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Posted August 1, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Explore

Today I was looking around to check out the upcoming models of Nokia phones that have passed the FCC test and are in queue to be introduced in the market soon. Guess what? Only today FCC have approved the latest Nokia XpressMusic phone which will be introduced in the market. It is the latest inclusion in the Nokia XpressMusic smartphones family and comes with Touch UI and can be tagged as a 5800 XpressMusic twin – the 5800i XpressMusic.

However 5800i XpressMusic doesn’t include any WiFi connectivity which is really sad if you think about it as most of the other models in the same price range do. 5800i XpressMusic does have a slight upgrade in terms of camera however the CPU was not upgraded either. This may be because Nokia is planning bring the Touch UI within the reach of the general lot who are looking for the Touch Experience and are satisfied with it as it is.

While tech freaks (myself included) can’t imagine a smartphone without the WiFi option, I must confess, most of the senior members of the community in general just finds the Touch UI much “cooler” than all the other technical features included. Most people will be happy if a Nokia branded phone brings Touch UI and a great camera within their limited budget.

So far the design seems to be a copycat of the original but then again it is the “altered/updated” model of the same old 5800. This phone can do really well in places of the world where WiFi or 3G is not valued as much as it should be and a ‘camera’ phone is always the market leader in terms of sale.

Some of the detailed technical specs and primary features of the phones are:

  1. 5800i XpressMusic comes with Touch UI.
  2. A Carl Zeiss powered 3.2 Megapixels camera, (2048×1536 pixels) and can zoom further than the normal 5800 XpressMusic as it has longer focus distance (4.6 mm to be exact).
  3. It has a second VGA camera as well which resembles the usual stuff from the regular Nokia 5800.
  4. GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and UMTS 900, 2100 band compatible.
  5. Comes with GPS and supports the Assisted GPS (or A-GPS) technology.
  6. Supports GPRS, EDGE and other mobile internet technologies with its integrated modem.
  7. 5800i has a 3.5 mm TV out which can be used for headphones and TV Connectors.
  8. Includes Bluetooth, MicroUSB connectivity.
  9. Uses BL-5J batteries with a 5-8.8 hours of talk time limit and over 400 hours of standby time in both GSM and WCDMA mode.
  10. Includes standard 5800 XpressMusic functions like handwriting recognition, stylus, Virtual QWERTY keyboard, a proximity sensor, light sensor etc.
  11. Is eco friendly and does not have traces of nickel on its skin, oh yeah! Nokia recycles!

Some pics:

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic - Side Panel

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic – Side Panel

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic - Tilted

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic – Tilted and against the Cheek

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic - Backpanel

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic – Backpanel

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic - Draft Set Up

Nokia 5800i XpressMusic – Draft Set Up

Here is the user manual that has been shaped up so far as per Nokia’s draft submission to the FCC:

Draft User Guide Manual - 5800i

Draft User Guide Manual – 5800i

And some additional hardware pictures of what’s inside this Touch UI driven smartphone:

Download - More Internal Hardware Pics

Download – More Internal Hardware Pics

To have a detailed look at this Touch OS based Symbian phone’s original 5800 model simply check out the post I made regarding the 5800 XpressMusic earlier.

Also, please do note that all this info are still not finalized and are in the process of probable upgrades. These pictures are the basic prototype images of the upcoming XpressMusic 5800i and rest assured that will be much more gorgeous and shiny! What do you think from the pictures?

And lastly, please subscribe to the feed if you already have a Nokia or you are interested to buy one!! Cheers!

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  1. Alabi

    helo everyone,please the radio of my nokia 5800 express music is not working.what can i don please help me and when charging it will be discharge

  2. PKevin

    I would like to thank you for such a great review. The sales guys really made it look better though. I guess thats what they are paid for. Lol.

    Had it not been of your awesome review I was near to the brink of purchasing myself this gadget. Thanks for saving me the money 🙂 that I invested in another E Series Handset

  3. Arash

    please say me is there m trannsmitter software for nokia 5800?
    or call me

  4. catty

    gr8 info abt Nokia 5800i, i own this marvelous piece!! gotta great info from this post

  5. WuTang

    Sadly, I agree with that 🙁 it is sad in a way specially because the camera is not great either. The longer focus point of the camera (4.2mm) in this ‘i’ version hopefully will make it a better camera phone though.

  6. Pete

    5800i without wifi? How dumb! I mean, why call it a 5800i? The “i” implies an upgraded and better handset.

    They should have called it the 5700 Express Dull Phone!

  7. Patrick

    awesome early review. i agree tho, looks like a clone of the actual 5800.

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