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Posted August 26, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

What’s new that is popping up in the world of Nokia? Yes it is the Nokia N85 S60 Symbian OS 9.3 smartphone, a review and the phone details of this amazing soon to be Nokia N95 “replacement”.

The new Nokia N85 smartphone is the newest addition in the Nokia portfolio of N-Series Symbian 240×320 pixeled  OS 9.3 devices. A sneak review of the Nokia N85 tells me that this dual slider will surely be the phone that will take over the market of the N95 and even the N96 fans. What makes Nokia N85 a real gem is the fact that it has an OLED display which supports up to 16 million colors and provides QVGA videos. At last N85 has the micro usb charging mode which was a much needed feature and Nokia should have introduced this long back, anyway you know what they say… better late than never.

An N-Gage friendly smart phone, the Nokia N85 have several features in its arsenal for sure. If you are from North America or the United States then with its tri band WCDMA built in receptor the Nokia N85 will support all the major WCDMA reception including the 800 Mhz, the widely used 1900 Mhz and the 2100 Mhz. Additionally it supports the GSM based reception of 1800 Mhz which is widely used around Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Also for all you Aussies mate, well, it supports all the 850 Mhz, 900 Mhz, and 1900Mhz band.

This means that with this in your hand you will be totally free if you are using AT&T Wireless, Vodafone, Telstra, Rogers Wireless and any other next generation gsm based 3G internet providers or network carriers. T-Mobile, Cingular or Verizon Wireless might not be the best network if you are using the N85 because of the EDGE connectivity only. Of course it has UMTS, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE, WAP compatibility, what else can you expect anyway! All major carriers like Airtel, Virgin Mobile, Hutch, Digi, Orange Mobile UK etc are supported as well.

Some Demo and Promos:


N85 Front

N85 phone Nokia

N85 Backside


N85 Memory Card Slot

Nokia N85

N85 Memory Card Slot 2


N85 Volume Keys & Speaker


N85 Video Recorder

Nokia N85 Review

N85 Hand to Devices Ratio

Nokia N85

N85 Front Panel


N85 Slide Keypads

N85 side

Nokia N85 Close-up

N85 phone

Nokia N85 Carl Zeiss Camera & Lens


Nokia N85 N-Gage 2.0 Gaming

N85 Nokia Symbian Phone Review

Nokia N85 N-Series Device

For its phenomenal high end Carl Zeiss based 5 mega pixel Nokia have introduced the slider I guess, thus keeping the lens clean and scratch free at all times which otherwise would have been the case if they were using the kick stand in this one also. As you would expect for such a high end handset, it supports auto focus and there is a dual LED flash to support the high 5 megapixel camera which makes N85 a perfect camera phone also. In low light conditions the video light turns itself on which is vital for capturing video on a cloudy day or deep into the night. The overall casing and the texture is really very robust overall and it seems that Nokia have taken good care this time to prevent fingertip marks on the phone’s body.

It supports both Wi-Fi and A2DP based bluetooth connectivity. The quality of the A2DP entirely depends on your headphones, if its stereo or mono really does not matter because N85 supports both of them. Glide it down and the smooth keypad exposes itself from the underneath and overall the keys are quite smooth. So, if you are a hardcore mobile game player or like to chat over in mobile instant messengers and chatrooms then this will ensure that your fingers don’t get strain even after an hour of constant chatting. It comes with micro SD memory card slot which supports up to around 8GB of space and guess what… Nokia provides an 8gb of memory card within the package.

It also have the standard music player and FM radio built in so you can easily use it as a music edition phone without being left out from the music freaks like me. Not only that the Nokia N85 is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack port so that you can easily plug and play videos and audios regardless wherever you are. The N-Series 3rd edition OS 9.3 based Nokia N85 is also providing you 70 mb of internal phone based memory which should be enough to install your favorite mobile applications easily and use it to your advantage efficiently. It also comes with a GPS receiver which is nowadays a standard for S60 smartphones and devices I’ll say. Weighed around 4.5 oz this phone have the following specs in its physical size: 4? x 1.9? by .6? which is quite light weight and not bulky at all.

The Nokia N85 is priced at around 665 USD before tax and interest premiums. Yes it is a pricey phone but yes, its worth the price totally. It can be the new Nokia N95 and N96 replacement in the near future for sure. Time will tell I guess. Cheers and please subscribe to the feed for free if you want to support my reviews and themes and everything else in this blog. Adios!

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  1. jade smith

    The phone needs to improve on its call quality and performance. If you can afford the $779 price tag, let me tell you that this is one of the best phones I have ever laid my hands on. Also when you are buying this phone, make sure you ask for Nokia N94-4. The 4 in the model number relates to 3G capabilities. There are several versions on this phone and you might get the wrong one accidentally.

  2. noonu

    I recently bought an N85 after reading lots of reviews in many sites, both good and bad comments were there, the mostly mentioned (bad) comments were in the physical review. Fortunately no problem in my phone physically. The music player was showing some error occasionally hence I decided to restore factory setting. I did and while customizing I found out that I am unable to create new profile. I returned that phone and bought another N85…. unfortulately its the same… CANT CREATE PROFILE AFTER RESTORING THE FACTORY SETTING!!!

