8 Best Nokia WiFi Hotspot Applications

Posted April 9, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Some of the most useful and hi-tech features on your Nokia are simply being ignored if you are one the many who ignores taking the advantages of the dedicated mobile WiFi features on your high end Nokia handsets. Technology has been growing at a phenomenal rate for the past few years and mobile technologies is leading the way to the fast growth. One of the biggest names in the world which is responsible for bringing information at your fingertips is Nokia, no doubt. However, Nokia would have suffered serious drawbacks compared to the entire PDA and smartphones market if it was not the developers releasing ultra cool mobile softwares and applications. Free or premium, Nokia has the advantage of true efficiency at the most minimal cost because of such independent mobile application developers.

WiFi Hotspot is one of the coolest feature of your smartphone and with the mobile applications that I am reviewing for you with free downloads for your Nokia Series 60 phones will make life easier for you by self configuring your mobile WiFi and mobile internet automatically. This way you will be able to skip the entire manual WiFi setup on your Nokia N-Series or E-Series S60 mobile smartphones.

The manual configuration of mobile WiFi is really very complicated and makes life hell to actually complete in altogether and hence any of these mobile applications will come real handy if you are not the most tech savvy guy around but still want to take the advantages of true WiFi or VPN based mobile internet from your Symbian mobile devices. I personally recommend you to download and use any of the first 3 Series S60 mobile softwares if you are just into the most basic WiFi based mobile internet. All of the Nokia applications have some common feature like choosing the best connection, supporting a wide range of WiFi network types, mobile internet sharing etc.

  1. JoikuSpot Premium: A superb mobile phone software that lets you take control of your WiFi life with one easy to use interface. It also lets you exclusively and securely use your mobile WiFi 3G internet in dedicated mode through any laptops or in case you want to share it with your friends or even share it between multiple laptops that you own. It also offers internet sharing through Bluetooth and other similar Nokia softwares that are available in the market.
  2. Psiloc Hotspot Finder: Psiloc Hotspot Finder can find you mobile internet even in hell! Super easy to operate with very powerful LAN connection capacity it lets you to keep yourself connected throughout the world, wherever you are. This is a must have Nokia mobile software!
  3. Official Nokia VPN software: The official version of Nokia VPN manager is a great tool which can discover and configure a variety of Mobile VPN connections. It is primarily focused towards Europe however, it should work in all major cities worldwide.
  4. WeFi for Nokia: This symbian Series 60 free mobile software can detect and configure internet access points on your phone and more. It has a growing community where other WeFi users are mapping HotSpots on the go for someone else to discover.
  5. Easy Wifi: Even Nokia have decided to include easy WiFi as a default built in WiFi finder on the next N-Series and E-Series smartphones. It can automatically grant you WiFi accessibility from your Nokia N-Series or E-Series phones when you simply decide to turn it on.
  6. Handy Wi: HandyWi Version 2.0 for Nokia gears you with the power to share online photos and media through your “faster mobile internet” on the go. It also lets you access and edit Flickr pics (simply use HandyWi APN as your access points default setting) easily using the Free wifi internet.
  7. Fring Voip: Fring Voip is truly an all in one, free application for your S60 Nokia smartphones. Beside letting you to chat online through MSN, Google, VOIP calls, etc. it also conditionally comes with mobile WiFi access points and connectivity.
  8. Whisher: Another community driven web 3.0 smartphones software, Whisher lets you take advantage of true mobility. Also features a simple yet effective interface which most users will appreciate and it also offers dedicated and shared mobile internet connections.
Nokia Wifi

Nokia Wifi

Simply click on the name of the mobile software above to download the ones you want to try or use. They are all compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series smartphones like Nokia N73, N78, N91, N92, N93, E60, E71, E90, E66, N81, N80, N82, Nokia N95 8gb, N85, N77, N76, N97, N96, 6290, 6120, N95, 5800 XpressMusic, 5700, 5500, E62, E65, E50, E51, E60, E61, etc.

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  1. Does asha 503 get a hotspot?

  2. shripad

    can Nokia E52 be used as wifi hotspot??
    please reply..

  3. piya

    how to connect nokia 5230 mob. with wifi connection i want to connect but there is no other option accept packet data

  4. can I set password security on joiksport

  5. fayzi

    but joikuspot not works with other cell phone

    it’s work only with laptop or pc wifi receiver

  6. Mehedi

    yeah Joiku works fine but the think is i can use it through mobile. Through mobile search i no ssid shows up. But thanks at least i’m able to use it via laptop. BTW if any update how come i connect this device with Android device please advise.

  7. summer

    Joiku works fine but it accepts the access point and not a WLAN connection.i want to take a WLAN as input and make my mobile as a wifi router.any ideas on this?

