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Posted June 24, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications


  1. i need a facebook app on my phone

  2. I jst want 2 download facebook on my phone,but i cant

  3. Oritsewemi owas

    I jst want 2 download facebook on my phone but i cant

  4. marietjie

    i need the latest version app 4 to be downloaded on my nokia E5

  5. adib

    I need FB app for nokia E72 and nokia lumia 1020

  6. raphmaxyn

    Hi,I tried to download the lastest facebook application on my nokia E5-00,but is not responding rather is showing downloading failed.

  7. mark

    i have a problem of taking my photos direct from the application

  8. mohamad

    iran no saport the face book

  9. vishnu

    i will try to open the facebook application but my phone will switched at that time please help me………

  10. Memmi

    Let us know the world in small screen

  11. naser jaberi

    hi… I want to have friends in facebook..

  12. Shaggy

    No chatting feature in dis app……plzz modify the app…

  13. Pearl


    i installed the ”official nokia facebook” and it says Invalid API Key when i login. How can i fix that?

  14. k3vin

    How can I delete from my facebook application on my device nokia n97 the inbox messages?
    I have all the messagge send and received in my inbox, but I would like to remove they. Can I do?how?

  15. yusri mohd yusof

    there is no ‘Group’ in the menu. How can I acces my group?

  16. Andre

    Pleasssseeeee….. Mercy me!!!

    How can I get it working on my N97 MINI???? I already tried a lot of installers and no one works…
    Few that at least open, can’t connect and get me back error message: ERROR: THE CLIENT FAILED TO CONNECT TO THE GATEWAY.

    I don’t know what to do anymore!

  17. mairifik

    sad to say but i tried all on my E72 but none worked. nokia should really have an official FB app for all gprs/wifi capable phones not just selected models.


  18. hariez

    Why doesn’t work in my Nokia N91 4GB?

  19. mairifik

    it wouldn’t work on my E72. i always get “API INVALID” what to do? πŸ™

    i love my Nokia phone but sometimes i think that BB and iphone has better FB apps.

  20. i have nokia e5 i want updated version of facebook

  21. sanana

    nice! after decades of research, this one actually does work on my c6-00

  22. Guanluca

    None of the betas working on my e66, and the link for the official client is showing up a page full of characters w/out downloading nothing!! please help

  23. snoockie

    I downloaded the Nokia Communities and install it on my e63 but is not opening. Please i need your help on that.

  24. jeffrey siguenza

    hard to find apps for my c5-03

  25. Alana

    How do i get this on my nokia c5-03?

  26. cesar henao

    it really worked on my nokia e63 installing one of the betas works great can see feeds, upload photos,etc thank you so much.

    • kelly

      its not working on my mobile e63 so pls tell how do i solve this problem

      • cesar

        does work you have to install the beta but its slow, i recommend you to use socially its free en ovi with socially you have every 5 min notification on the main screen from people adding stuff to there wall.

  27. Eric

    Hi guys.. I wanna ask that, the facebook application in N8 is it free of charge?? or it do charge?? anyone can tell me? because i’m planning to buy it soon.. thanks.. =)

  28. Jane

    How do we see notifications?

  29. Fiona

    Hey guy! I recently got myself the new Nokia n8, but cant find how to view my notifications on Facebook via the built in app… Can anyone help? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  30. Lilford Marimo

    when i try to log in it says ERROR RITREAVING DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what should i do??????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. stan

    Immediately after the installation it says ”INSTALLATION OF FACEBOOK.WGZ NOT SUPPORTED” This application is only for newer s60 smartphones with widgets support πŸ™

  32. napster

    Hmmm, when I try to log in it says. Invalid API key. Any suggestionst?

  33. Armandooo

    Hey, why I can’t see new notifications on Facebook app?? Plz can anyone tell me?

  34. frbhgj nhbjbh hjnjtg

  35. ok…
    thank’s for information

  36. eeww.. this client is very old and buggy. facebook themselves abandon this. just use the nokia communities-its much better, officially from nokia:

  37. I need the facebook latest version app for 5800. (I have a 5530 which had this app installed but then I had to format it and lost this app.)
    I don’t want v 1.0, I want the newer one available for 5800. When I go to OVI store, it says, product not compatible. HELP???

    Can someone send me this file?

  38. mandingo

    i have this app on my E71 .. how do you tag? and how do make a profile pic?

  39. Ajoeb

    thats too bad…., not all notification preview…,and too slow then other program like OPERA altough at same provider…, wish next version will be more complete…,

  40. Vallet

    I prefer the third-party app Socially ( for Facebook on Nokia phones. It syncs photos and birthdays with the phone’s contacts and calendar and also shows the friend’s latest status update when the friend calls you on your phone. What’s more, it also shows periodic alerts on the phone desktop screen. Given that it is free too, my money is on it.

  41. L.White

    Mr P. Knight stole a free telephone thingy from me. Please sort it out. immediately.Thou shalt not steal. His phone number is 07910849829. and his mates is 07711809593.

  42. go to apps options and disable the “only install certificated options”… it would help…

    i think the only way in symbian to tagg (not only upload) photos on facebook is by this app..

    it doesnt work very fast for the other options

  43. Safe

    is not working on n95. it said that is an error an certificate πŸ˜•

  44. works great on my e63 bue i dont get any notification. If someone tag me in a photo or write on my wall it doesnt notificate me in this app but in the web its the notifications. Great for tag photos on nokia e63 s60 3rd edition and upload it to fb or tag old photos… Can you help me and mail me of some update or similar app? Has a great interface

  45. carmen

    this is not working for n96. the screen isnt wide enough and i cant scroll. but thanks for the post anyway!

