11 Super Nokia Call, SMS and Management Tools

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Getting too many prank calls on your spanking new Nokia phone? Want to get rid of them permanently and your telecoms operator is not helping you in any way? Simply want to record incoming calls for future needs? Or maybe you are just in need of a quick enhancement to divert or bar all your calls temporarily because you are to attend an urgent meeting?

If your situation is something similar to any one of the above then you are seriously in luck today with this exciting post of the 11 greatest, latest and hottest call security management applications for Series 60 Nokia symbian phones.

Life is never easy for a mobile phone user like you and me and to make it more complicated there are people who want to confuse and bug us by hiding their caller ID or simply by just not caring about the term decency. This itself is the leading cause for some people in the society not subscribing to mobile phone services for their family.

Time for us to take preventive measures so that we can take care of these privacy and security problems ourselves without any hassle at all. And the way we are going to do that are by using one or multiple number of Nokia call management applications from the below:

11 Best Nokia Call Recorders

11 Best Nokia Call Recorders

Handy Blacklist: Handy Blacklist 3.0 by Epocware for S60 Nokia symbian phones already have established themselves as a user’s best friend when it comes to privacy and security in Nokia phones. It has already seen huge success with the earlier versions of Series 60 smartphones like Nokia 6600, the legendary Nokia N70, 6680 etc. among many others.

Handy Blacklist for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.5 etc have a built in blacklist feature where you can define a series of numbers or contacts whose incoming calls will never be received by your phone. It will cut off the call without even your ringtone has started ringing!!

Interactive Voice Call Master: Mobisophy Interactive Voice Call Master is another fine all in one call manager which does not only deny or receive calls but can forward or divert calls with and without SMS, record incoming and outgoing calls automatically, play a predefined recording much like a mobile answering machine with professional and personal IVR support. It can automatically start itself when you specify a dedicated user profile.

The call recorder that comes with this fine app offers you recording with absolutely NO-BEEP making it completely discreet. This is a great solution for any Nokia 3rd and 5th edition smartphone user who is also a gadget freak or a busy corporate guy looking to stay one step ahead by taking advantages of what the latest mobile technologies have to offer.

Killer Mobile BlackBaller: Killer Mobile Blackballer is an end user friendly mobile app which primarily acts as a complete anti spam application with call and SMS filtering support for symbian and windows mobile users. With its fantastic lightweight Blacklist and Whitelist support all you have to do is assign the cellular number you will like to block on the Blacklist (similarly accept numbers only on the white list if you prefer that) and you are good to go.

It will auto start itself every time you restart the phone and consumes much less memory than any other similar mobile call managers in the market. You can also assign the duration you want to block the number for (e.g. 1 day, 7 days, permanently etc) and Killer Mobile Blackballer will filter/block all incoming calls, SMS and MMS from that specific number.

SkyeStream SkyeSpy + SkyeCaller Pro II:  SkyeCaller Pro with SkyeSpy is all that you need to record, alert and manage any kind of audio calls on the fly. Additionally SkyeCaller Pro offers enhancements like ring tones management, different video ringtones (and both audio & full screen image) playback during incoming calls and SMS. For the function of full picture display on the entire phone screen when a call is made or received on your phone you can also take a look at Full Screen Player (popularly known as FS Caller) or SkyeTones.

SkyeSpy on the other hand is actually a audio recorder and detector which can be used remotely. It can detect and spy on different types of environmental phone audio and notify you by making a call or sending a SMS remotely. All you have to do is pair it with the actual device you want to spy on or monitor then set the threshold of sound (loudness of the sound) that should be detected for SkyeSpy to be activated. This audio based surveillance mobile software does offer plenty of other advanced option so feel free to experiment on.

However, the hottest feature of SkyeSpy is that when it detects that level of sound activity it will secretly call you from that device and notify you. If you instantly call back on that phone then it will pick up your call secretly and listen to what they are talking about in real time. Sounds like a James Bond kinda application doesn’t it?

SymbianOn Private Call and SMS Manager: One of the most feature rich mobile call management Nokia software is Private Call & SMS Manager or Guard by SymbianOn. We have already featured this in a previous post here on my blog but still for the sake of this list I am again doing a small overview. It has a wide variety of features like a super fast automated call rejection or answering, automatic SMS deletion, auto SMS and incoming caller number hiding with a notification ‘blipper’, a friendly NO – BEEP call recording etc. The ultra fast detection level of any calls or SMS which is in its “baby-list” without letting it ring makes it so much better than all other similar mobile apps.

It also features a file explorer with a password protected admin area from where you can additionally hide and secure any file or file extension types from the memory card and read or check hidden SMS and hidden call list. It truly offers some of the finest features on any 3rd edition Nokia phones bundled together.

