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Posted September 13, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Only a couple of days back the biggest and most expensive experiment in relation to physics took place in Geneva, Switzerland. If you are a human and reading this then you surely know by now what I am talking about right? The Large Hadron Collider took twenty years to build, $10 billion of upfront cost to make the whole thing with over $150 million per year for electricity consumption, 17 miles of an unbreakable titanium tunnel joined together to form a complete circle.

What are they exactly doing? They are recreating a mini version of the Big Bang that apparently took place around 13 billion years ago and resulted in creation of the universe by particles colliding with each other at light speed and at a temperature which is 10 thousand degrees hotter than the sun, not your daily Sahara Desert eh?

So why are they doing it is the next obvious question and the answer to this question is a bit complicated and yet so simple. If the experiment is successful which I really hope it will be, then we will most probably have an answer for the “God particle“. The God Particle itself is a complicated thing and is something which might let us know how the universe actually came into existence, it will let us see what really is there in the black hole. It will surely open new frontiers to the world and will result in knowing, where do we exactly belong. Furthermore it might even result in discovering how to time travel!!!!

Is it worth it? Can this experiment actually destroy the earth if it goes wrong? Are we in danger? Will we be alive when the spanking new Nokia N96 or when the king of bling bling the Nokia N85 comes out? Yes we will be just fine even if it goes wrong, because according to a well established theory of Mr Know it all, Einstein the impact of the failure will not be that huge that it will destroy the earth even though it is a kind of Big Bang. Moreover the chances of it going wrong is LESS than one outta 50 million.

So just relax and welcome this new frontier that will change the world and how we value things in our life. Infact, the place where the experiment is taking place is the same place where Internet was born, so it is quite safe to say that nothing will go wrong. As scheduled, on October 10th 2008 the elements will be introduced into the tunnel one by one and they will rotate like a Roller Coaster on Viagra to the power infinity. Oops, did you know that “infinity” might just get deleted if this experiment finds the finite results!! So it is good news overall, a very good news actually!!

Anyway, back to business and today I am publishing for you a pack of cell phones and hand helds software. They are all utility based applications and should come real handy to each of you who is running the Symbian OS. First up is the much awaited Nokia Operator Logo Changer, Second is a bluetooth based application called Super Bluetooth and lastly the ever so useful Zipman for unzipping your files on your handsets and pda phones.

Super Bluetooth: Super Bluetooth Hack is one of those extreme bluetooth softwares through which you can virtually take control of your friend’s bluetooth devices and connect to it remotely. Highly effective to play pranks on them I must admit but please remember that doing such a thing is not always nice! Respect your mateys and hack to save a phone, not to kill a phone.With Super Bluetooth it will not matter if your friend’s cell phone or PDA is a LG Chocolate or Blackberry Pearl, you will be able to connect securely and also in a stealth mode.

The range of the bluetooth connection depends entirely on the capacity or the frequency of the Bluetooth device through which you are connecting. Once you are “inside” your friend’s phone you can do almost anything. You can make calls, send SMS, read his SMS or check out his contact and edit them, play the songs, ringtones and even make conference calls on the go!! Once again, please don’t abuse this fine application but otherwise, have fun!!

Download Super Bluetooth:

Bluetooth Downlaods


Operator Logo Changer: A mobile, whether it is a Nokia or even an iPhone, is not fully customized unless you have flipped your mobile network carrier’s default logo with a funky one, your personal one. Changing logo manually can be quite a gruesome task if you are doing it for the first time and most of us simply do not change the logo for that, well no more!! With Operator Logo Changer you can change your mobile device’s logo with one click by simply selecting the file you want to set as the logo and voila you are done after the next restart! This amazing and simple application is lightweight and you have to install it on your phone memory and not the memory stick or card.

Download Nokia Operator Logo Changer:

How to changer Mobile Operator Logo Nokia


Zipman: When downloading applications we all know that it can be quite frustrating after the download is finished and your phone says that Unknown File Format. Most of my applications or games here in this blog are either compressed as zipped or rar’ed and if you do not have the most useful, must have application Zipman (or Zip Manager) installed then no download will open up or be extracted. Your desktop or laptop have a zipman software built in with its operating system, regardless if it is Windows Vista, Windows Xp or Macintosh. However, Nokia cell phones and smartphones do not come with a built in applications in its Symbian OS mobile platform, hence you have to and you must install this application on your phone so that you can easily unzip each and every file you want without ever browsing from your laptop. You can compress an entire folder which is filled with smaller files and send them quickly without any hassle straight from your cell phones using bluetooth or infrared. This software is simply fast, efficient and a must have for any brand of S60 mobile phones.

