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Posted July 2, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications


  1. mahmoud

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. I want to the agile messenger.cos i luv to chat through my phone

  3. sagar sha

    I am installed on my nokia E66 but i cannot open the appilactoin pls. helep me

  4. pacochanne

    hi…agile not work on my n95 8gb,i paid 45eur 4 licence,but agile not work on my cellphone,agile also not help me,wht can i do nw ,plz help me



  6. Hani

    I installed agile on my nokia E71 but i cannot open the application, when i select open, nothing really happens, please help

  7. ashique

    i want make new friends

  8. ashique

    hi i waant make new frieds with the help of messenger

  9. hayashi


  10. hayashi


  11. taimy

    It downloads to the phone ok but will not connect.

  12. Adi

    Anybody can help me how to install Agile software in Nokia E71

  13. maxximo

    I have the same problem as above… it does not connect =( … the test shows all is well but never get in…. Is there any special folder to place the file.. I’m using a N73

  14. maxximo

    Hi there. i have followed the directions in the read-me file. however i cannot run the other file, it says impossible to open!!.. This is a .class under path \com\sor as indicated. Please advise what I’m doing wrong here

  15. e series

    i have encounterd the same connection problem where the icon says cant connect.the test shows that all is well then im prompted to try again later.looks like a cool app. So send a post if u work it out.

  16. I tested it myself and it works in mine, what did it say in your phone exactly?

  17. reddwarf

    It downloads to the phone ok but will not connect.

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