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Posted November 5, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

One of the most fantastic feature that iPhone introduced when it was first released was its beautiful Touch assisted built-in virtual QWERTY keyboard. Many of us were skeptical in the beginning but after spending the first day or two with the iPhone, everyone loved it. Easy to adapt automatic zooming, nifty animations and the ability to use it smoothly by just touching the screen is something that the Apple iPhone mastered in.

Since then, Nokia and other big brands like SonyEricsson and Samsung introduced a number of new Touch UI based PDA devices to compete with the iPhone but honestly speaking, none of them powers itself with an iPhone like stylish keyboard to write your emails or simply when writing a SMS. Till today, the only app that effectively extends the virtual QWERTY like keyboards is Nokia Virtual Keyboard (which btw is quite good). Still, the advanced customization that perhaps even the iPhone and Nokia still does not offer can be installed and enabled on your Nokia Touch UI smartphones like the Nokia N97 or 5800 XpressMusic.

Today’s featured app is special and it will empower you to use your feature rich Nokia smartphone or PDA with the most sophisticated and customizable keyboard app to date. Today’s mobile apps are specially designed to make your keyboard and numpad typing experience better, easier and stylish. There are at least 2 Nokia apps that functions as a complete virtual keyboard for smartphones and they are called DayHand Input and WFVirtualKey. Either one of these 2 special symbian apps is a must have app for any 5th edition Nokia symbian smartphones user, period. You must have at least one of them installed on your device to get the best experience out of your smartphone.

DayHand Input:

DayHand Input (English) is translated and modified for the community by Mr. Milk (thumbs up at ya dude) and it is an extremely customizable virtual keyboard app for any Touch OS supported symbian smartphones of Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Beside assisting you when writing a SMS, E-Mail or MMS, DayHand Input also supports a wide variety of external mobile apps from the OVI Store and other publishers including Opera. Apparently, it also lets you configure a virtual T-Pad on the home screen (not tested by me) with which you can emulate the actual Hardware T-Pad on all the S60 version 3 phones.

It supports customized skins, themes or UI which you can design yourself or simply download from our blog and other trusted websites. It lets you customize the default English language and input buttons easily.

This version of DayHand Input (English version) is actually adopted from its much famous Chinese version of the app which is actually named as the Chinese DayHand Input and is one of the most widely used mobile software for peeps in China. It has been translated in English to quite an extent so that everyone can use it regardless of their language. Still there maybe a few bugs that still remains and it is requested that you report them here in the post or on their official site. Developers of the app are also working double time so that the individual key stroke buttons can also be re-sized and the zooming or panning feature can be easily controlled.

DayHand Input supports several characters that for any single key, meaning it has the option to assign multiple types of both special, alphabetical and numeric characters. For e.g. The characters can be “abc” for the first button in T9 dictionary mode, 1 for numeric mode and a hash in ASCII characters mode. You can also customize any group of alphabets for any displayed key easily by customizing it from the handy menu that pops up when you tap and drag the button you want to customize.

DayHand Input also supports both the Portrait and Landscape display, it can turn itself to align the keyboard layout with your desired and applicable Portrait or Landscape view automatically. You can make DayHand Input your default virtual keyboard and thus replace the built in Nokia Virtual Keyboard or you can also choose to use it as a secondary keyboard.

It includes a total of 7 different which you can select and swap by two individual key strokes.

Dayhand Input Keyboard

Dayhand Input Keyboard

Dayhand Landscape Mode

Dayhand Landscape Mode

Dayhand Features

Dayhand (english version by Mr. Milk) highlights

tap and drag

tap and drag

Download Dayhand Keyboard Input:

Download Dayhand Input Keyboard App

WF Virtual Key:

WFVirtualKey is an excellent software which imitates the functionality and navigational T-Pad of any generic Nokia 3rd edition device on your Nokia N97,  N97 mini or 5800 XpressMusic smartphone.  It can also act as an enhancer app for many new apps that are being introduced to the 5th edition Nokia smartphones including the Opera Mini browser, Garmin Mobile XT (GMXT) and the Ozone Browser. It lets you replace the standard virtual keypad that comes with your Nokia Touch PDA devices.

