Nokia E72 Review – Should you Buy it?

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Are you planning to buy a new smartphone for yourself? Are you always looking for the best value for your money when it comes to your favorite gadget – the smartphone? The brand new Nokia E72 phone, presently priced around $489 -$499 bucks, can be the perfect device you are looking for with its perfect combination of efficiency, value and fun.

Set to be the next member of the E-Series business handsets family, the Nokia E72 will probably be launched late August or sometime before the second week of September. With the E71 still being the center of attention for all QWERTY lovers around the world, much anticipation rocked the E-Series-o-holics when the E72 was first talked about being developed by the world’s number one phone manufacturer Nokia.

Everyone loved the solid built Nokia E71 all over and all admired how nicely its QWERTY keypad was positioned when typing with that PDA smartphone for the first time. In fact it is listed as the best in its class by Wired Magazine and it is priced at around. Nokia E71 is one of the most successful PDA type phone that Nokia ever produced and we all wanted to see an “upgrade” to that! The Nokia E72 is just that if not more, it is an an E71 which – wisely upgraded!

Nokia E72 Features :

The beautifully shaped Nokia E72 is the perfect smartphone or PDA for any business individual on the go. Only 128 grams in size and with a form thickness of 10mm, the Nokia E72 is built to last years. The four corners are rounded quite a bit and the keys are positioned a bit higher than its predecessor Nokia E71.

Don’t be fooled by its E-Series tag though as this phone is much personal user friendly as much as it is business oriented in nature. It comes with an one touch auto focus compatible 5 MP (5 mega pixels or 2592 pixels by 1944 pixels) camera with a Flash which makes it the perfect smart phone or PDA for any kind of multimedia photography. It can adjust and tweak itself when you are snapping moving objects, thus, eliminating blurred images altogether.

The VGA recording quality of the Nokia E72 camera is similar to that of N97 and allows you to record moving objects at a rate of 15 frames/sec with a max dimension of 640×480 pixels. It can auto adjust the video settings for maximum quality output.

E72 is compatible with Microsoft Exchange E-Mail systems and the Lotus Notes Traveler which makes it a powerful device to manage all your e-mail accounts and their respective attachments centrally from your E72 PDA device. In general all POP3 and IMAP based e-mail networks should work with E72’s email client. It also supports HTML mail, multiple E-mail accounts integration, forwards, etc.

Massive power savings are ensured when you are using this E-Series business device, the E72. It can easily last over 6 and a half hours with constant GPS navigation turned on and it can last over 5 hours if you surfing the web constantly using the E72. It can also serve you with nearly 8 hours of video playback, well over 12 hours of talktime and over 32 hours of music playback when listened through its accessory headphone. In WiFi standby mode it operates well over 110 hours straight without the need for any additional battery charge.

E71 Vs E72 Vs E75

E71 Vs E72 Vs E75

Experience the full speed of this 3.5G HSDPA internet data device enabling you up to 10.6 mbps of connectivity speed at any given time. Also offers HSUPA (at 2mbps), Wireless LAN (WLAN is based on the widely accepted IEEE 802.11b/g model), EDGE, GPRS and WAP connectivity.

It supports high speed A2DP EDR connectivity for its included Bluetooth device connections and also supports High Speed USB, and stereo 3.5mm audio jacks for easy music inputs.

The powerful Series 60 Internet browser of E72 symbian OS supports nearly all types of websites and blogs (including mine!) which means no more “small screen” type rendering whatsoever.  It can display and render flash based graphics and websites without the need of other plugins or software.

E72 Colors

E72 Colors

E72 n E71 dimensions

E72 n E71 dimensions

E72 E71 Top

E72 E71 Top

E72 and E71 Camera

E72 and E71 Camera

The Optical Navi Keys of E72 are tailor made to suit the overall “rich superstar” appearance of the smartphone. They are easy to find with your fingers which allows you to control them without looking at the keypad. The smart yet unusual shape of the left and right Navi keys are somewhat quite different than any of the buttons of this device or any other.

The wide 320×240 QVGA TFT screen is bright and it suits the 114 x 58.3 x 10.1 mm monoblock dimension of the phone. It weighs only about 128 grams which is comparatively lighter than any of its competitors.

Dedicated one touch access keys to functions like Home, Calendar, USB, E-Mail, Volume etc. adds to the overall friendly navigational structure of the phone. In general, the E-Series trend is well implemented on this phone.