    • Ayman

      I’m facing the same problem as well as a problem in the backlight of the Numeric keypad which lights up occasionally and most of the times doesn’t!!

      I think this is a problem in the most recent software version 30.019, I advise u to wait till the new software comes out to fix this problem..

      Ayman from Egypt…

  3. jing

    i recently bought n85 and im really amazed. i suggest you get one. its very affordable. has wifi, 5 mega pix, crsystal clear screen, easy to use… etc…
    im very very very happy with this fone. thanks nokia….

  4. girlgenius

    hey does the n85 have wi-fi on it? im in USA and if i buy it unlocked can i get wi-fi on it? and also i have an xperia (sony ericsson) right now so im debating on selling it because i paid $1000 for it unlocked in black and its slow and it lags and freezes so i was just looking for a replacement, do u htink this would be it?
    thanks 🙂

  5. John Ho

    Does N85 has shortcut key for voice recorder during phonecall? it’s important to those ppl need to record the important information. thx

  6. hot4love

    Great phone!! Especially the camera and the oled screen.Fantastic job Nokia!!!

  7. I am not sure about this one…I think I might wait for the Nokia N97 to come out

  8. Triple S

    I think the N85 is great and im looking forward to buy one SOON and i cant wait !!!

    Although i have some notes relating it:
    1- The USB charger is really coool but at the same time its really big and its not travel compatible

    2- I think that a phone like this should have had Xenon Flash but then again if Nokia had done that it would have been close to the ULTIMATE PHONE

    And i do have some guestions:

    1- Do the FP2 theme effects work on all themes or is that something special with nokia themes?

    2- Does the BH-501 work with this phone or not coz according to Nokia’s compatibility list it doesnt :S:S

    3- How long does the camera take to open and how long does the phone take to process the photo? and dooes the Geotagging option affect the process’s speed

    4- Does the accelerometer work on standby to rotate the UI to horizontal?

    5- Are there any Games that use the Accelerometer like the Apple IPhone games?

    6- do the zoom buttons on the multimedia slide work with the Camera for zooming in and out

    Sorry for all the questions and i hope i get a reply !

    P.S : This website rocks and ive been using it for over 2 years now…KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP !!

  9. Mukul Vyas

    its awsomw…i recently purchased…WLAN works very nicely…n i like its naviwheel also

  10. victor

    I own my N85 for almost a month.
    More than happy with the phone.
    Battery life is excellent, even if you are working with the phone for half a day continuously (the N95 lets you down after 1 day and requires a recharge).
    Display is nice and clear.
    Functions are great, Wlan quite handy and sensitive to most networks of my neighbours (!)

  11. drrks

    Why did they leave out Xenon flash in these otherwise sterling specs. I think I will stick with my N82. Love the Pictures and rest of the specs are the same except the OLED screen and I already have a 8Gb MiscroSD card.

  12. I think Nokia n85 is better than nokia n96.
    N85 have a faster cpu and a OLED display

  13. TaranQ

    I guess I will stick with my E51 as it seems that the built in VOIP client on the N85 has been removed!!!!!!!

  14. rosie

    hi. im thinkin of gettin this N85, but is a lil apprehensive when the review states that its not gonna work on t-mobile, because of its generic connection, EDGE. does this mean it couldnt work the gps installed in the phone? kindly advice. thanks appreciate it.

  15. wil

    Dose anyone know how to bring the Kickstand

  16. TaranQ

    Don’t quit get it here?? Get e-mails about new responses which are already in the email but whenever I get to this page there are only 6 comments??
    Am I missing out on something?

  17. Omrico

    there’s something i didnt understand – is the n85 better than the n96?
    it sounds like the phones are pretty much the same.

  18. Syed Muheeb

    I was planning to buy a BEST QUALITY phone in Nokia N Series. I found Nokia N85 in nseries site. I have compared Nokia N85 with atleast 40 different phones from Nokia Nseries, Samsung, Sony, LG etc.,, I found that this is the BEST IN CLASS. It has all features that a phone should have. Most important feature is it has AWESOME Color AM OLED which none of today

  19. @TaranQ – Neither can I man… it looks like a real gem!! Omnia is a good phone indeed, stylish…. but N85 is much better in terms of performance and robustness. HTC is quite good, however if you want compatibility everywhere in terms with laptop or desktop or other devices as well, No one can beat Nokia!

    @Nokia N85 Fan – Indeed! I absolutely agree with that. Love the screen and the brightness of the phone.

    @Crazoid Zone – Couldnt agree more Crazoid!! Well done Nokia indeed!!

  20. TaranQ

    Still waiting for the N85 to show up in the stores but today I got latest news on HTC Touch HD and LG-KC910 …..Would Nokia N85 still be better choice … HTC seems to rock as well.

  21. Crazoid Zone

    Jst fantastic . . . .
    i mch mch mch btr dn Iphones N samsungs . . .
    It jst rocks, d speed is jst zooooom . . . .
    fantastic work Nokia . . .

  22. The Nokia N85 rocks, massive 2.6 inch screen ehich looks crystal clear. Well done Nokia.

  23. TaranQ

    can’t wait for this one to be released. For some time I wanted the Samsung Omnia but i guess I will go for the Nokia N85.

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