20 Best Python and Accelerometer Applications

Posted April 22, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Well one gotta agree that the introduction of Python for Nokia is one of the most important technological development for your Nokia smartphones functional  extendability and plugins. Slowly, but surely Python, along with its accelerometer based scripts and easy coding language have become one of the leading language for mobile application and games development to all sort of developers. Yes it has established itself very well in the Nokia symbian smartphone community.

Today I am going to promote 20 of the best Python extensions that are currently available for free in the international software market of Nokia mobile phones or even in the Nokia OVI software store.

First and foremost to use any of the applications listed below you will have to have Python installed on your Nokia phone and you must have accelerometer capabilities. This means that you will need to install the latest version of Python, Python 1.92 which was released earlier, this version of Python has sensor support which is a necessity for some of the below mentioned Nokia applications.

You can download Python with loads of additional Widgets for PyWidgets in the Python with PyWidgets post I posted earlier some two weeks back. I have accordingly updated that post with the latest version of Python, version 1.92 and also kept the old version of the IDE for everyone’s phone 🙂

All of these are productive applications (in a way or the other) which means that Nokia softwares such as Nokia DJ or LightSaber is not included.

Nokia Python

Nokia Python

Let us begin then:

Anti Touch 2.0: One of the finest and most effective mobile application that is based on the Python operating system is Anti Touch 2.0. Anti Touch 2.0 basically lets the user to safeguard his or her mobile phone by an alarm system which is determined on the phone movement. So for e.g. if anyone wants to steal your mobile phone from the pocket or someone wants to deliberately steal it from the top of your desk when you are away it immediately triggers an alarm which can then only be switched off by a password or a predetermined set of actions.

There are several other applications like Alert Me 2.0 for example that does a similar work but Anti Touch 2.0 is by far the most customizable. Also you can now download the public beta of nAlert Me which is actually accelerometer based. Some other similar applications for the same functionality is Don’t Touch 1.

Anti Touch 2

Anti Touch 2

Rotate Me 2.0: Almost everyone of us know about Rotate Me which powers your smartphone to automatically rotate its entire screen to landscape or vertical depending on how you position the phone on your hands. An excellent, must have, super lite mobile application! Download Rotate Me, seriously you will love it and appreciate the work of the developer too damn it!!

A similar application that does the job is Landscape Pro 2.o which has an additional 90 degrees of rotation, thus making the total rotation to 270 degrees!

Rotate Me 2

Rotate Me 2

Shake Lock 2.0: One of the most handy script/widget extensions for Python is Shake Lock 2.0 which simply locks the keypad of your phone or unlocks it when you shake it in a particular way. Of course you can set which specific  set of movements locks the keypad or unlocks the keypad.

Shake Lock

Shake Lock

Frei Mini Mon: Frei Mini Mon 1 is a basic cost versus talk-time management Python plugin that will let you monitor & control the amount of talk time and SMS usage for a particular month and after a base month is established with all the total billing, total SMS sent it can compare that to the previous month and show you where actually you are standing up compared to the same day of the previous month! You can additionally see with which contact you are talking to the most, just like in an itemized bill and then maybe  even decide to change your friends and family option to that number.

Minutes Monitor

Minutes Monitor

All in One Torch: Just what the name implies and even more. The all in one Torch extension of Python lets you use your cell phone as a full fledged torch. There are two elements in this mobile application for Python, Screen Torch and Strobelight Pro.

Screen Torch simply lights up your cell phone’s display screen with the maximum amount of brightness while Strobelight Pro lights up your LED Flash of the camera. For Strobelight Pro to be active you will need a phone which has a camera and a Flash. It is quite effective and better than the rest in a sense because you can save a lot of battery power by choosing Screen Torch.

All in One Mobile Torch

All in One Mobile Torch

Bluetooth Terror with PySMS and PyRinger: With this two in one Python application for S60 3rd edition phones you will be able to send mass SMS to people for your marketing or other campaign. It also lets you perform missed calls infinitely and in an automated way to someone’s phone. This feature may come handy if you want to teach someone some well deserved lesson! Additionally I have included the Bluetooth Terror application with this extension for total fun & productivity!

