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Posted September 4, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone! Watching movies on the Nokia smartphones actually began to pick up its throttle when the trend of 3gpp almost diminished to Smartmovie‘s Divx media format playing capability. All the latet mobiles from Nokia and others slowly, but surely, started to increase the actual size of the phone’s screen which added even more emphasis to video playback on the smartphones. Then along came the DivX players and others to play movies or clips straight from the mobile phones and with all the N-Series S60 phones having fantastic music edition versions popping up, the meaning of mobile movies started to creep in.

One of the earliest application that was successfully picking up its market was the Core Codec player and it wasn’t till late January when end users started to realize that Core Codec does not only adds movie playback on your symbian devices but it also brings a numerous audio and video codecs along with it, thus virtually making it an one stop all in one solution for handheld media. Core Codec player (or Core Player Mobile) is now the most effective solution out there in the market which actually synchronizes its features with the next generation media features and functions like Bluetooth A2DP support, mobile YouTube or mobile FLV playback support on your symbian smartphones, playing a bunch of audio formats and many other features. Core Player Mobile supports almost all the available formats of video like the MKV, MPEG-1, Theora, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, MSVIDEO1, WMV, Dirac, H.264 (AVC), MJPEG etc. It also has the built in features which lets it play YouTube videos straight from your cell phone, yes my friends, Core Player Mobile can play FLV movies on the go.

If you are a Podcaster then this can be a dream application for you as it will turn your Nokia smartphone into a full fledged Podcast player letting you reach to your friends and listeners worldwide without any additional softwares or platform. It also brings the power of Enhanced Podcasting and Core Caster functionality on your smartphones. Since it supports the UIQ, iPhone, Windows Mobile Platform, Palm and Symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2 platforms, Core Player mobile had to keep a common ground for both. And they did, they kept a simple user friendly interface on the front end so that even if you switch your handset from SonyEricsson to Nokia or from your Windows Mobile 5 to Nokia S60 3rd, you still can enjoy the same old navigation and features when you install Core Player Mobile. It is bluetooth ready from the get go and supports both A2DP and AVRCP transfers.

When I said all media formats, I meant all media formats! It also supports image management and so on, thus extending it further to be an image manager beside a video and audio player for your smartphones. Jpeg, Gif, Tiffm Mjpeg, Bmp and PNG… you show it that file’s location on your memory card and it will open it up easily. The application is super fast when it comes to image management and is far better than the stock “gallery” option of Nokia which will take an hour to load if you have thousands of images on your mem card. Core Player Mobile also supports media streaming within a few important protocols like Http, Udp, Rdp, Rtp, Rtsp, Rtcp, Asf and Asx. For the average user all these media formats might sound a little new, but trust me what you listen on your Virgin Mobile Radio or Pandora are done through these protocols and now you have them on your phone. So go ahead and open up your own mobile internet radio station today, free!

Core Player Mobile also lets you add custom universally supported skins on it and the widget that comes with it is damn easy to manage and execute, letting you customize the outlook of the player the way you see fit. So inspire youself to create your own skin and use it on your Core. In the future it will also integrate subtitles option which is something I am looking forward to.

Core Player Mobile supports all the major GSM and WCDMA network providers like T-Mobile, Orange Mobile UK, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Hutch, Telstra, Cingular, Airtel, Reliance Mobile, Telenor, Digi, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile UK etc and more. Compatible with all the latest symbian 3rd edition S60 N-Series and E-Series cell phones of Nokia and others like N95, N95 8gb, N96, N91, N92, N93, N85, N82, N79, N81, N80, N78, N77, N76, 3250, 6121, 6220, 6110, 6120, 5310, 5200, 6300, N75, N73, E50, E60, E70, E90, E51, E61, E71, E66, E62, E65, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500, 5610, 5710 etc and more. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed for free before downloading this superb application for free as well!

The version of this Nokia mobile software I am presenting you is the latest one, that is version 1.2.5.