  46. payam

    payam bahmani

  47. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for such a nice application. I am yet to start on face book and tweet. This is my first attempt actually. But, I would like to know whether this application will work on my N73?
    If yes, kindly confirm.

  48. Rino

    The new UI of facebook breaks the nokia facebook application.

  49. jarvik

    works fine with e51, but no IM?


  51. ekonik3

    too bad its not working on nokia e61i, is there any way that i can make it run on e61i?

  52. Chris

    LOL, yea.. the installation works fine and you also can open the program but thats all. I can’t open anything… nothing goes. Just tested on my N95 πŸ™

  53. jo

    there is no notification tab or anything?

  54. rhei

    where is the notification ???? i dont find it in my facebook app,, i use nokia s60 3rd

  55. ijr

    Confirmed… the download link at the bottom works with N95. Finally, an official client and no more third-party stuff.

  56. mahadarma

    Does it work on 6120c?

  57. Hac11

    How can you view notifications? I know lots of people are having this problem…

  58. Is there any Facebook Apps for Nokia 6600, which performs so..?

  59. jinjasarah

    Thank you so much, I have been searching for 2 weeks!!

  60. Jasmin

    I am having trouble with my facebook application on my N97. I got back from NZ after not using my phone for 2 weeks and I went to sign into facebook using the application and it says:

    Script Alert
    Incorrect Signature Status: 104

    How can I fix it? It is driving me crazy!

    I have uninstalled the application and downloaded a new one from the OVI store and it didn’t work. I did this about 3 times!

    Help please?

    I can’t find any answers!!

    • tim

      I’ve got the same problem too πŸ™
      Incorrect signature status: 104

      Can anyone help?!

      • Rex

        i’m having the same problem! Please help!
        I need my facebook app on my phone.


        • Kathy

          SAME! Does anyone have an answer to this??
          Script Alert
          Incorrect Signature Status: 104

        • Natasha

          Hey guys, after 2 months on the phone to Nokia and 3 phones later, I have fixed the problem myself, very easy and so happy now.
          on your handset go to
          the main menu-web-opions-settings-general-access point-change to internet.
          DONE πŸ™‚
          And im a 24 yr old blonde bimbo and Nokia couldnt even fix this lol

          • Jasmin

            OMG NATASHA, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Dumb you are not!!!!

            I have searched all over the net and NOTHING!!!!!!

            It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Natasha

            I know I couldnt believe it myself. All these nudes on the Net with their code shit. and a me a person who flips her whole computer sreen upside down and cound not fix it has done it. Just wondering when Nokia and Facebook are going to start paying me for being the best technical operator they have. I thought all along it should just be a setting change.
            and im waiting for a Nokia support operator to ring me today, cant wait for the phone call, they can tell me what to do bla bla bla and than ill turn around and say ‘Now let me tell you how it’s done’. F##KING IDIOTS

          • Kathy

            Legend!!! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  61. Bora Dushku

    Just downloaded for the N97 after accidentally removing it. OVI website has also removed it! GRRR

    Thanks so much! I’d been tearing my hair out!


  62. Scot

    utter pish.. it would only work with the 5th edition and NOT all or any phone..

  63. mariam

    I installed it successflly but it doesn’t work ;/ thnx anyway ;D

  64. i am exam write placa application from

  65. sherry

    Is it compatible for nokia E63?

  66. Ima

    Hey hav tried to downlod facebook in my nokia e90 but it failed it says \contact operator file has expired\so wat do i do??help

  67. Soheil

    Is there a similar application for S60v3 except MessMo? This one looks amazingly better!

  68. ben

    when trying to install this on a samsung i8910 HD it says there is a certificate error. please contact the vendor.

    can you advise me on how to get around this problem

    many thanks

  69. Talha

    Please lauch a similar application for E71…. I am dying to get it.. I check the website with a hope to get it for my mobile… My sincere REQUEST please.

    Do reply with some update. Thanks!

  70. Michael Connor

    hi i have installed it on my n95 8 gig… just get nothing but a welcome screen? Its strange when i first gotthe phone i could upload videos directly to facebook via the online f book mobile.. now i cant. And all nokia seems to support is thier own upload site, avi.. and vox and flicker. Would like to be able to upload pics direct just as i can with twitter..and with facebook on the n97.

  71. Fadli

    It’s succeed to instal it to my nokia e63, but the main screen seems cut to my screen, is it compatible to my phone? Or can you provide links to instal the correct versions to my nokia e63. Thanks

  72. pascal

    Chaos u rock!!!!! I hav added u in facebook too. Keep up the good work

  73. Sarah

    U guys keep me surprising with every single one of ur post. I hope to get my hands on a shiny new N97 next week n this software will be the first application that i will install on it.

  74. SIdney

    Is there that application for Symbian 60v3 (Nokia E90) ? Why just for Symbian 60v5? Did this application launch from Nokia ?

  75. Mikey

    Thanxxxx a loooot dude. Love my brand new N97 n love facebook, this app will come real handy to me πŸ™‚

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