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Posted May 2, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications
RAMBlow & Swiss Manager Pro

Today I will feature 2 of the newest symbian apps to hit the Nokia applications store for S60 5th edition and S60 3rd edition smartphones. One of these apps is a powerful utility application to control and elevate the overall performance of your smartphone’s operating system with one click. The other 2 applications have two-fold features which can be used to control how your phone responses to gesture based controls and it also allows you to listen to your favorite music files on your Nokia phone whenever you want.

Today’s first featured S60 app is called RAMBlow and it is developed by CellphoneSoft group and the other one is also another CellphoneSoft group developed Nokia software called Swiss Manager Pro or SMP. RAMBlow is a memory optimizer for Symbian and Swiss Manager Pro is a 3 in one utility app that includes a file manager, task manager and a system info viewer.

CellphoneSoft RAMBlow: RAMBlow is an extremely powerful utility app for Symbian mobile phones that can take care of all your efficiency issues of the mobile phone. Similar to the application Memory Up Mobile RAM Booster, it can help you to free up extra system memory when the phone is in use and thus allowing you to speed up system operations and lower your battery usage in the long run. This is a lightweight application and it starts up automatically (or manually) every time you reboot your mobile phone. Once launched, it automatically hides itself in the background with the system processes and starts to optimize the RAM usage for any application that you run since booting your phone.

Some of the highlighted features of RAMBlow include its ability to manage multiple types of running applications on your smartphones, both in the background and foreground memory. It also allows your phone to free up unoptimized memory making your phone perform faster without the hassle of going through firmware upgrades or installing several stand alone utility apps. With RAMBlow you will also be able to run memory intensive games and apps many of which previously failed installations by displaying error messages such as “Out of Memory”. It can also act as a powerful task manager which effectively allows you to handle your phone’s system processes.

Ram Blow

Ram Blow



RAMBlow & Swiss Manager Pro

RAMBlow & Swiss Manager Pro

CellphoneSoft Swiss Manager Pro: Swiss Manager Pro by CellphoneSoft (also known as SMP) is a powerful application and is in my opinion one of the must  have apps for any Nokia S60 Symbian OS device. Essentially Swiss Manager Pro brings the functions of 3 separate applications into one and offers you an all in one utility solution. It includes an extremely useful Task Manager function, a powerful File Explorer/Manager feature and an in depth System Info function. This application comes with over 3 individual settings page that can help you to customize every single aspect of your app. With one click or a tap on your touchscreen device you can schedule launching of a app, clean up system memory, change font size, view a great deal of info about almost anything on your phone.

At first look the Task Manager function seems like that of many other stand alone task managers out there but once you start to explore the options you will notice the true power of this application. It can show and close any hidden or running apps which includes system processes that otherwise will only be terminated if you reboot your phone. The File Manager can help you explore hidden applications and zip packages which otherwise would be impossible to view without it. Related to the File Manager is my favorite part of the Swiss Manager Pro – the System Info Tool. The System Info tool is very well implemented on this application and it allows you to view all kinds of info ranging from the simple IMEI to individual hardware parts of the phone.

swiss manager pro

Swiss Manager Pro



Both these applications by CellphoneSoft are compatible with almost all the latest Nokia Symbian based smartphones like 5800 & 5800i XpressMusic, 5500, N82, N76, N78, N79, N91, N92, N73, N80, E65, E50, E51, 5700 Xpress Music, 6110, N71, N85, N81, N95 8gb, E63, E65, E71, E72, E75, E55, C6, X6, X5, E5, C5, 5530, 5230, 5235, E60, N93, 6120, 6121, 3250, 6233, 6290, 5210, 5730 XpressMusic, E90, E70, E71, E66, N97, N96, N97 Mini, 6720 etc. All 3rd edition and 5th edition N-Series, E-Series and X Series smartphones are supported.

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  1. Bro i have nokia c5-05 i don installin the games but these games r not running in my mob give me a solution reply me soon plz help me i love gamin plz

  2. Please provide all softwares that suits to my Nokia E 5.00

  3. Rogério

    Ótimos aplicativos.

  4. rukendo

    Almost all apps are showing expired certificate or error .

    Its nice for your efforts but result is not satisfying.

  5. thop09

    hanep….. salamat s downloads…. astig ang mapagbigay…

  6. i went software and games of nokia x7-00.

  7. To install ramblow first you have to change youre date to 2010. to disinfect expired certificate… Now go and install….
    IF ANY CERTIFICATE ERROR PLEASE CONTACT ME… My mobile no; 9607443902…. Thany bro…

  8. David James

    Neither App will install on my N95 8GB because of Certificate errors…what a wate of time!

  9. using nokia 5530 and the Software works very well .THANKS MAN YOUR THE bOMB. kEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO.

  10. Munna

    hi, i am use the software and all software are not install.

  11. The same problem with me on my E71, RAMBlow has certificate error and keeps advising that I should contact the application suplier. How to solve?

  12. Josip

    I have Nokia E52. I installed Swiss Manager easilly, but RAMBlow has certificate error and keeps advising that I should contact the application suplier. How can I solve this problem?

  13. Worldwin.Inc

    Hey Istiaq long time bro…are u busy Nowadays….Hey bro can u just post a tutorial on how to edit java games like edit the Class files in them…I like mod java games but don’t know much abt the editing of java class files…Cos I saw a 14 yr old boy moding the class files and changing the menus and all…pls bro one tutorial,.

  14. Pete

    Thanks for the email, However the –RAMBlow App– keeps advising that I should contact the writer of the software as the secruity licence is not recognised and therefore will not run on my Nokia E72.

    Comments or Email please.

  15. sakle

    i can,t installed it said certivicate error, thanks,

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