Nokia N75 & Core Player Mobile:

Nokia N95 8gb Music Edition & Core Player Mobile:

Nokia E51 E-Series & Core Player Mobile:

Nokia E61i & Core Player Mobile:

Core Player Mobile on PDA, Nokia, Windows Mobile 6, iPhone:


Download Nokia Core Player

Latest UPDATE:

You can now have complete access to the latest version of CorePlayer for Nokia by CoreCodec in the latest post here in Chaos Inc. So check it out and cheerios!

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Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Hey can anybdy plz gve core player for nokia 5233 my email id

    Hey can anybdy plz gve core player for nokia 5233 my email id

  2. Ghulam mohi.ud.din

    Its very good

  3. jay

    how to install core palyer for noia c7 symbain belle

  4. Jjm

    Fuck this player,,,it needs registration key,,pliz give me it

  5. Banuprakash

    Hey dude can you tell me how can i get smartmovie player to work on my nokia x6, i tried more than 50 different install files from 30 different website’s so, for god sake tell why is it so annoying software dosent work.

    Problem is it exits out when i click on any video

  6. Hassan sayyed

    i have nokia E71 and i am unable to install this version of coreplayer, its giving an error on intallation saying unable to install “Protected File”
    Any buddy know how to intall it…and i can’t even hack my phone because my phone OS is already updated…
    Plz help
    i need this player..!!
    Thank You..

    • hey friends! i got a new trick to install the expired certificate apps. listen go to your display setting of your phone and set the time in back date like 1-1-2007 and set it as default time. after this install the apps and after installetion set your time as todays date. sample! so enjoy this.

  7. Akash thapa

    MY phone is saying expired certifeckt wat 2 n my modle no is nokia5235 i just want full cracked smartmovie

  8. Malik Aqeel

    i have nokia e71 and i have install smartmovie but the player can’t open because need the unlock code.
    Everyone who can help me give me the register version smartmovie.

    • hey you can get SmartMovie from here, its the latest Version s60v3 4.15 Cracked..!

      If there is any trubble with above the link then click this other one..


      • And if the intallation says can’t install “Expired Certificate” then simply change your phone date by going in clock settings to 2008 or 2009 or 2010 and then reintall it again, it will work perfectly…

  9. i want to download core player for nokia n73

  10. craig

    Hi, i got corel player to work ok on n96 (s60v3).
    I also count not get the divxplayer 0.93 or 1.1 to work ie expired.
    I found a version 0.95 for divxplayer and it works!!!

  11. lexi

    why in my E72 have a certificate required, its always expired, i hate that!! I cannot use this player

  12. craig

    Hi, tried this on n97 can not install anything as all the certifates fail. any ideas?

  13. mr

    no work in my nokia 5320 XM…
    do u have another solution..????

  14. balachandran

    good because high sound

  15. Hi I have a new version of Core Player software
    I want it for phone N73

  16. thanx for all of this i m just searching for this………..

  17. hitesh

    how to change that certificate

  18. not install working in nokia n73 and

    it says application from untrusted supplier.
    tell me the reason???
    i have been send u comments but still no reply from ur side at my email address.
    kindly tell me.

  19. rx

    i downloaded corecodec player and smatmovie on my e71 but its says certificate expire and contact suplier what should i do to download it?

  20. not install working in nokia n81
    it says application from untrusted supplier.pliz answer something’s

  21. Iman

    not working in nokia n81
    it says application from untrusted supplier.pliz answer something’s

  22. RONY

    Not install in n73. what i do now. plz say something

  23. zacharia

    i hd installed this core codec . core player v1.25 (4506) to my nokia e71 it say unable to install a protected application from untrusted supplier. but core player v 1.1 russian edtion work but no use for me it is not in english please help i want to play mpeq file in my nokia e71

  24. Anas

    not working in 5530 XM
    it says epiary certificate

  25. sam

    this doesn’t works with 5800 XM

  26. khaja

    I have installed core player in nokia E66, after installation it asking serial key, so pleas send me the keygen on my mail

    Thanks and Regards,

  27. Does it play youtube files directly without any conversion. How can i install it. I m usin n73. Plz help me.

  28. ray

    i used coreplayer v1.3 on my samsung g810,
    for mp3s it plays fine,
    however for wma it seems to have skipping/jerking at times….
    is this problem fixed in newer releases???

    also the video and audio for large video files seem to be off-synced

  29. Anjanu

    does it works for 5th edition divices like Nokia 5800 XM

  30. Anjanu

    Does id works for 5th edition devices like Nokia 5800 XM

  31. lokuiyya

    thanks buddy.ti works well in n95 8gb.