PyBluetooth SMS & Ringer

PyBluetooth SMS & Ringer

Shuffle Ultimate: Shuffle Ultimate is a new application mainly developed to get creative as you being your own DJ 😉 This full-fledged multimedia track scroller is a pure gem! It can take over your default Nokia music player and by a simple tilt it can scroll up and down! Additionally Shuffle Ultimate now has direct compatibility with TTPod Player and the Video Center mobile application. It can even play tracks, export playlist from one player (like TTPOD) to the default one etc.

You can also try Rock N Scroll which also does a similar job almost and has a better interface, however Shuffle has more features (though it can be difficult for a newbie to get a complete hold of all the features provided by the latest version of Shuffle Ultimate.

Shuffle Nokia Multimedia Scroller & Player

Shuffle Nokia Multimedia Scroller & Player

Smart Sis: One of the most awaited application Smart SIS which can easily pack, extract and sign your unsigned Nokia symbian application from the inside of your Nokia phone. How cool is that? Truly an all in one end user friendly (while being immensely helpful for the lazy ones who refuses to wake up early in the morning) application.



Ani Simb: A very simple application which can easily change your Nokia smartphone’s operator logo to an animated one. AniSimb is quite basic but it surely delivers what it is supposed to deliver, straight! It is one of the most widely used add on for any kind of smartphones (Nokia or not).

Ani Simb

Ani Simb

Nokia File Explorer: A very simple and intuitive name implies the function kind of mobile software. As you can imagine, Python File Explorer lets you do everything you can do through a normal symbian (sis) file explorer with the difference being it is programmed in Python.

File Explorer for Nokia

File Explorer for Nokia

Image Designer: A very handy image editor for Nokia symbian phones, Image Designer version 2.0 is powered by Python and features several image editing functions for any kind of images (in general) like the pencil and pen too, erasers, crop/move/resize, rotate and many other from your mobile devices!

Image Designer

Image Designer

PyRecorder: PyRecorder for series 60 smartphones of Nokia features itself with the ability to record video through your mobile camera whenever you want. It currently only supports the 3gp format however I am quite confident in the future several different file formats will be expanding accordingly.

Python Video Recorder for Nokia

Python Video Recorder for Nokia

NokMote: One of the most popular application that is powered by the accelerometer and Python technology together is NokMote. It is an essential Nokia software for almost anyone who has a Nokia S60 mobile phone. NokMote works like a charm and eliminates the need of you touching the keypad ever again (well almost, it works like a WiiMote actually )



CamCuts 1.0: CamCuts version one is a “make life easier” kind of application, know what I mean? It can turn your camera functionality and turn it upside down. You can use all the extra features of your phone’s camera by pressing the single key! It is quite useful for those who have a fetish of snapping pictures wherever they land.



Speed Cam: This Python based application, when installed, can actually save you from a lot of trouble. Just like the name implies, it lets you use your Nokia GPS powered smartphone as an alerting system. It can directly compare your speed, (or someone else’s) with the allowed limit which can be easily configured by you after the install. It can also work in sync with the Nokia softwares like Nokia Maps.

S60 Speed Cam

S60 Speed Cam

Beeper: Beeper is another all in one which has many functionality and comes with loads of features. It can be quite heavy if you have low phone memory, however the functions are worth it! Beeper can be used as an alarm manager, battery monitor, program & phone launcher, SMS manager, and even as a call recorder. It can also act as a simple smartphone software which you can use to restart the phone. This mobile software really sets the standard for all other Python extensions!



Mobile Personal Assistant: A must have mobile phone software for any Nokia smartphone user. Mobile Personal Assistant will act as your personal information manager (PIM) and will let you track your SMS, manage or create calendar entries, automatically read your SMS out loud with the Text-to Speech engine, create easy SMS message templates etc and more. It is super easy to use and regular updates are also expected so anyone should give it a go!

Mobile Personal Assistant

Mobile Personal Assistant

EmTube: A multimedia player based on the accelerometer technology which lets you browse and play YouTube videos on the go and straight from your Nokia mobile phone.

