

  178. saeid

    ???? ?????

  179. hi please tell me th activation code f kaspersky antyvirus for nokia

  180. dr patanaik

    hi , i am having one e71 nokia mobile phone , i had used the f security antivirus , but it is asking the subscription code , please if any one having the subscription code for 2-3 months ,
    or can i download and use kaspersky for the e71 , please respond quickly.


  181. anshul walia

    hi please tell me th activation code f kaspersky antyvirus for 2 or 3 months

  182. mza

    thanx alot

  183. hello guys…kaspersky mobile are truly the best software i ever used…just curious there is another activation code after the first one?…tq…

  184. Coded Solo

    Well… I ave not tested it.. But i hope this software works with Nokia 3110C.. Plz let me know.. I really need an Antivirus for my Phone..

    Hope to hear from you Guys.

  185. kanni

    hi… cn u plz tel me dt do these softwares work for nokia 5800 xpress music or nt??

  186. zhe

    is this compatible with nokia 5320 xpressmusic? everytime i install it, it says “certificate error”.. how can i install it to my cp?

  187. Thia is most presious antivirus. Make better mobile speed.

  188. P.M. Chanaka


  189. Rajesh

    Software for Nokia

  190. siddharth

    i have downloaded kaspersky antivirus from this site, is it compatible with N70 and Nokia 6600,does it require any activation key and till which date is the software valid? Can u pls help me with it!!

  191. abo baraah

    thank you

  192. kanyut08

    thx for your avc, but this is need an key or not????

  193. Thinley

    Please help me to get n73 anti virus

  194. mae ann

    i have a nokia 7610 model and i wanted to install an anti virus on it. i keep on searching for a free antivirus for my cp. can you gve me 1? and tell me how to install it from my pc to my mobile.

  195. kris


    i find it very difficult to install this anti-virus in my phone…evry time i tried to extract it using winRaR as u’ve said in one of your reply in others comment, i got the message “The archieve is either in unknown format or damaged”
    can you give me the exact instruction on how to do it…pls pls…

    thank you

  196. DarknesS

    it seems that these are not compatible with my Nokia N85. Will that be a problem?!

    • None of the files are corrupted and they should all be compatible with your S60 smartphones. You will need to download winRAR before transferring it your phone from your desktop or laptop so that you can extract the archive and then install the extracted SIS Files..

  197. pravin6p

    File corrupted dude : (

  198. mchottie_zle

    what is the activation key for kaspersky? coz it requires you to enter the activation key… pls help me..

  199. I wiil try it for a month, plase up date me with new update data.

    Thank you

  200. mehdi simai

    net qin antivirus and garmin gps

  201. bErnArd

    All antivirus are corrupt

    Parang Tanga lang… hekhek!

  202. bErnArd

    Why File Corrupt?

  203. n78

    dude there no fullversions

  204. N95

    Trend requires an activation key and it’s not provided

  205. send me a free antivirus

  206. SUSHIL

    send me antivirus software for nokia 5800 express music

  207. shailendra

    Please send me full version of Antivirus for Nokia N72

  208. nadim

    its very nice

  209. donchrux

    pls i need an anti-virus for my nokia 6670 and scalableSkin

  210. donchrux

    pls i need an anti-virus for my nokia 6670 and eSkin support

  211. Maryam

    Thank you very mach to all softwares

  212. Hi friend ,
    I need antivirus soft ware for my Nokia E71 for free?
    Plz suggest me how can I get it?

  213. please send antivirus download link

  214. imran

    Hie frnd, i bought my new nokia e51 and i didn

  215. Talib

    Hie frnd, i bought my new sony ericsson T700 Mobile and i didn’t come across any virus prob yet but i want a good anti virus protection for my mobile please suggest me a good software with a link.

  216. chrysty

    hi! ive installed the trend micro mobile security but it requires the activation code…can i get it? kindly email me…thanks…

  217. micheeko

    my 3660 and 6600 phone got virus(s) and still couldn’t get rid of them.
    when i explore them via smart fileman, i found zvgfaef.sis and zvgfaef.exe files. and they send mms by themselves for many times everytime incoming message come to my phones.
    which antivirus can completely vanish them?help me plissss

  218. pleasa add for symbian 40

  219. sanam

    tried installing on my N-70 but it was coming file corrupted…wat to do……urgently need antivirus…

  220. vmy

    i tried installing the software on my N73 mobile but it requires activation code which is not included on the downloads.pls post me f-secure antivirus activation code.

  221. JORGE


  222. jun

    than u very much

  223. shouk

    thank you very much

  224. xristos

    thank you very much

  225. Marc

    Hi Chaos

    Can u recommend a good FREE antivirus/spyware for Nokia E71?


  226. user

    can u post the f-secure antivirus activation code? the activation code inside the zip is invalid.



    I tried installing the software on my N73 mobile but it requires activation code which is not included on the downloads.

    Kindly assist. Thank you very much and more power

  228. tanx for anti-virus. it is important for my phone symbian

  229. Prasanna

    Cool… thnx man
    Finally got an antivirus, that actually installed on my phone.

    Thnx again….

  230. NIMCHAL


  231. baj

    thnks u very muchs

  232. nordan777

    Originally Posted By ravirajitz cool n fast. I likd it.

    Thank you, that was an awfully useful application…you’re just my best unknown “phone-tic” friend !!


  233. raviraj

    itz cool n fast. I likd it.

  234. Ali Ahmed

    Ineed free Symbian Anti Virus Collections | Applications

  235. Gajenthiran

    Hi Sir
    please sir give your nokia n73 phone antivirus full vision(key) and N73 software please sir

  236. brontox

    @Newport – Hei Newport key for kaspersky anti virus for mobile phone is PPPPP-PPPPP-PPPPP-PPPPY you can try enter this licensi key

  237. faysal

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay vg

  238. Newport

    hi..anybody could send me the key for kaspersky anti virus for mobile phone, pls?

  239. Susanta

    I have not get Kaspersky, it is realy gud.

  240. Hi Frnds,
    Pls Send The Key For Latest Trend MicroAntivirus.

  241. hi,
    Pls Send The Key For Trend micro.

  242. koko


    full prgram of any of these

  243. TAHIR


  244. vdgame

    nice one man
    but hw do i post in mobile softwares that are working on my n81
    cos i have a lot

  245. Ankit Khare

    None of the keys are working for any of the antivirus…

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