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Posted September 4, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

Only recently Nokia finally unveiled the brand new Maemo powered Nokia N900 Mobile Computer and Internet Tablet and this device  taken the world of mobile computer devices and smartphones/cell phones by a storm. In the time period when potential customers are already in awe with all the jam-packed features and beauty of the recently launched Nokia N97 Symbian Smartphone device, the Nokia N900 have knocked everyone out off their feet (literally!).

Let me honestly tell you my cut on this device:

After reading through all the technical details and looking at the Nokia N900 videos, many N900 images and reading through other posts for hours after hours, I am simply stunned! I really feel astonished and I am totally convinced that Nokia N900 is “The Beast” that will change the cell phones and smartphones trend completely! This beast of an internet tablet which is nicely dressed to appear as an expensive smartphone will be the one of the few phones that people will probably never forget about in the far future.

Why is the Nokia N900 device so damn impressive?

The answer is simple and straightforward to be honest. It brings all the features of any other Nokia phone, smartphone or tablet pc from the past and then multiplies it by 100 times, and that is just the beginning. Innovation is what the Nokia N900 brings with the package and it is no surprise that N900 is being so talked about and famous already after a mere 5 days of official announcement. It blows the Nokia N97 (or any other PDA/smartphone) away in terms of feature, specification, hardware and software and can even replace some of the more high end Netbooks.

Features of Nokia N900:

Boasting with the powerful Linux based open source operating system Maemo version 5.0 instead of the Symbian OS lets the Nokia N900 bring several new features that are truly fucking great and it is a welcoming change for any average Nokia Symbian devices user.

Comes with a full fledged Maemo internet browser that is based on the Mozilla browser engine letting you experience the web without alteration of pretty much anything from the site. The latest version of Adobe Flash 9.4 is also included!!

Ability to drag and drop multiple desktop widgets from the main menu and create multiple types of flexible desktop set up templates.

Copy and paste images, files, texts etc from one window to the other. The Touch UI lets you select part of a text as well as the whole of it.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Yes, tapping is what Nokia N900 is all about. Tapping long will show the list of open windows, call logs, documents, functions on a tab based interface. Animated menus and transparency makes multitasking not only efficient but only adds the hint of fun.

Social networking through Facebook, Twitter, OVI etc. are integrated within Nokia N900 by default. No more small screen versions of your favorite Web 2.0 networks, chat windows and Webmail Inbox.

Desktop integration within this smartphone sized mobile computer is nicely ensured with the ability of  running Ajax, Flash, Real Media etc anywhere within the Nokia N900.

So you want to share images and location information with your friends and family members? Nokia N900 makes that a breeze with its ability to geotag images, share GPS locations and much.. much.. much… more!

There are many exciting and high end technical stuff that the N900 mobile computer brings with it. Some of the more aspiring technical specifications of the Nokia N900 mobile computer are mentioned below.

Featured Tech Specs:

Excellent high end display resolution of 800×480 pixels with a 3.5 inch screen for better viewing of the phone

Comes with a side Slide Out comfortable QWERTY keyboard and also supports touchscreen or Touch UI QWERTY and Number pads.

Comes with PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 3D accelerator engine which ensures high end rendering and graphics.

The core processing unit (CPU) is also a powerful one in its class, the ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, by TI OMAP.

This quad band GSM WCDMA device weighs181 grams and has a physical dimension of 110.9 × 59.8 × 18 millimeters.

Beautifully designed and engineered making it elegantly compact, beautiful and strong.

A 2584 × 1938 pixels based 5 Mega Pixels Carl Zeiss camera with Dual Led Flash for optimum digital photography and stunning 16:9 WVGA DVD quality widescreen video.

High speed 3G, HSDPA, WLAN, WiFi for wireless broadband internet connectivity. Regular WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS and WAP based internet connectivity are also supported.

Built in Assisted GPS and standard GPS with a dedicated OVI Maps integration and automatic Geo tagging features.

TV Out, Bluetooth, 3.5mm Audio Jack Inputs, Stylus, USB 2.0 are some of the means of connectivity and data transfers.