Download Zip Man for Mobile:

Download Zip Manager for Nokia


All these applications are made to enhance your smartphones experience and whether you are on a N-Series or E-Series S60 or S40 phone, you can use them. Nokia cell phones like E-Series E90, E70, N81, E50, E51, E71, E66, Luna, Sirocco, 6120, 6290, N-Series, N82, N85, N79, N73, N75, N76, N77, Arte, E60, E61, E62, 6110, 6600 Slide, E65, 6121, 5700, 5500, 5200, N72, N70, 6680, 3rd edition N80, 6270, 6210, 6300, N95, N96, N91, N90, N93, N71, 3250, N95 8gb, 5300 Xpress Music and a lot more.

All major network operators like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Telstra, Optimus, Orange Mobile, Virgin, Hutch, Sprint, Rogers, 3G, Airtel, T-Mobile, Telenor, Cingular, Reliance Mobile, Singtel etc are all well supported with all these three mobile applications. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed to show your support, subscription is free and you keep yourself updated that way! Adios!

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Anom

    This site is very good, I like.

  2. Vivek

    i think u just wrote there that these applications will work on both S60 nd S40 mobiles….
    but i when i send them to my Nokia 5610 through bluetooth…

    operator logo software was found as not compitable format

    nd the one for bluetooth , i tried to first check to hack my laptops bluetooth but it did’t connect……???

    Can u help me with ur softwares….. i really need them

  3. Piyush

    When i try to install Operator Logo Changer, it says as

  4. to:G-UNIT saysyes of course, but you need special software

  5. prem

    When i try to install Operator Logo Changer, it says as ” Constrained by the certioficate” or “Certificate error”……Please help

  6. Thank you and it is very good for me.

  7. uflibra

    i tried to install all 3 Operator Logo changer application in the zipped file on my newly purchased E71, but none of it worked. plz note that my E71 is HK Version which supports English (UK) & Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) & by default i’ve set English language.
    Can anyone help me how can i install it?
    thanks in advance…

  8. G-UNIT

    any1 know if its possible 2 use the super bluetooth without makin the other person confirm on the connection??

  9. Alexandre Neto

    My N82 is tweaked with Hellocarbide and “Operator Logo Changer” but it showed “error”.

  10. Dude

    @ Bader40 :
    Yes. It’s unsigned.
    @ acidude :
    It has nothing to do with that. You have to sign it with a dev. Cert. OR Hack your firmware to be able to install any unsigned file.
    You can read the totural in this site or use Google to find out how.
    @ Ab :
    Please Enlighten me… What is Stealth mode ?!
    Anyway follow these steps.
    It MIGHT help you. Not sure.
    Firstly there are two versions of this app. in the zip file. Install the
    1.08 version which has a bigger size.
    Secondly after installation , run the program. go to settings . Press the Left key on your phone and go to Advance settings . Now UNCHECK the “White Screen” box. (by default it’s checked) now go back and try to connect to your miserable target.
    Be sure you’ve turned the Bluetooth ON in your phone. and Both Bluetooth and Bluetooth visibility on your targets device.
    One last thing. It seems that you have to do the white screen unchecking every time you restart the application.
    Hope it helps.

  11. Ab

    I tried tht bluetooth hack , it connects but whnever i use any option it jus shows a blank screen , and its not stealth mode completely, in my frndz phone it showed him tht profile DUN connected

  12. acidude

    Originally Posted By Bader40I keep getting Certificate errors on the logo changer, i assume that the program is unsigned!

    same here i got n95 8gb with firmware 30.0.018

    any suggestion

    p.s my app manager is set to install every thing with or without a sig

  13. Bader40

    I keep getting Certificate errors on the logo changer, i assume that the program is unsigned!

  14. Dude

    @Chaos Inc.
    Glad to be of any help , Master. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dude

    @Tyler :
    I tried it on my friend’s SonyErricsson and it’s working. You can do almost anything except transfering files.
    Sometimes it gets a little tricky (a minor bug i suppose) as you press ok on a menu , (say clock) it opens for a second and then automatically closes.
    In such cases just try to open it again 3/4 or even 5 times if it keeps closing itself. i kept messing with the options, trying various combinations. But i guess it’s the only way. (my point is just be persistent)
    Well , as the name says , it’s more like a hack rather than a sophisticated program. But it does it’s job pretty well. (considering the amount of damage you can cause xD). You can even use the “Master Reset” on their phone. Didn’t try it though.
    @ Efquab :
    As far as i know Both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Visibility on you target’s phone must be ON for it to work.
    Now i know such cases rarely happen , but with some luck or better yet some advance conspiracy it is possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  16. I dont think so Efquab, you will need to have the bluetooth already activated at least in undetectable mode.

  17. Efquab

    Can i connect super bluetooth to a friends phone without his bluetooth on?

  18. Tyler

    with the super bluetooth application, why cant you use most of their applications like reading sms and stuff like that, it just doesnt work for me

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