E72 Specs

E72 Specs

This PDA smartphone also supports bluetooth connectivity and file transfers to any paired or authorized bluetooth device, it also supports accelerometer based mobile applications and games with or without bluetooth.

The standard package comes with a built in space of 4GB in it and over 250MB of internal phone memory which ensures that you will be able to run games and applications without exceeding the memory limit.

E72 Memory Card Slot

E72 Memory Card Slot

The E-Series based quadband E72 works with all the 850/900/1800/1900 EGSM networks and depending on your phone version, it will work with all types of  HSDPA networks.

A number of new and innovative smart functions such as bulk SMS deletion, undo deletion, Text-to-Speech reader, concatenated or long messages (10 messages chained into 1 without breaking off) support etc are all built in with the E72 to make it more efficient.

E72 Nokia

E72 Nokia

E72 comes with built in Nokia applications such as Windows Live Instant Messenger, OVI contacts, Microsoft ActiveSync, Nokia OVI Maps, Nokia Mobile VPN client, new incoming E-Mail notifications etc. Also, it comes with a FM Radio built in and can operate through PTT (Push to Talk) technology provided that you network provider offers it.

E72 supports audio streaming (Last.FM) and video streaming (like YouTube) sites which ensures you to keep yourself connected with your favorite online internet radio stations, video sites and social networks (Facebook) easily.

Nokia E72 Images:



E72 Spacebar

E72 Spacebar

E72 Close Up

E72 Close Up



E72-Side Thickness

E72-Side Thickness

E72-Side Thickness

E72-Side Thickness

E72-Operating Options

E72-Operating Options

E72-Operating Options

E72-Operating Options

Some more pics:

E72 Close Ups

E72 Close Ups

E72 Smart Keypad

E72 Smart Keypad

E72 and 5530 side by Side

E72 and 5530 side by Side

E72 in Hand

E72 in Hand

E72 Flat Out

E72 Flat Out


E72 Qwerty

E72 Optical Navi Keys

E72 Optical Navi Keys

More Close Ups:

E72 Backside

E72 Backside

E72 back cover

E72 back cover

Nokia E72 Side View

Nokia E72 Side View

E72 Copper Color

E72 Copper Color

E72 Color Variations

E72 Color Variations

E72 SIM Card Slot

E72 SIM Card Slot

E72 Xenon Flash

E72 Xenon Flash

As you can see in the above pics, E72 is a blend of all the right spices that can really make it one of the best smartphone device in the market.

This wide screen phone is shiny yet rugged on its exterior, comes with a the nicely protected 5MP camera, a smartly designed QWERTY keypad and a built in 4GB hotswap memory card makes E72 the beast of the market (so to speak).  A soon to be the ‘star performer’ of the Nokia E-Series family surely can make this device a great hit in the market from the get go.

In my honest opinion, after looking at the options and reading through all the technical facts/features/design etc I can honestly say that I am really impressed with this device.

E72 Design

E72 Design

I totally recommend the E72 smartphone to anyone seeking to get the right mixture of features and someone who wants it all: Efficiency, Multimedia, and Design. Whether you are using network providers like AT&T Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Telenor, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, Vodafone, Hutch, Telia Sonera, T-Mobile etc or anything else, it is the E72 that should be the phone of your choice.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed before you anything else, that’s all I request you to do as it really keeps me motivated to post reviews of the latest Nokia phones, featuring the latest mobile games, themes and applications.

Als0, feel most welcome to let me know about your thoughts on the E72 and if you  are digging it or ditching it?


About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. I am facing difficulty when I download Fring Software than Nimbuzz Software doesn’t work what is the problem how this problem will solve kindly make your comment.

  2. I am facing difficulty in Nokia E 72 when I download fring softwar than Nimbuzz doesn’t work so what is the reason & how can this difficulty will solve let me know throug my email Id.

