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Posted September 17, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

All the latest cell phones, PDA, Pocket PC, iPhone 3G, Palm and smartphones of Nokia, Windows Mobile, and SonyEricsson, Apple, HTC, Ipaq, Blackberry and HP have it installed by default. So if your handhelds are missing it, ain’t that sad? All the major network gsm and wcdma providers like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Nextel, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, 3G Wireless, Virgin, Vodafone, Airtel supports it and if you still do not have it then will it be fair? When I published a previous post regarding several other GPS based software module for you to download and use only a few days ago, did you still not download it? Well then it’s about time that you are taking a look at this post because this post will give you another chance to install it on your operating system of the latest cell phone of Nokia.

The most beautiful thing about Blackberry, iPhone 3G and Ipaq is their ability to use memory resource intensive applications without any problem almost. This is the only department that the Series 60 or S60 symbian OS platform was falling short. However with time Nokia presented us with one of their best application to date, the Nokia Maps 2.0. It came built in all the latest cell phones of N-Series and E-Series including the N95 8gb, N81, N82, N78, E66, E70, E71 etc and almost shook the entire software market positively. However, within the last few months there was another application that was released in the United Kingdom, the CoPilot Live GPS module, which enables you to do virtually anything you can imagine when navigating and using a GPS device from your smartphones and hand helds. No additional cell phones accessories are required when you have CoPilot installed on your mobile device.

CoPilot GPS Live was actually designed for the Pocket PC and Palm platform and was a real hit in the market. That’s when they decided to expand the compatibility by offering it to other brands of Symbian OS and UIQ, thus enabling us to use it with our cell phone quite easily. Do not get me wrong though, I am not comparing it with either Garmin XT or Nokia Maps in any way, however the peeps whose geo locations are based in the United Kingdom or Europe (specially Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Italy or Sweden etc) will have an awesome time using this smartphone navigation system because the maps that comes with CoPilot GPS Live is phenomenal and detailed. CoPilot GPS Live also lets you use its intelligent Open GL platform engine to compute several factors very easily with the touch of a single button. The menu of this application is quite end user friendly and any new cell phone user who just bought his or her latest mobile cell phone or have been using a really nice Symbian OS 9.1 or 9.2 platform powered, unlocked or locked, Nokia symbian phone possessing advanced skills, will also be able to use it easily.

CoPilot GPS Live simply delivers a very simple pop up menu which shows you all the available options in a clean Web 2.0 like software GUI. It runs via GPRS and Bluetooth as well. It offers several features which is impossible for me to speak of in a single post. However, I am listing some of them below:

Destination Tagging: Through this you will be add tags to certain places that you might only have come to known and will like to check out later. Or, this might also be the house of a friend which you might visit later but because of the complexity of his location you are quite sure that you will forget the route. Destination tagging will let you mark it for future visits, simple!

Easy Navigation: The navigation of CoPilot GPS Live is simply one of the best among all the other available and similar products available in the market for you to choose from. It has a dedicated keys for any smartphone, whether it is your Nokia N73 or HTC Touch Diamond or a Pocket PC.

Detailed Maps: The maps are available in 3 formats which are 2D maps, 3D maps and the very important driver safety maps. We all know about 2D and 3D maps but what is this driver safety Map? Driver safety map shows what to do, and what is about to come, the traffic details and even the turns that you might take in huge letters without showing you the actually cluttered maps. This is really useful when you are driving and cannot concentrate on the phone stand or your phone in front of you on the dashboard.

Automatic Re Routing: Another very important feature of this application is its quick and efficient ability to reroute a new direction just in case you miss a turn. The whole ‘make up’ actually is relatively quicker than any other GPS devices for Nokia or handhelds.

Automatic Set Up: Install it and it’s done. Specially if you are using any prepaid or post paid plans from T-Mobile then this is simply the best application or software that you can use on your latest cell phones. The entire GPS set up builds itself automatically in the background and notifies you once done after which you will never have to customize it again and again.

Lost Mode: The lost mode or the so called “Where am I” is another important integration of intelligent computation on this GPS module. When you select this option the CoPilot GPS Live automatically points the exact location you and your cell phone is in.

Sense of Computation: If you are in foot or in a bicycle then it will show you the best possible way to reach a location by foot and if you are in a recreational car where you will want to avoid the ugly bumpy roads then it will assess the best possible route for cars by avoiding the broken or blacklisted roads so to speak.

Points of Interests: The overall collection of the variety of the points of interests (POI) available for CoPilot GPS Live are way above than any other GPS modules and devices. In total there are 30 different POI that it will recognize by default.

One Stop Solution: CoPilot GPS Live have developed a GPS central through which downloading the maps beforehand and saving it in your memory card is easy. No matter which country you are visiting, be sure that CoPilot GPS Live for Nokia 3rd edition smartphones will cover it. Save the maps in your memory card or cache and it will serve the maps from the cache next time, thus saving you monthly mobile internet data charges and mobile phone bills.

Live Traffic Feed: CoPilot GPS Live also offers updates of the traffic for any particular road. It also automatically keeps the traffic as an element when you tell it to choose the best possible route by Destination Tagging.