Powered with a built in Stereo FM Radio, Microphone and a stereo loudspeaker.

Nokia N900 supports a wide range audio and video file types including Flash, MPEG, Mp3, FLV, Mp4, RM, etc.

Comes with a built in 32GB of internal phone memory limit and supports an additional 16 GB of Micro SD memory stick making the total memory size limit hit 48 GB.

Comes with a handful of new mobile apps loaded in it which includes the new version of OVI Maps Beta, a ‘socialized’ version of Nokia Messaging, Skype etc.

This side-slider includes a powerful battery which provides you with over 9 hours of constant talktime and over one day of online browsing experience.

As you can see that the Nokia N900 is a monster of a smartphone and blows almost all the other phones from the N-Series and E-Series family look pale in terms of performance and hardware.

Nokia N900 Images:

Let’s take a look at some great pictures of this beautiful device because this phone has true beauty written on all over it which needs the attentions! Plus, you know what they say, “Pictures speak a thousand words” so start viewing and be amazed!

N900 Phone Pictures:



N900 Front View

N900 Front View

N900 Keyboard

N900 Keyboard

N900 Nokia Messaging

N900 Nokia Messaging

N900 Backside with camera cover

N900 Backside with camera cover

N900 front display

N900 front display

N900 More Images:

Landscape n Portrait

Landscape n Portrait

Vertical View of N900

Vertical View of N900

N900 Accessories Stand

N900 Accessories Stand

Stereo Headphones

Stereo Headphones

N900 Close Up Pic

N900 Close Up Pic

Maemo OS 5 = Multitasking!

Maemo OS 5 = Multitasking!

Nokia N900 Accessories

Nokia N900 Accessories

Carl Zeiss Lens with Flash

Carl Zeiss Lens with Flash

Build Dimension

Build Dimension

Menu Transparency in Video

Menu Transparency in Video

Nokia N900 Videos, Promo and Hands On:

Download the complete tech specification and the N900 product datasheet below:

N900 Specifications and Datasheet

N900 Full Spec and Datasheet

Price of the Nokia N900 Mobile Computer:

The Nokia N900 price tag is simply a great bit of good value for money when compared to the Nokia N97 (or similar devices of other brands) or the N97 Mini, the Nokia N900 is simply outstanding. It was previously anticipated by many bloggers that “AT&T Wireless” will distribute the locked or exclusive version of the tablet in the US, however it is confirmed now that the N900 will only be sold as an unlocked device in the market. It will also be available in the Nokia flagship stores all around the US.

The local price of the unlocked Nokia N900 for some of the countries are:

  1. $713 in the United States (unlocked version)
  2. £440 in the United Kingdom (unlocked version)
  3. $800 in Canada
  4. €500 in all of Europe except the UK (all countries with its trading currency Euro)
  5. $875 in Australia
  6. Rs. 36000 in India
  7. BDT 50,000 in Bangladesh.

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Lastly, there are some other devices including a Netbook (Nokia Booklet 3G) that have also been officially introduced by Nokia beside the N900 at the Nokia World 2009 event. Additionally Nokia have introduced a new product line called the Nokia X-Series which now officially starts off with its first 2 members: the Nokia X3 and Nokia X6. There is a new navigation version of 5800 XpressMusic with a new member in its line as well, the Nokia 5230. The Nokia N97 mini version have also been announced.

From X-Series: X3 and X6. Also check out the N97 Mini!

From X-Series: X3 and X6. Also check out the N97 Mini!

Nokia Booklet 3G Mobile Computer

Nokia Booklet 3G Mobile Computer

FYI, I will keenly follow up with all the in-depth details of both the Nokia X-Series smartphones and the new “Nokia Booklet 3G” mini-laptop and let you all know. The 3G Booklet looks beautiful from the outside, runs on Windows 7, powered by the Intel ATOM processor and the hardware specs sounds good too.Except the pesky glare on the LCD screen, I love it!!!!

If you want to tip me with news and info regarding these newly launched devices from the Nokia World then please shoot me a comment in this post and I will get back to you asap.