  3. Anonymouse

    I totally disagree with your kind words despite of respect for you as a author 😉
    I own this phone for about a year and it’s huge disappointment –
    – memory – NOT “almost 250 MB” – yes, but count opeating system – when phone is on (who would like to use phone turned off?) – you have remaining UP TO 40 megabytes. Forty megabytes, yes. Phone was factory clean, just after hard reset, with no apps installed (remember, that E72 has the same internal memory size as E71 but with FP2 added). History continues with every firmware installed (I’ve started with 023, then had 031 for short time, now I have 071).
    At the moment, with running only ZXreader2, TotalRecall, Handy Taskman, Handy Alarm and SmartSettings and emoze I have only…. 18MB left. Almost always wanting to do some web surfing I have to close all unused applications – and I can’t use Opera Mobile for anything more complicated that Google front page – fortunately I have Opera Mini at least ;/

    – memory size. It’s really, worst part of this phone.
    – screen resolution is only 320×240
    – ridiculous hand wrap (and phone case)
    – lack of dedicated button for camera
    – some strange problems with java applications (test: install Snaptu, hard-reset your phone, try to install or uninstall Snaptu again)
    – stupid email app (with no autostart)
    – Nokia support is virtually nonexisten on their support forum (see “resetting while listening to radio” issue reports)

    – battery is okay (with 18h of push email (a day) and some phone calls and texts it lasts up to 3 days to discharge)
    – flashlight is awesome – guys, do not even consider buing mobile phone without such feature
    – keyboard is pretty good
    – screen is okay
    – 3.5mm jack port
    – working as USB storage out of the box
    – screen brigthness exceeds expectations
    – phone is pretty fast (except Gallery operations 😉 )
    – secondary camera for video calls
    – main camera is really decent

  4. Please is there any one who can tell me hoe is it possible to enlarge the icons on E72′s home screen as shown in fig. E72 Optical Navi Keys and in E72 in hand,i searched again and again about this option but not found ,PLZ PLZ Plz… please tell me at ”

  5. Nokia e72 good phone!
    1. Battery lasts for a few days a very active use.
    2. Quick response programs.
    3. Standard headphone jack
    4. Good screen.
    5. Flashlight (for this chip worthy of a separate Nokia pahvaly.
    6. Easily switch to another language in the mode of writing messages.
    7. Full keyboard

  6. mineannaesha

    two thumbs up,its really one of the best sp in the market
    its great to explore maps,easy to update using wi-fi
    for the seek of sharing great appz,try using netqin anti virus
    and netqin mobile guard..hope any1 try dis,
    http://www.netqin dot com download here..hope u protect ur phone
    and loved nokia e-72.

  7. Paul L

    I agree with Sani. The E72 is a great business phone but it does need the firmware to be updated from the original. I use mine on T-mobile in the UK and taking the battery out is a very rare event indeed. I use Lotus Traveler mail plus another pop3 account and love the built in Ovi maps which I use as my primary Sat Nav. I have been using Skype recently it works really well but I believe only on WiFi.

    After having a touch screen HTC that was great at everything except being a phone, I wanted something with real buttons on it and I have no regrets at the change.

  8. Lets just say, as a user of smartphone, you need to be technically smart too to be able to use the smartphone’s features effectively. Know your phone heartedly and mentally enough. Update its softwares regularly to prevent encountering problems when using its features. I love my E72 for business applications without sacrificing my personal mobile needs. Be smart…

  9. jasmain

    hi im from canada and the company that offers the e72 doesn’t use sim cards and im with rogers so i wanted to know if i buy the phone off the nokia site will i be able to use it with rogers?

  10. Haris

    when ever my E72 refreshes WLAN or accessing some application like radio getting memory full but i have enough memory.its coming last 2days.pls help

  11. kourtney

    i got sand in my keyboard.
    how the hell do i fix it!

  12. saqib

    It is a buggy hand set, don’t waste your money.

    Though E-72 seems really beautiful and no doubt it is a smart phone set but it has number of bugs that Nokia did not fix and launched it. I would recommend not to buy it or waste your money with it. It’s better to have another choice.

    You can confirm these bugs from your friends how are using it or even you can search the net for these bug, you will find so many guys complaining about this set. The major problem with set is it’s memory is no good enough and it gets stuck after every an hour or if you try to open multiple programs.

  13. nokeado

    in this video you can look this phone.

  14. Ovidio

    I have both the Nokia E71 and Nokia E72. I advise not to get the Nokia E72 since the memory is really low. Just around 40 MB free. When you conect to the emails and the internet there the memory goes down quickly and stuck when no RAM is more available. Forget this phone and get the E71 better.

  15. Paul_L

    I want to warn people that there are severe software problems due to the latest version of Symbian taking up too much base memory. Lots of people are getting ‘memory full’ errors and despite being advertised as usable with Lotus Traveler it isn’t.