  32. harry

    how to install this..why it says that the suplyer is untrusted??? help me plssssssss

  33. rajesh

    hey…. on my n70 core player didn’t installed .
    say’s unknown format..
    please help me..

  34. Core player for N90 is the best player,which played audio&vedio.So i like to download free

  35. reed bogie

    dudes i loaded the Cor player to my n95 8g but it tells me i must get the trusted vesion can you help me???

  36. Valentino

    same problem on N96, installation not allowed, please help.

  37. georgetown

    Hey all.. just got the prgm tried installing it on my N96 . firstly i cant find the pplicaion folder hatit require, secondly when i try placin the file in a folder and then install it i get a message ” unable to install, component is built-in!” any clue how to go about it all?? Cheers

  38. alvin

    hey!! i hav an N70 ME, i got few mp4 videos which cudnt be played so i installed core player but donno hw to use it and play de files out in it…plz help me guyz…

  39. tn

    haihow to install it on n73

  40. Jason

    I also cannot download the file with my N85. It keeps saying “Unable to download protected app from an untrusted supplier”.

    • Jason

      I also cannot download the file with my n85. It keeps saying “Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier”.

  41. Kinkasihaufa

    pls help me.mine is N81 8gb. everytime i’ve tried to install, the phone won’t allowed it saying unable to install due to untrusted provider.

  42. Prateek

    I’m unable to open rar file. Will it install on my N73

  43. dae

    worked on e90
    thanx for garmin xt

  44. sambasivarao

    worked on N73

    thanks alot for providing this software

  45. worked on N95 8G
    thanks a lot but inform us if there is a newer versions that supports newer formats.
    God bless you

  46. Muhammad Kashif

    I have Nokia 3250. I installed it and it is asking for serial nuumber. Please give me its serial number.

  47. Nokia 6120 Classic

    Thanks a lot, man! Just loving this software! Keep up the good work!

  48. I own the E71 mobile. I’m not able to play NOTV files (I think it’s the same as Xvid). Someone please help

  49. papasieg

    it says certificat already present cant install App track.
    i have an n95 8gb firmware 3.000.01

  50. papasieg

    app track wont install, it says: certificat already present! ???
    i got a n95 8gb weird.
    firmware 3.0001

  51. japra

    i won wacth mp4 in my phone so tanks

  52. johndoe

    can anyone help me i own the n78 but i just cant install coreplayer. it says that the trk application already is built in component. pls help i tried to change the date as “Dude” suggested but it doesnt work. i hate it to convert all the time my mp4’s into mp4 again 😐

  53. Dude

    if you get the “certificate error. Contact application supplier”, it means the app. Is unsigned and you have to sign it yourself.
    But , if you get the “expired certificate” error , you just need to change your phones date to sometime in 2007 (in rare occasions 2006) and install the app. After installation is done ,you can change your phones date back to normal.
    @ fred
    Listen buddy . Probably the same goes for you too. You didn’t mention what kind of error you got. As far as i know There’s no such a thing as “app’s protected” error in symbian.

  54. tutu

    how can i install this .. it says ‘ Certificate Expired ‘ while i install

  55. Dude

    Because it’s unsigned . You have to either sign it with a dev. Certificate or hack your phone’s firmware. Otherwise you won’t be able to install it. (or any unsigned app,)
    There are alot of tutorals over the net which can help you do it.
    Just use google.

  56. fred

    why i can’t install the core codec player? the apps been proctected

  57. @john doe – You are welcome bro!! 🙂

  58. john doe

    thanks dude!

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