It also lets you change the default skin of the T-Pad manually and lets you control the position of the T-Pad on your home screen. You can run it in the background and also play all games that otherwise requires you to have a T-Pad for proper navigation, just configure it and you are ready to go. All the 9 different T-Pad keys (non-qwerty phones) are customizable with an one touch menu button. Only if you are an advanced user you can further tweak the actual .config file of the app located at the internal phone memory’s installation folder i.e.:

C: \\system\\Apps\\WF_VirtualKey\\

To change the skin of the application manually you will have to find the folder named \\Skins which is located inside the \\WF_VirtualKey\\ program installation folder and edit or replace the default skin file present there. To be able to add, browse or edit any files or folder installed on your Nokia phone memory, you will need some very good knowledge of Symbian systems and will require experience in phone hacking or unlocking expertise. Do not accidentally delete or edit any files if you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t blame me if you brick your PDA doing this.

WF Virtual Key

WF Virtual Key

Nokia Virtual Key

Nokia Virtual Key

What really makes this a special app is its ability to run in the background effortlessly without being a memory hog on the phone system. It also is  the first app of its kind and probably is the actual app that inspired DayHand itself. It is essential that you install this mobile application on the internal phone memory and NOT the memory card. Also, after installation it is advised that you reboot your phone before launching the app for the first time.


Download WF Virtual Key

Download WF Virtual Key

In WF VirtualKey, there is an excellent option called include/exclude through which you can decide to configure WF Virtual Key for any external apps installed on your touchscreen phone. If you add an application in the “include” list then VirtualKey will be enabled for that specific mobile application.

In the same way, when you explicitly want to disable WF VirtualKey for an application that supports WF Virtual Key, all you have to do is add that application to the list “exclude”. This is a very well implemented feature that seperates WF Virtual Key from all the other touchscreen based mobile apps.

Please subscribe to the RSS Feed before downloading these apps and also feel free to leave a comment with your feedback as they are most welcome. Browse our blog to find only the best apps that any Nokia user should install on his or her phone! Cheers!

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  1. Arya

    how to remove this app.

    Not uninstalling frm my 5233..
    showing unable to delete

  2. Carlie

    I’m having the same problen as ferraritm, i got my sign certs from opda, but im still unable to install it . My phone is SE vivaz .

  3. s60v5userz

    when i install, it says : “built in component cannot be installed”
    what should i do now??

  4. vnm

    u need to sign the application

  5. Ali

    hello there
    to whom it may concern
    what is our chance to have Arabic language in day hand?
    tangoo78 at

  6. Dali

    I love this keyboard, but some characters are missing… Or at least I just could not find them. For instance, how am I supposed to type a percentage symbol (%) with it? Please help!

  7. lloyd

    and by the way..

    my n97 v20
    is not hacked..

    i had no problems on installing it..

    just get the certificate on opda

    and sign it there..

    thanks mr. milk..

  8. lloyd

    i am using this software..
    and it works great!
    its super cool..

    but before you can install it..
    you must apply a certificate from OPDA

    go to this site..
    register your cell phone
    you must give your IMEI

    after you completed the info..
    wait for couple of days until your certificate arrive..

    if you have the certificate..
    go to signing soft..

    upload the dayhand.. (you can also upload other software.. as long as it is in .sis)
    wait for a few minutes..
    when its done.. it will show you the download button..


    and install..

    enjoy! ^_^

    hope this would help..

  9. psilas

    Sorry but you are NOT showing just virtual key, you are also showing another app called ‘VIRTUAL KEYBOARD’

    Virtual key is USELESS on a touch screen only phone like 5800 WITHOUT ‘ Virtual keyboard’ to go with it. Virtual Keyboard also needs a hacked phone AND dev signing so you really need to remove or update this thread as it is VERY misleading an inherently wrong.

