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If you are working in Sales, direct or indirect or if your nature of work involves frequent traveling or customer call then you should face a dilemma which really is quite irritating at times. Most of the times when you meet with a potential or existing customer or attend a business conference, you are presented with a bag full of visiting cards which not only makes your wallets go thicker but literally becomes a pain in the a**. Exchanging business cards is like exchanging a simple hello and it quickly gives you an overview for the method of communications available either for you or the person who you are meeting with. Exchanging business cards is also a vital sales strategy as it creates a good first impression and, the more advanced or good looking your cards are, the more respected you will be (other things remaining constant).

Though we all have the option to input every single information within the phone’s contact database, doing it in person is really quite a task. It’s just too much work and you know it!!! Most of the times, 70% of the business cards are either lost or destroyed/eradicated one might say after a period of one month. Also, it is a huge trouble to find the card among the stack when you need it the most and in pitch perfect time. Say it isn’t so? What if I told you, life just got easier…. thanks to the Symbian OS and Nokia phones!!

Today, I am presenting you with an awesome application for any business minded or social individual. If your wallet is too thick already not because of money and because of business or visiting cards then this application is what a dream application is like! Yes, it is the most efficient Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application available in the symbian market to date and it is called Abbyy Business Card Reader for Symbian smartphones of Nokia. There is a solid reason I specified the word efficient here as I am sure that you know about all the other products that are available in the mobile applications or mobile software market for OCR related purpose. Most of them have a huge error percentage that results after the scan and compared to Abbyy Business Card Reader, they honestly sucks!!

Abbyy Business Card Reader uses your camera from the smartphone to scan the visiting card and save it as a contact. Sounds simple enough compared to the existing hard business cards method of doing sales or exchanging your information?  With your 3rd edition S60 device powered by Abbyy Business Card Reader you can be pretty sure that you will never ever need to maintain a visiting or business card diary in your hands when you are out to a call.

abbyy card reader

Abbyy Business Card Reader makes your life easier by its extremely innovative import engine. It scans the card and takes a thumb shot or snapshot, creates a new contact with the card name appearing exactly the way you want it to appear in your contacts menu, (i.e. either by First Name Last or Last Name First), assigns the cell phone number mentioned in the card, creates an email address exactly like mentioned in the card, complete business address with Fax (if available) and PSTN number as well. All you have to do is open up your camera’s lens protector (if it has one) and hold the card underneath the camera and Abbyy Business Card Reader will automatically take a temporary snapshot and start to process the data accordingly.

Abby Business Card Reader 2 for Symbian

Abby Business Card Reader 2 for Symbian

If the contact’s name is already there in the smartphone’s database then it only adds the additional information to that contact or in other words updates it. If the contact’s name is there in the contacts and he has a cell phone number already assigned then Abbyy Business Card Reader will automatically create a new cell phone number specifying that it was number of that person’s Cell (Business Card) and it also does not touch the existing cell phone number. Of course you can toggle this option and overwrite any information with one click only! So far this card reader works with 99% accuracy and intelligence so to speak because unlike the other products out there in the mobile phone’s market, Abbyy Business Card Reader assigns first name and last name correctly. Now you see why I said it is efficient?

This is one application that you can actually rely upon because when you are importing a contact’s information so quickly, if it takes a wrong snap or inputs the information inaccurately then everything is ruined. This application is really easy to use and does not eat up much phone memory or RAM when you are running it. It ensures accurate data and also gives you the freedom to get rid of the paper made business card, thus keeping your wallet thin and your a** painless! Lol. Can the Apple Iphone 3G or 1G do this? No! Hence Nokia Rocks!!!!!! In my opinion, this can be used as a full fledged mobile phone contact manager as well if you use it wisely.

As always, here in Nokia Symbian Themes you only get the highest quality Nokia themes, games, applications, tutorials and phone reviews of the Nokia smartphones and you get them all for free! All I ask in return is for you to show your appreciation by subscribing to the RSS feed which itself is free and takes less than a minute. Thanks in advance for doing so and supporting me. This amazing and efficient symbian application is compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series smartphones. All the Nokia S60 GSM and WCDMA handsets that are running on 3rd edition like Nokia N96, N95, N93, N92, N91, N78, N79, N85, N82, N81, N80, N73, N76, N75, N71, N77, 6110 Navigator, 6290, 6600 Slide, 6300, Luna, Arte, Sapphire, 7360, 6121, 6220, 6120, 5700, 5710, 5300, 5600, 5500 Sport, Xpress Music 5200, 5210, Nokia E90, E65, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E66, E71, E70, 3250 are all supported with this automated card reader which will surely save you from redundancy and additional work when doing business. All major network carriers of different countries worldwide like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Cricket, Rogers, Telenor, Orange Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, Hutch, Digi, Telstra, Airtel, Cingular, France Telecom etc are all compatible with this application.