Cheerios Nokiaholics!

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  1. rossel reyes

    i have n900 .. it only cost 7500 .. juct contact me @ 09487584206

  2. savad

    i have n900.10 month old …gonna sell this only rs 10000…..any one want to this ..please contact me..9562278126

  3. Please said me computer mobile price

  4. logan

    great phone. a little thicker than i’d like. processor is faster though than my old unlocked touch screen phones. simple to use, texting and web browsing is good. my partner loves it for the gps and the wifi and my family loves their unlocked at&t phones for the facebook and games. speaker is really loud and it hooks up to my computer simply. also the camera and recorder are great. got our last couple unlocked cheap phones at 2 thumbs way up

  5. Nokia N900 mobile is a power packed mobile with the list of so many features. It is a business phone, but you can use it for the personal use.

  6. Rishi

    This phone seems really great. I should try it. But if it is combined with n8 it will become really awesome. What I want as a perfect phone for me will be the one with touch ui, more than great camera(with xenon flash, optical zoom, IR for night vision, true HD video capture), a full QWERTY keyboard and great computing power with high quality 3D graphic capabilities. Now that won’t cost less than Rs.50000 in India, so I should better only dream about it! For now my n73 is more than enough for me, but soon I may need to upgrade to n900.

  7. oh how I worship that phone! I wish it wasn’t that expensive(

  8. rachit sharma

    i was purches nokia n900 but i dont no ki how to open sms in sent item ???

    so plz give me a good reply….

  9. logan

    well i like the phone, good review. it’s a little thick though, i feel like i’m not holding a phone more like a small brick. also the touch screen seems quite a bit smaller than i hoped. anyways the processor is better! camera is sharper, battery life is nice, i like the camera and video recorder. i think probably my second favorite unlocked cell phones of the year. it’s good for business because the email is good and the internet browser is good, the gps helps me get around. got my couple unlocked phones at and me and my partner are pretty happy. 2 thumbs way up

  10. Mumit

    So expensive. Not possible to buy for young boys and girls.

  11. Mumit

    Its not possible to buy at Tk.50,000 for the young boys and girls in Bangladesh. And i think your target customers are young generation at first. But your price level shows for Businessman.
    So sad… become hopeless.

  12. bshetty

    Real techie’s phone on the planet…

  13. Ben Ooi

    How much th emarket price currently in malaysia.
    Anyone have idea?

  14. demi

    the n900 has got to be the worst phone i have ever had, always breaks its slow and totally unreliable !!!

    • you will be a worst man.
      the phone is great.
      it is the bestest phone ever ok you fuck

    • hey..!! u must b having virus or sm trojen in ur fone ..datz y .~ and this is d best fone..!! nokia ever produced..!! if u think dis fone suckz den go and use nokia 3310..

      • 999

        Hi Sohil,

        Mayb you cud help me…i too hav dis fon n i lyk it…but i do hav some prbs with it..

        1) FMMS – i did install dis software that helps to send mms..but it asks me for configuring the setting or something.i have no idea what to do about you??

        2) Isn’t video calling possible in this fone???How do you do that??

        Plss help…..

        THANKS a Lot..!!!

      • danish

        ok if u want to sell it so contact me on 9502688984

  15. wasim

    good and hot phone

  16. Ak

    on earth hour day kuala lumpur launched my long awaited gadget! AND i gave birth to my baby girl!!!….guess what present hubby came in the ward? woo hoo….one of the first 300!!!what a great blessed day….lol…

  17. jad

    i got that perfect computer phone but how can i send the music by bloutooth

  18. sms

    I really agree with you about the features of this phone. This Nokia N900 comes with Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology, high quality digital camera and integrated A-gps. these facilities makes our life so easier. Instead of purchasing different devices for variable purpose. This fulfills all the needs in a single computer phone.

  19. Rod

    I have a N900 and it is perfect. Simply perfect. And about the size, it is smaller than a N97… so there are no drawbacks, it is AWESOME.

  20. george

    i got this phone a few days ago and its brilliant! best phone iv had or came across!