  10. ish

    hi,, i have problem installing dayhand querty,, pls help me,,,it says certificate error,, pls pls pls help,, thakyou so much

    • lloyd

      get a certificate from opda
      it will took a few days to get your certificate..
      then you go to signing soft..
      upload the dayhand input(or any other sis file)
      wait for a few minutes..
      and the download button will appear..

      download to your phone and install..


      btw.. im usng n97 v20(not hacked)
      i had no problems at all..

  11. hello chaos,

    i am very interested, infact needed the “dayhand input” virtual keyboard onmy n07, i managed to get it signed, but could not installed and with error “Requested application access not granted” if i select english with only iphone checkbox is ticked, but if i select all unchecked, the error message will prompt something like “….unable to install built-in component….”

    it now part of the opera mobile 10 web broswer, but i have limited space memory left, plz assist.

  12. Glenn

    Hack your phone with HelloOX 2 its easy and safe.
    After your phone is hacked you don’t need to sign an application.

  13. Hemanth

    hey this is my IMEI number.358321030905903…can any1 get it signed plz??

    thank you
    this is my email

  14. selcuk yildiz

    cannot work

  15. jamie

    i cant get it signed how do u sign it

  16. zacharia

    I have tried to install the DayHand Input

  17. maddler

    Same issue here. Cannot sign on Symbian Signed. I’d be happy to have this app on my N97.

  18. phutse

    i am not able to install dayhand in 5800 xm >> its giving some authorisation error… how to install it, please

    • hadie

      I also experienced the same thing on my 5800XM.

      I keep getting popup says >>Requested application access not granted<< when try to install the Dayhand Keyboard Input.

      somebody, help us!

  19. i cannot install vitual keyboard n97

  20. hi,i cannot install virtual keyboard my mobile n97 ,when i m try to installing certifity error so help me what i do.thanks

  21. yador

    I tried to use a dev cert on my N97 (v20 firmware) but it refused to install because it didn’t have the required permissions. Any ideas?

  22. Oj

    Doesnt work in n73, certificate problem, i have tried to sign it myself but failed please sign it and post thanks ….


  23. Mr. Milk

    It is absolutely a shame that you have spent time to edit the screenshot and rewrite all info about DayHand Input just to strip out the credits of those who worked really really hard for the community.

    Mr. Milk

    • Hi Mr. Milk, no offense was meant and I never mentioned Mr. Milk as I guessed it was not your real name. My bad!

      I have mentioned in the post for people’s feedback so that I can provide that feedback to you in the forums. I honestly never meant to take off the credit in any way. Still please let me know if you need any more credits or if possible let me know your real name and I can post that accordingly (if that is ok with you).

      Cheers and thanks for visiting.

      • ZU1031

        hi, i couldm’t hack 9.3 edition with any of your tools provided.

        i think many of us who had brought or updated our phones to 9.3 can’t install any of your fantastic apps. that’s truly saddening.

        Many of us had given our feedbacks, so i was hoping if u could give us some solution or is 9.2 currently still unhackable?

      • luis(aka 3ricss0n)

        i try to install on my nokia 5530 but it wont let me install the opera keyboards could you help me find out as to why this happeneds

        • seed

          yh i have the same problem, it says, certificate error? like wtf??

          • ……..same as mine, but i managed ti get them signed and then install….it promped error message: “requested application acces not granted” if Ii unchecked all the boxes. if i checked some boxes, the error message prompted: “unable to install built in component”…..hi guys, if any of you wanted to get your own certificate and signed application, plz visit and for english version

            anybody have successfully installed the “DayHand Input” on N97?

  24. mbrett

    Should mention that I tried signing and installing DayHand on my N97 and was unable. Received error message. I’m left wondering if this is only available for hacked phones using something like HelloOX. Am I correct. Didn’t see any mention in the article.

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