Some Screenshots:

Mobile Contacts Manager and Card Reader

Abby Business Card Reader 2.0

Abby Business Card Reader 2.0

Abby Business Card Reader 2.0

Abby Business Card Reader 2.0

The Free Download:


Download Version 1

Download Version 2.08

Download Version 2.08

Updated: 24th November 2009

The new version as updated and noted as version 2.08 supports S60 V5 or 5th edition devices like the Nokia N97, N97 Mini, 5800 XpressMusic, X3 and X6 and the 5530 smartphones. It also extends the support for Nokia N96, N81, N82, N85 and N86 smartphones. The new version is also equipped with better precision control over the text recognition giving you the perfect tool to grab contacts from a visiting card or business card without the need of any other external devices except your smartphone!

So what are you waiting for? If you have already taken a glimse of the snapshots above and subscribed to my newsletter/feed then go right ahead to download this Nokia symbian application to start making your life easier! Cheers!

Did you know that more free Nokia applications are also available for downloading and usage on your mobile phone in this blog? Just do a quick search for the S60 based application you are looking for through the search box on the right side or the one below this post and you will most probably find it!

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Nashaat Nassif

    Hey man, trying to download this app now, it says that there is a certificate error but i changed the date from 19/04/2011 to 19/04/2008 (judging that most who have written in this blog have written in 2009) please help

  2. YBas

    Hey man, trying to download this app now, it says that there is a certificate error but i changed the date from 19/04/2011 to 19/04/2008 (judging that most who have written in this blog have written in 2009) please help

  3. Hitesh

    What is the software required for Mac and E 51 to download this software of Business card reader?and where do i get them?

  4. keinwal

    installing ver.1 .certificate error on Nokia n73 s60v3. please help.

  5. a.n.i.s.

    First of all i really thankfull to those guys, who have been support to deliver such an usefull software,
    like this,, especially, like our business people… HATS OFF to u all….;-D

    yup,, i got download this software into my mobile, but, showing some ” ERRORS ”
    so, will be great if u could mail or notify with me the updated or which is suitable for E71…!!


  6. nicks

    how do i check the tutorial section, please explain clearly


    all of your application, really all do not install but: “certificate error”. It is definitely not my settings what’s wrong? rgds HHM

  8. Hi, I just downloaded the Abbyy Business Card Reader – Mobile Application software and tried to install it twice on my Nokia E71 but at the end of installation it said me that there is an certification error and that I shoul contact the supplier. can you help me, please ?

  9. Krishan Bothra

    Thanks, works perfectly on Nokia E71

  10. Ian

    Hi Guys,
    How do I download the Business Card software ?

  11. nordan777


    There is a very good tutorial, up in the site page. It’s well done and tells you a lot, so you should know the….know-how when you have troubles with certificates ! Just check it out !!



  12. vimal

    hey i have a signed version of the software but its a trial one .. cn u help me converting it to a full version ???

  13. ReneK

    Hi Chaos, I did the same as netean September 1st and I have the same issue as. My phone is an E51

  14. netean

    I’ve checked my phone settings in app manager and “software installation is set to all” and “Online certificate check” is off.

  15. netean

    not an expired certificate. that’s simply fixed by changing the date. This is a “certificate error” Changing the date doesn’t seem to help. I’ve tried changing my date to sept 1 07, jan 1 08 jan 1 06 jan 1 07 and none work.

  16. Hiya Tyeb, vinroop and Vajid.

    Thanks for visiting the blog first of all. Appreciate it 🙂

    For certificate errors or how-to stuff, please check the tutorial section of the blog. It has been there for ages. If you just used the search function then you would have found it with a snap.

    The direct link to solve certificate issues:

    Check out the certificate error and symbian signing offline process tutorials.

    Best of luck!

  17. Same here. Almost every release has a certificate error. I am done with nokiasymbianthemes.

  18. vinroop

    I tried to install this card reader shows certificate error. please gimme a prescription. Thanks in advance

  19. H.Tyeb

    I tried loading the card reader into my nokia e71 and i get CERTIFICATE ERROR – CONTACT SUPPLIER
    – what is this error code? Thanks

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