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Posted May 3, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Here are two apps that are based on the Nokia Symbian Accelerometer technology and operates through the aid of hand motion. Both these applications are for Symbian OS devices and are developed by the developers of eyeSight Tech. They are the also the creators of the famous eyeCan technology which enables a Touch Free user interface for mobile phones. When eyeCan is installed on your Nokia smartphone, a simple gesture from your hand can do wonders like killing the ringtone of an incoming call, switch on and start navigation with your favorite GPS app or start playing the built in Mp3 player over the loudspeaker.

eyeSight Moove! Mp3 Player: eyeSight Moove Player is an excellent hand motion controlled mp3 player for Series 60 5th edition devices like the recently released Nokia C6, X5, X6, N86, 6720, X6 16Gb, N97, N97 Mini, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 Xpress Music, 5230 XpressMusic etc and other similar touch assisted new generation devices. eyeSight Moove is not only your average accelerometer based music application but it can also perform as an utility based app which can help you control your “actions”. For e.g. you can configure eyeSight Moove to silent incoming calls with a shake or program it to turn on the GPS navigation with a particular type of shake.

It operates on the eyeCan technology which can be customized for your specific hand motion user controls. Also, someone asked me about how to use EyeSight Moove! once installed and the answer is quite simple – Cover your phone’s camera by placing your hand on top of it and it will turn on and play the music through Moove! player automatically. To skip a track or scroll on to the next song in the playlist you will have to wave your hand once above the camera sideways and you will notice that the player has skipped on to the next song.

Moove! Player

Moove! Player

Remember that Moove! is compatible with only S60 touch assisted 5th edition smartphones and may not work with your phone if it is carrying the S60 3rd edition Symbian OS. With that being said feel free to download Moove for your Nokia smartphone below:



eyeSight eyeCall: EyeSight eyeCall is brought to you by the same developer of Moove mp3 player and it is much of a similar application to that of the above. The basic difference between the two applications are however that eyeCall is basically used as a hand gesture controlled call manager while the one above is a mp3 player. With its standalone touch sensitive API integrated on your Symbian phone you will be able to silent calls or take a similar action by just shaking it up.



The features of EyeCall works similar to that of eyeSight Moove! player and the hand gestures that triggers an action are the same. With eyeCall you can automatically send a predefined call rejection SMS by just waving your hand over the camera of your phone once. If you cover the camera with your hand instead of waving it then eyeCall will automatically silent the incoming call for you without the need of you touching the keyboard of your phone. Feel free to download eyeCall below for your S60 9.4 Symbian OS devices:



Unlike Moove! eyeSight eyeCall is compatible with a wide range of Symbian OS devices including those from the 3rd edition and 5th edition. All N-Series, E-Series and X Series smartphones that are powered by S60 should be able to run this accelerometer application. This means that once you sign this app you will be able to run this application on Nokia N96, X6, C6, N95, N97, N97 Mini, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530, 5230, 5500, 6210, 6120, N85, N86, N82, N81, N78, N79, E52, E66, E71, E72, E75, 5630, 6720 Navigator, E55, E63 etc.

Eyesight Apps

Eyesight Apps

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  1. You can also download MP3 songs from our site

  2. chandan

    My nokia 500 don’t accept my nokia accounts please help me sir .

  3. i downloaded it,nd i evn install it,bt it doesnt work on my c5 00

  4. Albert Afoke

    I dont know if dis application can work for c2-o1. Can it work

  5. Harry

    thanks mate

  6. fari

    is it compatible with 5233?

  7. Vampire

    I downloaded this form mobile9 and eyecall is working in my c5-00….
    ha ha

  8. n97 mini

    Not working in my n97

  9. mejujael

    sad to say, This application is exclusively for nokia 5800.

    I installed this in my c6, i successfully installed it but it didnt work.. ๐Ÿ™

  10. Breeze

    It says it will work in a Nokia E71 but when I tried to install it, it said it’s not compatible so I chose not to install it.

  11. shammo

    Hi.. I’ve been downloading this app from many website n all not working on my c6 and n97.. This app only work on 5800 XM.. Others phone can install it but can’t run it…

  12. hi

    the great mbile, mobile application, theme, downloading stuff…

    try this

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  13. lchenlong

    i got an problem with downloading i have try to download i 5 time but it still non work
    tell why

  14. Melvyn

    Tried to install to my nokia n900, nothing happened. It just save it in \my document\. I would appreciate if u can guide me on this issues. Thanks

  15. jaypal

    Error !! It

  16. maddy

    yeah it’s only compatible for my 5800,5233,5235,5230 …..
    this is gud ……

  17. gangstazzzz

    it doesnt work on a normal n95 how does this program work???????

  18. shishir

    evn in my nokia n97 mini it doesnt work….not supported it seems….wat should i do nw….it got installed in m cel but it doesnt work furthur…….help needed

  19. hi, sir one problem create in e71 is eye call not working i iam ope n the file is asking not compitable handset please give me solution

  20. v………….goog

  21. jackson

    not working on my X6 either……

  22. hi
    this app its not working on NOKIA N97 Im getting error when i installe . can anyone hell me with this plz …

    thanks all ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. steve

    Error !! It’s showing “Incompatible device, Platform not support”. Am using N82 ….Any suggestion

  24. Ashok

    Im getting error when i installed Eye call in my N 95 8gb, its throwing Icompatible device, Platform not support.

    Any suggestion would be greatful.

  25. raphpro


    Thank you for these great shares !
    Eyecall is working great, but EyeMove isn’t working on my N97mini.
    I think it’s only working on 5800, or is there any other version for N97 ?


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