  8. pari

    Hey,can u suggest me any HOTSPOT app for nokia c7?? And if yes then please let me know the link to download it…

  9. Safiq Khan


  10. hi! is it woking with nokia C3-00?

    • iaa

      hi i have nokia c3 and search wifi but he ask me no network Available. downloaod this software and install them is work.how to downlaod this software

  11. sandeep

    joikun did’t working in my nokia e71

  12. bhupinder kumar



    what Hotspot Applications or options there are for nokia asha 303?…thanks

  14. no.1 is joikuspot premium……….
    speed = upto 100mpbs

  15. pradip

    it is very good & fast

  16. emman

    I was unable to install the joikuspot premium. my 5800 cannot install the protected program without a valid certificate.

    If you can please help.

    Many thanks in advance.

  17. Hi
    PLz tell me whn i install thz app when i started….it waz gu.but after i see in other phone there was not showing maa phonzz signal..
    plz help


  18. kunle

    Please, I need your help. Is there any way I can use my Nokia C3-01 as hotspot so that other devices with wifi like android 2.2 can connect to the internet/


  19. m2m2m2m2

    that’s nice

  20. tony

    I would like to check it out how its work

  21. Great post, most Nokia wifi apps don’t work on my phone though :/

  22. sathiya

    nokia E71 wifi mobile application required

  23. sharukh

    hi,i have nokia 5230.does these above apps work on it.i feel they works.because i have ‘handywi’ it works in my phone.plz give me idea

  24. sultan

    I would like to check it out how its work

  25. a

    doesn’t work to n73…
    and other phones w/out wifi

  26. ann

    does it work in Nokia 5233?

  27. hey pls help will it work on 6120 pls!!

  28. sageed

    that’s coooooooooooooooooool

  29. seify

    nice !!!!!

  30. How I can completely use this application? Is there any other requirement? I want to know it if you can give a software for transferring my songs from my ipod transfer to pc?

  31. sabi

    is it work on my n73…plz tell me….I tried but it didn’t work

  32. sabi

    is it work on my nokia n73……plz tell me

  33. Awais

    Please tell me that how many of them are working in S60V3…………?

  34. Justin

    None of these can catch wifi and then funnel it to an old laptop without wifi capabilities…

    Any ideas?

    I am hoping to find a program that will allow me to use my symbian phone as a wifi dongle for my laptop.

  35. Ekhan

    i have nokia E71 mobile.I live in dubai.I want to stal the actionvoip in my mobile.I have DU connection can any body help me please.

  36. amir khan

    i need a soft, or hardwear by which i can conect internet througth wifi , in need it for nokia n73, urjunt , or ,any sujetion ,,,,,,reply me on amir2_786@yahoo.com

  37. sapan

    pls tell me abt e71 themes. which type of themes will be installed in nokia e71

  38. jeuf

    aLL files are corrUpt upon inStaLLation…

    Is there any alternate downloads?

    • you will have to extract the files with WinZIP before installing them. They are compressed files dude. Also, turn off certificate check in the application manager of your phones.

  39. I need a little help here, and I was not able to install one or all of these applications so that by and protected by a”provider”please help me.

  40. Jason

    JoikuSpot just ROCKZ,its the most usefull app for S60. If you dont like only http(surfing) then you have to buy the Premium version of JoikuSpot that works like any other HotSpots. Here is an example of what Joiku can do. Last night i was with 6 friends, we get connected to joiku spot working into a [NOKIA N95], 4 of them used this connection to play local [Rise of Nations (no lag at all)]. I was connected using the 3G Internet side of JoikuSpot playing [Age of Conan(Lag free too ^^)] the other 2 guyz was on [XGen Multiplayer flash games] playing for 2 hours (a few lag, maybe on Xgen side but not sure). This is not an application ppl, this is the FIRST SERIOUS SOFTWARE for S60.The only thing that would be nice to have is an embedded Web Interface , but i am sure its into the futured plans of devs. Go on Joiku Makers at the moment you lead the way, 19 Euros is almost free for a software like JoikuSpot.

  41. Jeanette

    You are awesome, great compilation 🙂

  42. FS Khan

    Seriously i want this application…help me with it please..i want it so badly…help me..it still said not supported

  43. FS khan

    Help me with this application…i downloaded then it come out say it is not supported.Help me reply ASAP

  44. am

    Yes same here…it said not supported.My hp is N73 but it said N73 can download this,when i did it come out say not supported.Help me Please i really want this application

  45. mayur

    i am always getting certificate error when i try to install ne of dese software….can u plz help….

  46. Lukas

    Missing: SymSMB, SymVPN, SymSync. All from Telexy Inc.

  47. brittalpona


  48. Batka

    awesome. thanks man. keep doing the right thing. make us all happy.

  49. Angel

    Its Amazing

  50. Tuhin

    fata fati (it means superb)

  51. s3d


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