    • Paul_L

      Update re Lotus Traveler. I have now fixed my problem and it does work OK on the E72 – tested on 6 phones.

      I would strongly recommend not selecting the Sent folder for local replication on the phone which is what caused my problem. I have posted how to fix this in the Lotus Domino 8.5 forum on

  16. E-MAN

    My E72 is awesome ranging from performance to multimedia perfect. Those who want a buisiness oriented phone with multimedia capabilities should consider E72. Perfect hard body with metal finish and 5 mega pixel camera fits your budget. its the king of phone

  17. Ram

    Ok, so I had a Nokia E-71 for the past year and a half. I was very, very happy with it. It performed like a breeze, no problems whatsoever. Whenever anyone asked why I hadn’t changed my phone (believe me, I used to change my handsets very frequently, looking for the elusive perfection), I’d say that I hadn’t found a worthy replacement yet.

    Then I heard about the E72. After a lot of dithering and research on the internet, I took the plunge and traded in my flawless E71 for the E72 on 2 February 2010. That day must have been one of my blackest days. Since I had the E72, I coudn’t find anything other than flaws! The build quality was definitely inferior to that of the E71. The covers on the side for the Micro SD Card and the cable couldn’t be opened without the help of a screwdriver. And when it would open, it would come right out into my hands. The Micro SD Card was so deeply reccessed that I would need a pen to eject the card. Those were just the beginning of my horrors. I later discovered that the back cover was so flimsily attacted to the phone that the slightest tap would cause the cover to pop out.

    One of the worst problem was the Bluetooth A2DP support. I have both a Motorola S705 SoundPilot (Stereo) and a Jabra BT8040. While the call function would work, the music player would not work on either! When I called Nokia Care, they inform me that they would not be able help me as I had non-Nokia products! However, when I did a google for my problem I realize I am not the only one – dozens of people have the same problem –

    Other minor problems too Nokia Messaging’s inability to read HTML Mail. I installed ProfiMail to circumvent this problem, only to find that shortcuts don’t work (‘U’ for Update, for example).

    After 26 exasperating days, I threw in the towel and called in my losses. I went back to the dealer and traded my E72 back for my E71. Needless to say, everything works like it ought to now. I sadly realized that instead of being a worthy successor to E71, E72 has been a disaster to me. Shame on Nokia for almost pushing me to the verge of switching brands!

  18. Porcelain

    I love my E72 as well.
    Pros: Very Long battery life, Elegant appearance and color (topaz brown), WiFi, Torch function, Great camera resolution, nice headset, boots up faster than previous models, silent key pad and quick switching between applications.

    Cons: 1. It pissed me off royally when the space bar would not work. This is a very basic function and such a hassle when you are typing e-mails and texts which is what this phone is designed to do. This apparently is a common problem requiring firmware update. Solved by rebooting but still it is disconcerting knowing it will happen again.
    2. It keeps hounding you to log on to the internet.
    3. Trackpad is too sensitive even when turned off.

    • spideytkr

      hey i found a fix

      do this

      Int tat menu click OPTIONS and DEFAULT CONNECTION select ASK ONCE…

      This solves this issue…..:-)

  19. Jaya

    I love my E72. I have E71 and E75 also. E72 is the best. Lot of memory space(250MB internal/4GB addon which is with the unit). Good quality camera(5MP), lot of one touch buttons added like torch on the space bar button, bluetooth on/off on keypad etc.
    Many of the comments/complaints seen in the post are biased as I am the owner and serious user of these phones.
    I have experience with Blackberry and windows mobile. It was night mare, the battery life of blackberry was horrible. It got drained very fast as I have a lot of long time calls.Charge in the morning and its drained by afternoon. Windows mobile hanging after every 4 or 5calls. I was mentally tortured by these devices.

  20. Omer

    I got my E72 back in Dec 09, and absolutely love it! This is a real contender for the Blackberrys! It comes with free nokia messaging lifetime subscription which is the Nokia version of push email. This phone is great! I have both the E71 and E72 and am happy with both. Dust doesnt really get under the screen, you just need to keep it in a case, also clean screen with lint free cloth.

    I recommend you buy it.