You can also try the premium donor version of MobiTubia which is a similar Nokia YouTube player. Download either EmTube or MobiTubia and test them both because your phone may have different YouTube playback depending on the operating system.



Nokia Sports Tracker: Fantastic application to keep track of all your fitness issues. Really helpful for the people with the healthy mind aye! It is one of the most popular accelerometer based mobile software from Nokia themselves.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker

Flip Silent: A simple accelerometer based software for Nokia which does a similar job like Shut Up, but the difference is that you have flip the phone to go on silent mode. This is an excellent example of an efficient extension!

Flip Silent

Flip Silent

Other Honorable Mentions:

  1. Hand Toolz: An all in one accelerometer bonanza for Nokia S60 mobile devices. It includes lots of funny applications in one installer only.
  2. SMS Scheduler: The name describes all its features and it sure is a good application to be installed on your phone if you deal with a lot of SMS.
  3. Mp3 Editor: A simple mp3 editor for your MP3 files on the phone. Cut, paste and save!
  4. Nokia Menu Transitions: With this extension of Python for Symbian you will be able to implement animated S60 version 5 like menu on your Nokia S60 FP2 or FP3 devices.
  5. SPY Player: A simple, lightweight online Last.FM player for your phone.
  6. GNU Box Lan for 3rd edition: A highly convenient Nokia internet profile and connection builder for S60 devices. With this application you can create access points and configure wireless LAN from the phone without the need of a laptop.
  7. Spy Calculator: Yet another calculator for Nokia but this one is based on Python.
  8. Car Inclinometer: A simple accelerometer based application which can be quite useful when you are driving your car. It lets you detect car inclination against the ground.
  9. PyNetMonitor: An information extractor for your phone. It can display multiple info about your BTS Tower, GPS Position, Bluetooth etc.
  10. Nokia Font Changer: As you can imagine, Python based Font Manager for Nokia can change your default font to a custom one with the press of a few buttons. It is quite handy for people who likes the text size big on the phone screen.
  11. Shake SMS: Read your incoming SMS whenever you like it by simply shaking it when it arrives.
  12. Nii Me Wheel 3D: A desktop/laptop mouse wheel one might say. Still not the final version, but its worth it.
  13. Smart Calculator: A python based lightweight application for mobile which can be used as a calculator.
  14. WordClient: A dream come true for bloggers like me who has a Nokia phone. WordClient is a WordPress blog Posting and management client for Nokia made by Python.
  15. I am Doing: A very small Python based application for S60 which can post twits and pics from your Python supported Nokia phone.
  16. Battery Voice: A cool application for any Python supported smartphone. This application speaks out the remaining time of your phone’s battery power the moment it loses any one of the bar from the battery meter of your phone.

Simply click on the application name to download the file you want. But before doing so make sure you have accelerometer and Python installed on your phone. Also please subscribe to the RSS Feed before downloading the application and also tell your friends about the site!

Most of these applications are supported by Nokia 3rd and 5th edition mobile phones that have accelerometer support built in like the Nokia N95, N96, N81, N82, N85, N95 8gb, N97, N86, N79, N78, 6120, N73, 5800 Xpress Music, E61, E66, E71, etc and many others from the Nokia N-Series or E-Series family.

If I missed anything then please let  me know in the comments section and also provide the reason you think it should be included as the best one in its class 😉

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  27. Hello friends and commentators! Greetings!

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    This is because of 3 reasons:

    1) Your Nokia does not have Python installation and the primary component is missing, (Install the latest version and take care of this issue yourself)

    2) Extension not supported by your phone, (Install Handy Zip with Rar Extension to extract them straight on your cell phone, otherwise please download the applications mentioned above on the pc/laptop, then extract them and transfer extracted files to your phone. This will take care of this issue)

    3) Some applications return the errors that the certificate has expired. (Simply change your phones date to 2007 and install the files to take care of this issue. After installation is completed feel free to fix the time OR please take a look at the Tutorials section of the blog to sign them yourselves and this should solve it permanently and for many other Nokia symbian applications)

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