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Posted May 25, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

The Nokia Nseries N78 is quite a fashion frenzy phone of its time wouldn’t you agree? Planning to buy it already? Are you? Then you should better take a look at this phone’s detailed functionality and commitment towards the average customer.

With a network compatibility of the GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / GSM850 and HSDPA this phone is actually built to be spread around the world with its wide array of network recognition. So whether you are using At&T or T-Mobile or even Airtel or Grameenphone, this phone will work for you fine! Introduced in the early quarter of 2008, this “block designed” is really one of the “Black Jack” of Nokia. One might say the Nokia N72 have hit the wheels of evolution and became the Nokia N78. Lighter in terms of weight when compared to its unidentified twin, the Nokia N96, this phone weighs about 108g with the battery feeding it inside. With the wide array of 16 million colors in its 240×320 pixels graphical display, once again just like the Nokia N96, it should quite be a similar and magnificent experience to watch your favorite action movies. However, unlike the Nokia N96, N78 lacks in space quite a bit. With a shared memory of only 70mb, this phone falls down to the knees of the N96. You have the ability to expand your memory card actually, but, only to an extent. Storing both movies and a big database of mp3s is quite impossible.

When surfing the internet you will have a wonderful time because it seem to support almost all the available technologies like the 3.6 MB HSPDA/3G, EDGE, Wap, and GPRS. The Nokia N78 also comes in built with the WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology, A2DP bluetooth, and the usual E-mail client which includes Push to Talk, instant messaging etc. With a hefty 3.15 mega pixels powering the main trademarked Carl Zeiss eye of this beast, taking pictures in 2048×1536 pictures should be enough to satisfy the senses. Of course N78 also have a built in VGA camera with a framerate of 15 fps only! Disappointed a bit here, but who cares about a second camera anyway (sour grapes syndrome!).

The battery is the same one from the previous models of the NSeries Nokia phones, Lithium Ion 1200 mAH, giving you a standby of 320 hours and a talk time on 260 minutes. Nokia seem to have forgotten to take care of its almost buggy battery here, but I do hope that it has developed this particular battery better than that of Nokia N82 or N81 and we all can actually enjoy 260 minutes of talktime as promised by them here. With an overall dimension of 113 x 49 x 15.1 mm and a D-Pad to die for, this phone is worth the bucks! The number keys are quite deceiving to say the least, because, though they appear to be “hard to navigate” they actually aren’t and the experience should be quite smooth here!

Overall, this phone ain’t bad at all for 350 euros before taxes! However, the best it simply isn’t in its NSeries class. The overall look of the phone is quite sleek and virile, except maybe in the sides of it. The sides are colored to appear dirty copper which simply seems will start to fade away after some time of rough usage, however this remains to be seen. The operating system is the all new Symbian OS 9.2 and the navigation experience within the phone is quite slithering which simply can make its worth the price. The overall phone casing is quite robust, so it won’t break anytime soon either.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the all new Nokia N78 and will subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up! Don’t forget to share your experience about this phone if you are using it or you are planning to buy it anytime soon! Cheerios!

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  1. rohan butt

    can any n78 user help me out….!
    .how can i use my pc’s internet connection(modem) in my n78 via usb cable…..?

  2. i almost sent a blank msg bt it wud’ve been pointless unless u knw that it means u have no words 2 descibe the unique greatness of sumthing where in this case is the Nokia N78! I got one myself and if i had 2 upgrade myself again, if i could i would if i didnt have it yet,lol.. make it ur top priority to own one.. Its a must have believe me..

  3. Himanshu

    Its simply a gr8 phone,,,,,i own it for 3 months nw….u didnt discribe its FM transmitter,i.e. u can play ur songs on nay nearby FM playr,,,simply gr8 feature…..i m a FAN of this phone

  4. John

    im gonna buy this phone next week!!

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