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Posted June 27, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

One of the latest tablet to hit the market was the touch screen based Nokia N810 Internet Tablet and it created some buzz! So do take a complete detailed look at the N810 before you buy one. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet edition is really an impressive phone overall, let me get

that out of my system first. The shiny brass finishing on the top and sides makes it appear quite luxurious to say the least. Before going into the technical parts of the phone let us take a look at the hardware it offers first. Weighing almost 228 gram and with a total height and width of of 72 mm by 128 mm respectively, the Nokia N810 is really not oversized compared to the other tablets in the market. Its thickness in the sides is only 14 mm which is actually quite nice and slim compared to the other brands. Its half brother N800 definitely goes down to it in every aspect of the phone. The phone is also equipped with a high resolution 4.13 inches of WVGA display, 800 x 480 pixels with up to 65,000 colors in its capacity. The tablet’s processor is TI OMAP 2420 400Mhz which is considered one of the most optimum processor found in the market. The flash ram can expand upto 256 MB and the actual RAM is a fair DDR 128MB, enough for a tablet of its size. The phone comes with a built in internal memory (like that of the N91) of 2Gb but unlike the other tablet phones in its price range, it has the option expand the memory using the MINI SD card or the MicroSd cards of upto 8gb!! The phone really is a blast in terms of battery life with a Nokia BP-4L battery. If you switch on the WLAN and keep on browsing continiously with the backlight on then you can use it for a straight 4 hours. It also have a ten hour life with the music playback and with the always online feature it will have a heartbeat of almost five days. The standby time is however said to be 14 days but I am not too sure about that.

It also have one of the most slick QWERTY keyboards in its class, roll it sideways and just slide it down. It also has a stand up mode, meaning you can place it upwards on the table when it rests on its “crutch” or the desk stand. The microphone is really good and very sensitive, it picks up almost anything with amazing clarity. So talking in MSN or Skype can be much fun. It also features a stereo loud speaker, a high resolution display (widescreen) and a VGA web camera. There is also a nifty little light sensor built in to save power. The camera is nothing special though and can be only really useful if you use it as a web cam and NOT a normal camera as the quality is really just ok. It also has a HW key to lock the touch screen and keys. The WLAN specification is quite normal like the Nokia N95 or anything similar, that is the IEEE 802.11b/g. The bluetooth can be used for a variety of tasks including FTP transfers and DUN connectivity. High speed USB 2.0 with a 3.5mm stereo headphone plug makes it the same as any other good Nokia smartphones.

The operating system is based on the Maemo Linux 2008 and like you would expect, the performance is quite good. You always can update the OS directly from the site when new versions are released. The browser is really good, its Mozilla with AJAX baby! With cool drop down boxes and cool many menus almost in every corner and it even supports transparency which really makes it stand out. You can have the RSS reader, adobe flash player, real media player running all at once in the single screen. However, one huge drawback of this phone is also in its browser. The load time is really not good, plus you can only start to browse after the whole page have loaded. You have Adobe flash for video and audio streaming, real media and Quicktime support beside the usual MPEG, 3GPP, WMA etc built in the phone, meaning you can see you tube videos on the go and full screen without compromising quality whatsoever. The you tube functionality really makes it one of the best phones to watch you tube videos from as the playback is really very smooth. It also supports SIP operation and video calling and with a GPS map built in you can actually pin point the destination, record it from your phone at your house using WLAN and play it afterwards without using the 3G or EDGE packets which will increase your monthly bill for sure. So you have no need to use applications like Garmin Mobile GPS and others for road navigation. The Nokia N810 also have POP 3 support for easy e mailing and a built in RSS reader so that you can keep track with the happening news and posts from my blog and from around the world. Besides these there are several other utilites built in like the PDF reader, games, back up and restore or system restore and a file manager with a clock. The navigation is nothing short of amazing as you can browse using the pen or your finger using the full screen of the phone. The phone comes with a car charger, travel stand, headsets and a sweet little pouch.



All in all this tablet phone is really very good if you are a good fan of the you tube, but the other browsing functionality is not as good as the whole “load first, then scroll” makes it a little weak. The keyboard is quite big and your fingers fit in nicely and the light sensor really uses itself to full potential as the whole screen backlight and key lights controls itself according to the light around you. The whole display quality is really beautiful and I hope you will like it too. Let us know your experiences with the N810 if you have one as it will help us all to asses the tablet further. As much as I know AT&T and Verizon Wireless are supported in the USA, Vodafone, Orange Mobile UK, Hutchison, Cingular, Airtel, Digi etc and other gsm networks are ofcourse well supported. Go ahead and get one, it should be worth the money!

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