  21. sg

    ohhhhh…i fall in love with the phone like a new girl, i jst hope i will not dream of it( i knw i will)
    pls what is d price in Malaysia? really nid dis phone so badly, cant wait to get one.

  22. Ant

    is it true n900 doesnt support mms?

    • JP

      Yes. This is entirely true. There are a lot of web sites that will also echo this. You will also notice from the technical spec that MMS is not llsted.

  23. Rula Hamideh


    I am in love with this phone i’ve been waiting for such one long long time ago… I am from Amman – Jordan and still not got this one in market… can anybody tells me when it will be published in Amman and what is the price, i hope it is not going to be very expensive, I really really need to buy one…

  24. Is nice phone, but is too big, 180grams that thing can’t be put in the pant pocker. sure you can put this in the belt but isn’t idea.

  25. akashdeep saigal

    dude i got a brand new n900 on my birthday and i stop using my laptop from then.belive me its a atom bomb just u hold the phone in u palm its feels like my loptop have become smaller in size and more powerfull and i feel that i have something which can not expressed the great thing is that nokia has improved the display quality .it can play youtube videos exactly as they were on computer and it was a nice to see nokia is is just a begining as nokia said.

  26. Julius

    For some reason, a certain ‘old’ commercial slang from a ‘sister’ company came to mind when I saw the N900: I dreamt it, Nokia made it. This device is dangerously close close to what I think a handpal should be. Go, Nokia, you did it !!

  27. shahputra

    Wow, this n900 is so amazing…. i’m really happy… but i still dont know are these model arrive in Malaysia yet? I want to buy it…. Forget N97…. N900 is much better i think…..

    • Ak

      was about to get the N97 myself…but looked thru the international website and found out about this one. yep…Nokia certainly kept quiet about it. Think it will make an “explosion”, thats the impact… I am predicting anyway…in Asia…went to a Nokia shop in KLCC Malaysians……psst…its coming out in Jan…so wait for it!

  28. mahmoud

    plz any bady tell me how i know the price of all nokia phone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. brett

    thanx 4 the great review.
    i was about 2 buy the n97 till i read yr review.
    cant wait 4 it

  30. Hi,

    It is very light in weight. You will be amazed by the amazing touch screen. The video quality is just average. The music player is one best thing, sound quality is very satisfying. Overall the combination of this images awesome. I am already using the Nokia N75 unlocked by MOBILE UNLOCKER. That’s it.

  31. Nokia N900 fan

    This Nokia has all the features I evr wanted on a smartphone and more. Actually at first I planned to buy me the N97 tomorrow and out of curiousity was looking to find about similar devices when I found this post.U guys rock!

    • Yeah man, I think that is a good idea as well, buying a Nokia N97 right now will not be the best decision in my honest opinion. The Nokia N900 will be out sometime within the end of next month and costs the same (more or less) amount of money as a Nokia N97 does but is much more powerful than the N97 🙂

      I am glad that my review was of much use to you. Cheers and thanks for the comment!

  32. i like this phone! I would replace my iphone with this.. if only they made it a bit thinner.. but that’s just me.

  33. ravaelneo

    thanks for the review man….. cant hardly wait to feel new expirience with brand new n900, and one more thing, dont forget about keep post all application that related with n 900.thanks chaos !!

  34. R'hastus Khal

    This is truly one of the best ever made by Nokia. Truly the only one capable of throwing the IPhone off the great Throne of best working and most feature packed. And it is cheaper, though.

    BUT there is one thing I don’t like about the phone. It’s not the phone itself, it’s how Nokia kept quiet. I just bought 5800 XM in April, I would have waited for this if anyone had known it were to be coming… but Nokia kept quiet.
    For me its not that important, I’m quite satisfied, only thing about 5800 is, that it hasn’t got widget functions on start screen like N97. But N97 buyers must be annoyed, that they bought it, when a much better one with comparable price coming out so short afterwards…

    If Nokia does this twice, I’d think they’ll sooner or later loose folks!

  35. Magnum

    This phone is simply terrific, best one from Nokia ever. Great review buddy.

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