  21. himanshu

    i have nokia e-72 and i useit for last 1 month and i think the worst phone i ever use the problem with this set is the space ket didnt work after 7 to 8 hrs than i have to restart my set and nokia technicals have take this set for 5 times for repair but they cant and they replace it with another than this set also ahving same problem so i recomed not to buy this phone…

  22. Nick

    Hi, I bought a E72 about 2 weeks back and here’s my take,
    I quite agree with one of the comment on the build quality.. there is a visible gap between the screen and the keypad the battery cover seems a little loose too.
    The speaker leave a lot to be desired
    The data cable is only about 5 cms long … very inconvenient!
    The hands free that comes along with the phone seems cheap and is of poor quality.
    One touch mail does not work as a one touch mail on gmail when on WAP/GPRS
    Other than for these I’m quite happy with the performance of the phone.

  23. Syed

    Hey I had a question. I have the E71 and had the same problem with the dust getting under the screen. Is there any way to solve that problem? Perhaps a screen protector. I really like the e72 but if the dust problem is there then I am not interested.

  24. Khalil

    I’m looking to buy an E72 myself and it would be nice if people could list the problems they’ve had with theirs instead of just complaining about it.

    It’s always good to know what issues people have had as you can then keep an eye out for it if you buy the phone. Sometimes the issues people have are the kind of little issues that other people might be able to live with until the firmware update rolls out.

    Thanks for writing the article as it’s very informative but would be nice if the reviewer could write about his/her own experiences with the phone in day-to-day use as well since this reads more like a fact sheet than a review.

    • hi,
      well i purchased this phone before christmas and have now sent it back for the following reasons:

      the casing was loose on it. clicking an i cud fit my nail under the keypad an lift it out.
      after a few days the dust gets under the small space between the keypad an under the screen which is impossible to get out… take a look at the e71 model in stores.. i noticed it in the 02 shop where they have a handset that works.
      i cud visibily see the lighting under the keys.. not even at all
      i did not like the way the camera sticks out as its going to be very easily damaged.

      an basically i think for the price of this phone it is very poorly made
      ive always been a lover of nokia handsets and had been waiting for a while for this i pre ordered it aswell it is a very disappointing phone
      maybe they will fix these problems as i obviously got the first batch but quite frankly im taking my money elsewhere.

    • Murali

      Check here for the list of bugs!,

      some of the bugs will blow your pants off and other not so. But overall can be addressed via a firmware update, but still left a very bad impression about nokia’s QC. Should not have sold my e-63.

  25. PSR

    E72 is a pain by all standards
    The P1I from Sony E stable which is two years earlier has much better features
    i own both and deeply regret buying E72
    I have wasted more than 9 professional days boiling my blood over it.
    Nokia’s support is of course legendary for stonewalling
    happy 2010
    just wait for the google phone jan 2010
    maybe it will be better
    as of now, none of them is worth an upgrade
    a netbook at 19K gives you much better value for money
    especially if you have a phone in which you can read the mail and reply through the netbook

  26. PSR

    I regret having bought. My sincere adviser to all is not to buy it. I bought this Nokia E72 on Sunday and during the last 7 days found about 30 problems with it. Sadly, none of them have been solved by Nokia either through the call centre or at the dealer or at the concept store or at the service centre. Having exhausted all reasonable opportunities I would like other folks to avoid buying this handset. During the next days, I will post one by one, the killer defects in the phone.

  27. wow.. very nice post. i like this review. how to work GPS connection E71 without money? thanks

  28. Sudhir Singh

    The Nokia E72 seems fine, but the free RAM available is shockingly little. With virtually no third party apps installed, the available RAM is around 45 MB. Begin using the phone, and its down to 36 MB in a jiffy. As usual Nokia has messed up on memory. Always do! It isn’t before two software updates that performance stablilises. Weird company. Need to buck up.

    My E71 which is choc-a-bloc with third party apps still has 45 MB RAM to spare. As usual Nokia has messed up on memory management. Always does. It isn’t before two software updates that things improve.

    Another shortcoming: the E72’s speaker phone is a disappointment. You have to strain your ears to hear the caller.

    Bottomline: the E71 is still the better phone in many ways.

  29. Omer

    Debnating buying this or the Blackberry Bold 9700…..?

    • Siya

      Buy the Blackberry 9700. I regret this phone e72.