Reject Toll paying Roads: Yes this GPS software also offers alerts against roads and locations through which, if you pass, you have to pay toll charges. This can come really handy when you are travelling abroad or internationally and are not accustomed to the roads that well.

Trip Optimizer: With trip optimizer you can easily calculate beforehand how you want to plan your upcoming business or leisure trip. It can automatically optimize for you to plan according with its Calendar integration feature. No redundancy and pure fun!

Dream Kit for Business Individuals: Yes! With this installed you can easily keep track of your incoming or outgoing fleet on the go. This is really important in the business of export and import where you frequently have to track your orders and supplies.

All in all CoPilot GPS Live is simply one of the very best in GPS applications that you can use for your navigation and it comes with full features. It supports a handful of devices but I am only dealing with Nokia or symbian mobile phones so I am going to list the ones from this. All Nokia 3rd edition S60 N-Series and E-Series cell phones and smartphones are compatible with this one including the famous Nokia N95, N95 8gb, N93, N93i, N91, N91 Music Edition, N92, N78, N79, N76, N75, N77, N71, N81, N81 8gb, N82, N85, N80, N73, 5500, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90, 6110 Navigator, 3250, 6121, 6290, 6120 etc and more. All the major mobile network providers like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Optimus, Nextel, Rogers Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Airtel, Telenor, Reliance Mobile, Telstra, 3G Wireless etc will all support it smoothly.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed to keep yourself updated about the latest releases here in Nokia Symbian Themes, subscription is free! Cheers and download CoPilot GPS Live for the latest Nokia mobile phones and smartphones below after taking a look at the screenshots!

CoPilot Live GPS features screen shots:

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  1. Kleintje

    Do you really think that this software is free forever. This is only working for 4 days. You can buy this software for about 70 EURO.

  2. Talha

    Can it be installed on Windows Mobile 6

  3. Christoph

    I have exactly the same problem. Its installed ok but no matter what I set the CD key to I am unable to activate it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

  4. Samurai

    Hi all…
    I`ve activated copilot in my Nokia E61 but 4 days later it asked me to activate again. The product key remains the same but there is no license relationed to it. Please help me, I want a permanet activation.


  5. dopey

    same here, any help with the activation key anyone?

  6. G-UNIT

    cant use it anymore….must activate it!!

  7. G-UNIT

    hey chaos we need help here man!!

  8. dopey

    same here and I can seem to load up any map or show my current position.

  9. G-UNIT

    i try 2 activate it it say wrong activation code =[ this sucks!!!

  10. G-UNIT

    srry my bad its valid it just needs 2 b activated through internet lol

  11. G-UNIT

    no!! u don copy the whole folder u only copy 2577 n copilot 2 the root of ur memory card(meaning that u don put’em in any folders) n u open private n u got 2 folders there on ur mem. card stick u got same names of the folders private/…then 2 folders name u copy the items inside those 2 folders 2 the folders on ur mem. card (make sure ur windows is showing hidden folders) then resources u open it got file app. n u got same folders n names on ur mem. card copy the items so as sys/bin copy them same as all other folders then right after u unplug ur phone it should start installing it automatically if it fails go 2 ur app. manager n install it urself,,,thats it

    i think that activation code is only valid for 4 days!!!!

  12. dopey

    @G-UNIT – Thanks g-unit for the response, but I put the entire folder into the memory card and the app mngr cant seem to pick up the installation file from the folder. Anyway I found this activation key info on another forum.
    Activation of CoPilot
    uses this code xxCFN-M2NJH-FS2F5-HDF32-NA2F2 as basis
    and changes the first two off e.g. place. ABCFN-N2MJH-FS2F5-HDF32-NA2F2
    Please direct me in details on how to go after putting the entire folder into the phone memory card. Thanks in advance.

    • Casper

      Thanks, I managed to get the software loaded, but I am battling to get it activated. It keeps saying “invalid activation code. I am also looking for the maps for south africa, otherwise there is no point. Thanks in advance.

  13. G-UNIT

    if u copied it right 2 ur phone folders u should go 2 ur phone app. manager n install it from there

  14. dopey

    Can anyone please advise how do you even install this app. I can not even get to the activation key part. Please tell me which file to click to install after putting the entire file into the cell.

  15. G-UNIT

    plz any1 who used this app. Succesfully tell me wat did they do with the activation key plz plz plz!,,,,,,thank u thank u thank u!, chaos if u c this plz help me.

  16. G-UNIT

    2 install it u connect ur cell via usb in data transfer mode n in the components u downloaded a file name like evry file name on ur cell just copy n paste the stuff in those files 2 the same file names on ur cell n make sure ur comp. is showing hidden folders but it’ll ask u about an activiation key which i obviously dunno it!!! it look complicated but i tried 2 make it simple as much as i can lol o n when u remove ur phone from usb w8 4 like 2 min. n then it will tell u component cant b installed so jus go 2 the app. manager n install it from there (more complicated,,,,i know u can blame me^^) XD

  17. G-UNIT

    any1 have the activation key 4 this application??coz its aint startin without it n i cant find it plz,thnx

  18. Andy

    How do I get this installed on my N82? The only .sis file I can find will not install.

  19. bengan63

    Install instructions..??
    CoPilot Central… ??
    any idea’s?

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