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Posted June 14, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

The latest model to be introduced within the extensive portfolio of Nokia E-Series portfolio is the Nokia E71. It seems that it is a replacement of the older Nokia E61i mixed with the capabilities of the N95 and aiming for the performance of the slick Apple


Nokia E71 gsm handheld is designed with business individuals in mind, so this phone comes with the main feature of the ESeries, the QWERTY keyboard and the fast operation of the internet and LAN based networking. It also have a conferencing camera built on the front side of the phone to do your online based meetings and conference. Packed with WiFi, HSPDA and a NMEA 0183 GPS satellite receiver, you can be sure that this phone is one of the best phones for business. The phone casing is quite slim and seems like a modified Blackberry Bold from the sides. And to add to that, it also supports Blackberry devices. With a 128MB RAM and a whooping 256MB ROM drive, you can be sure that this phone is quite faster compared to other E-Series smartphones. It weighs around 120 grams with the battery inside and is powered by a 328 MHz processor speed with a symbian OS 9.2 firmware. The top part of the exterior is covered by a chrome casing which really promises us a sturdy and robust performance for a long time to come.

The wide screen 320×240, 24 bit pixels TFT screen is well optimized with a nice and even back light for a reliable usage. It internal antenna also supports the quad band GPRS and EDGE so whether your state or country have a 3G connection or not, you can be pretty relaxed knowing that at least you will still have the fast performance that EDGE delivers. It also has a 8GB hot swap MicroSD and comes with a main 3.2 mega pixels camera and a LED mobile flash. Infrared is also built in beside Bluetooth, Fast 480mbits USB, 54mbits WiFi and WLAN connectivity. It also comes with a BURY hardware for the car which is quite handy and something almost all other models lack.

The camera supports MPEG 4 and 3GPP uninterrupted recording and the quality of the pictures and video is quite well, almost better than N73 Music Edition. However this phone lacks the analog Tv out and audio out capability which is understandable in a ESeries phone. The navigation is quite easy specially with a 5 way directional navigation button on the center and since the phone’s operating is quite fast, it should really be an outstanding experience for any Nokia E71 user. Nokia E71 carries a Li-On battery which is a major improvement than its predecessor Nokia E61i. Since this comes with a fast Wifi, the battery seemed to be one of the main concern of the R&D division of Nokia and they have really done a great job so far. With a 1500 mAh battery, the life of Nokia E71 is promising and very impressive! 3G does work well and the WiFi works like a charm on this phone. It does lack USB charging though, which is one of the weakness of this phone. The calendar is quite ordinary and nothing special have been developed in this version. This phone is also a lot thinner than the Blackberry Curve, Nokia N95 8gb and the Apple iPhone! It also supports IMAP emails and has an inbuilt mono microphone and loudspeaker. The usual audio output is stereo though obviously!

AT&T is heavily rumored to get this contract which might be a very good news for all you ATT user base. It is not confirmed, but most probably a 90% chance of it ending up with ATT. Trust me, its way better than the Blackberry Curve and almost as fast as the iPhone and since it comes with the Symbian OS 9.2, it really is a treat to enjoy!

Here are some additional screenshots of the Nokia E71 front and back, also compared with the iPhone and the Nokia N95 8gb.

Nokia E71

Nokia E71 back

QWERTY Nokia E71

Nokia E71 Apple iPhone

Nokia E71 versus Apple iPhone

Nokia E71 compared to Nokia N95 8gb

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  1. this is great phone indeed, but disadvantage is the weight of the phone. it a little heavy and not comfortable when u put it in your pocket, make you hard to walk, but i empressed with the phone, had bluetooth and wi-fi, the speaker are good too

  2. lahiru

    how can i download the nfs undercover game?

  3. Rohit

    Best phone in the world for me

  4. Sarayu Prasad


  5. jeet

    superb………….. fantastic phone……………

  6. very gud
    very nice
    very use full and small pc style.

  7. Aze

    love the phone best phone ever

  8. Samim

    Tanx dearest
    i can scream that u r the BEST

  9. ATER

    WOW! Where did you guys get the E71 of the PICs? Mine doesnt have half of the characters on the keyboard (Not even the simple logic ones like “(” or the “)” or the Spanish language specific characters, etc…)!?

  10. @ James:
    Yes, you can choose “Use Image” from pics taken using the E71 camera as wallpaper

    @ Paul Simpson:
    I know you can change FONT SIZE within the phone’s settings. I believe THEMES use different fonts, or maybe I just haven’t found the actual font flag as yet…

    It’s a big phone (OS wise) and there’s so much you can configure – but that’s what makes it tick for me. I’m fed up with mobile phones that take away certain config options. Like Windows VISTA – I don’t use it for that reason. S60 3rd is the mutts nuts and the 3.1 version on the E71 is outstanding. Fast and reliable (so far – if I develop any faults or bugs, I’ll post here…)

  11. Can any E71 owner tell me if the Fonts are User Selectable like on the Blackberry

  12. James

    Hi there..ive a question..can you set pictures taken from the built in camera as wallpaper on the Nokia E71? TQ

  13. Pauline

    Hi E71 is suitable for those who are businessman or busy and forgetful person. Every time I am busy, THIS E71 is useful for me to check schedules and organisers. Also it help speaking to the hearing people trhough “Listen in message” while I am deaf – I found it very WOW! Terrific useful!!!! I am happy with it.

    Best for using e71 is for businessmen, busy/forgetful person. Yes of course, music is very nice…I transfered music songs to it via PC SUITE as it is very easy access! Satisified! For the keys, i was used to have medium size of my fingers but i still satisifed because I was used to SMS all times! Photo is amazing too as it is very clear! Photos can be in contact detail so that I can remember the name with the pic… it helps my work be effective in network!

  14. sera

    hi there this is a nice phone but i too had problems with it after the first week from buyin it, it is ok now though. the keys are a bit hard ๐Ÿ™

  15. Had the E71 for 3 weeks now.
    Very happy! It came with me on holiday to Tunisia so it was my camera (E71 shipped with a 2Gb memory card, so even with music loaded I had space for over 2,500+ photos @ 3Mb).
    It’s faster than my old E61. Amazing functionality, especially the WLAN scanner option. Seems Nokia have listened to E series owners and made MANY improvements.
    I’m very happy indeed!

  16. Paul Saptari

    Am having it for almost 2 weeks, many problems start: The memory card couldn’t be accessed, Nokia service center advised me to take off the battery and reinstall it back. It works back. I use the PC Suite to copy my music in, after it finished the memory card say: “memory in use” or “processing”. After an hour I just shuted it down. I really dissatisfy with this product.

  17. farah

    just got one last month…it’s still a headache for me to navigate thru ๐Ÿ™‚

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