Webgate Advanced Call Manager: Advanced Call Manager actually won the Handango & UIQ awards for the best new application for 2007 so you easily guess how good it really is. One of the earliest Nokia symbian S60 software to establish themselves as the leading mobile application for call management and diversion, Webgate Advanced Call Manager offers a very efficient detection level for recognizing blacklisted buggy mobile phone numbers. You can also give Webgate Advanced Call Blocker a go if your requirement is only the call blocking feature and not diversion, sms management etc.

It supports both 3rd edition and 5th edition Nokia touch devices like the N95 and 5700 Xpress Music. It also supports Nokia N85, N81, N95 8gb, N73, N80, E71, E66, N82, N78 etc.

Ultimate Portable Ultimate Voice Recorder: I have already dedicated an entire post on Ultimate Portable Voice Recorder in the past. If you haven’t checked that post out then you can check it now to know all about this mobile app. Ultimate Portable Voice Call Recorder is another “beep-less” voice call recorder for Series 60 symbian phones. It offers a recording list through which any call from any number can be easily recorded. You can send clips on the fly through MMS, bluetooth etc and even specify the app to stop recording when the file size hits the 100KB size. You can also password protect all recordings automatically and be certain of added security and privacy on your personal recordings.

Ultimate Voice Recorder offers AMR recordings which can be quite a bit of space saver and help you carry around sufficient recordings in a small space. That’s why, if you are using a memory card with very limited space and only want the simplicity of a call recorder then this application is for you. Another great feature of Ultimate Voice Recorder is its highly customizable dedicated recording keys for manual call recording from any number.

Xelnex Lite: Xelnex Lite is one of the most underrated voice call recorder in the world of Nokia. I love it and I think that you will too because of its excellent user interface and easiness. Check out my personal review of Xelnex Lite here on Chaos Inc. It offers instant recording, with and without beep which you have the power to control! You can auto record incoming and outgoing calls as AMR, Mp3 and WAV without much messing around with the settings. Install it and it keeps on recording.

MumCode MumSMS + Plus: MumCode MumSMS + was a massively popular software for the earlier generations of Nokia S60 smartphones OS 7 and OS8. However it was not until very recently that MumSMS + was developed for the S60 OS 9.1, OS9.2, OS9.5 symbian platforms. Unlike the mobile applications mentioned above, MumSMS + is an all in one solution for the management of privacy and security matters for any SMS, it does not support call hiding.

MumSMS + offers auto and manual SMS password protection, SMS hiding, new message notification, auto scanning and secured synchronization of all sms with the network. It works real well as this new version of MumSMS + has a friendly User Interface.

Killer Mobile Total Recall: Total Recall 3.0 is a dedicated Nokia symbian 3rd edition software which functions as a mobile call recorder and answering machine. It supports both AMR and WAV audio format and has absolutely  “no-beep” built in from the very beginning.

Sending recorded call clips on the fly is very easy through Total Recall as it supports E-mail, HTTP and MMS. Being lightweight in terms of phone memory consumption Total Recall can easily become your favorite call recording Nokia application after you give it a shot once because it totally delivers what it promises.

Best Call Cheater:  Best Call Cheater is not really a call recording app or a SMS  manager. Best Call Cheater actually can be a lifesaver by letting you play fake yet unique life-like enviromental sounds in the background when you are making or receiving a call on your mobile. The person on the other end of the call for whom Call Cheater is activated will hear your voice with a sound of your choice.

It can be quite useful in bad situations like for e.g. you are very late for a meeting already and haven’t yet gotten out of bed when your boss calls asking you where you are. Since you are at home and not on your way to work you cannot simply lie and tell him that you are stuck in a traffic jam as he certainly will understand that you are lying. Call Cheater can save you by playing prerecorded traffic sounds while you are talking to him letting you save your ass by telling him that you have already started but stuck in a jam. He will have no clue about it you know as Call Cheater blends your voice and the recorded voice extremely well and naturally.

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Feel free to let me know of your personal opinion and feedback regarding this post through the comments section. If you know of any other similar or better Nokia call managers or security apps then feel free to let me know.

All the Nokia symbian applications are compatible with Nokia N91, N85, N80, N95, N96, N95 8gb, N96, N97, N93, N73, N76, N82, N81, 5700, 5500 and 5800 Xpress Music, E90, E71, E51, E60, E66, E76, E75, E62, 6121, 6120 and others from the S60 N-Series and E-Series. They also work with 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and N97 Mini, X6, X3 and other S60V5 (5th edition) smartphones.

If you are actually looking to safeguard your personal phone data or even the phone itself from being stolen, then this is NOT the post for you! For mobile anti-theft purpose I will strongly recommend you to take a look at Guardian Platinum for Mobile. Guardian is an intelligent application which is specifically made to protect your phone contents from being stolen through SMS & other means.


Last Updated: 6th January 2010

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