      – No SMS thread
      – Phone log is not centralized, broken into received, dialed & missed
      – Can’t tell what # the person called, whether it’s home, work or cell
      – When you miss call, you don’t have the option to call the person back by either work, home or cell. Have to go back to Contacts.
      – There’s no option for touch tones. ex. when calling your voice mails you always have to type in your code
      – Can’t filter your contacts by category
      – Can’t disable audio call from the menu
      – Camera doesn’t store settings. If it’s night time, every time you use the camera you have to change the settings
      – Yahoo email updates every 5 minutes
      – Monthly calender is squeezed on the screen
      – Fonts are smaller than the Blackberry
      – Don’t have the option of different vibrate tones for the different types of messages

  30. Jay

    Would like to see how it compares to the new Blackberry bold.

  31. phillipssam

    If you are in the UK (maybe it is Europe wide) do not be fooled by the 4GB memory card included as over 3GB is used up by Nokia Map Data!!!

  32. Sreekumar

    Could you please tell me whether it would be possible to transfer the contacts from my E51 (FP1) to the E72 (FP2) directly through PC Suite or Switch?
    Thanking you for your reply and for the review,

  33. Dan

    It’s a testament to how great the E71 is that although this new version has some nice features I don’t feel I need it or that the E71 is any less great.

  34. Dan

    It’s a testamount to how great the E71 is that although this new version has some nice features I don’t feel I need it or that the E71 is any less great.

  35. Chicky-D

    Thanks for such an all inclusive review.
    My friend raves about the E71 so I can only imagine how great the E72 will be in comparison. I’ve been \suffering\ with my old Nokia phone waiting and waiting for this one to be released. Tomorrow I fly to Hong Kong and you can believe it is a top priority for me to pick one up while I’m there. Now I just have to decide on the color…

  36. Alkamari

    Thank you for your review.
    I would like to add a few remarks and questions. The Nokia E71 is a very nice and useful phone indeed. All the same, some of the additional functions are not worthwhile.
    – The camera doesn’t suit me because of the rather mediocre quality of the pictures. The E72 has more pixels, but does it deliver better pictures? That’s what matters!
    – The GPS in the E71 (which I didn’t ask for!) is so slow as to be often nearly useless and sometimes dangerous (anouncing “turn around” when you are driving on a motorway). The E72 has a magnetic compass added to it and its processor is faster, but does that make the GPS better?
    I’d prefer a phone with no such gadgets if they are not functioning properly.


    Hi! your review is great. i am about to purchase this one. it’s not clear for me yet when it comes out. i live in china, shanghai and there’s been a craze about the previous model you mention above. i went to a nokia store yesterday and asked about the new one, and they said soon, but don’t know when(it’s ok, they are all very unprofessional in any store/shop in here), i guess i will have to find out bu myself. thank you very much again!

  38. Noor

    i love it i have been searching for it in the middle east ever since nokia said that this phone is coming to the market Im in kuwait and if you replied to me when its in the market id really be great-full

    amazing PHONE!!!

    • M3N

      hi Noor,
      i’ve been waiting for this phone for long too… i’m from Bahrain and its already out in here, they released it about a week ago and its priced at around BD:170… i wanna buy one but i’m waiting for reviews from ppl who used it to make sure its as good as nokia says… t.c

  39. izzie

    im on contract at the mo but i cant wait till the phone is released in the uk my nokia 6500s is getting too boring, its still gr8 i luv nokia fones!

  40. Ege

    When do you guys think that this phone come around Turkey?
    I really need to know,cuz im tired of waiting.

  41. vick

    Thanks, reviews are great and waiting to get that dubai

  42. aanie

    great phone . i own a N95 right now and want to upgrade. hope this is a much faster phone cuz it seems like it is.

  43. James@N96

    WOWWWW!! Fantastic review!!! I will check this phone out for certain.

  44. Sid

    at first look it seemed to be a variation of e71 but after reading through the specs and features there is no doubt that this is an awesome phone mate.

  45. Daniel

    I have seen several phone reviews before, but this was really the best I’ve seen…. this really clears all my doubts… and make me think in changing my E71.


  46. Ricky

    great review, plannin to get 1 for me . i love this phone so far.

  47. Spiffo

    The flash isn’t Xenon like the 6220 Classic, it is a LED.

  48. Rohan


    Thanks for the review, but I am sure that the comparitive chart is wrong :P, do correct it.

    Keep up the good work

  49. Congratulations, great review! I think I’ll buy this phone when it will be launched in Italy.

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