How to Get Your Certificate & Key File Instantly for Signing Apps

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In this tutorial I will show you 2 different ways to acquire the certificate and key files for your Nokia smartphones easily. This tutorial is mainly for those who have never signed any application before and are constantly facing errors during their installation of unsigned applications, games and themes. The common errors that are being faced by thousands of Symbian owners worldwide are “Certificate Expired“, “Unable to Install a Protected Application from an Untrusted Supplier” and “Restricted by Certificate Type“.

To Hack your Nokia properly you will have to have a developer Certificate and Key file for your Nokia device. The Certificate and Key File are tied to your specific IMEI number of the phone which is a security measure and that is what we will try to bypass.

The previous process of acquiring Certificate and Key file was only successful manually (Manual Method Tutorial – Not Recommended) and it was hell difficult to actually get your certificate and keyfile. But hold on, it gets much better starting from today. Here are 2 simple, quick and efficient ways to get your IMEI specific Dev Certificate (.CSR file) and Keyfile (.KEY file).

The first process is absolutely magnificent, moderately easy and can have you get your certificate and key within 2-3 minutes at best. There is a second method (manual method) which is super easy and also moderately fast and you are sure to get your certificate and key file within 24 to 48 hours.

Process 1:

Get your Certificate Automatically from your Phone by installing XSteveDore Express – a multipurpose certificate management application for S60!

What is XSteveDore?

X Stevedore Signer

XSteveDor Signer

XSteveDore Express is a new application from the guys at OPDA and it lets you check, acquire and update your certificate and key file straight from your device. The application is in Chinese and even though there is an unofficial English version available – I am going to show you how to do it easily with the official Chinese version as that version is available as a Signed Sis File. It is really easy so don’t be scared even though it is in Chinese.

However, note this cautiously, you will have to request, acquire and download the certificate and key file within the first 2 hours of the installation. After 2 hours, this application is useless in terms of obtaining certificate and key file.

Step 1 – Download and install the signed version of the application on your Nokia device. Download and Install SignSIS for signing any apps easily from your laptop or PC. Both these files are included in the download below:


Download All in One Signing Tools

Step 2 – After the installation is over, browse to your phone menu and enter into the folder “My Own” as shown below.

After Installation - Signing

After Installation – Signing

Step 3 – Open the Application and browse on to the last item on the screen!

Launch the Last Icon

Signing – Launch The Last Item

Step 4 (Optional) – Set up your Certificate and Key File Save Location. The default set up for this stores the Certificate and Key File on to your phone memory but I recommend you to change that to your memory card as this will allow you to have a sure access to them.

Step 5 (Mandatory) – Click on to the “2nd last” item (the icon left to the last icon) of the application and you will see that you are being shown a pop up screen. Simply click the Left OK button of your phone, the application will automatically download the Certificate and Key file and ask you to name the file so that it can save on the location you specified . You can give any name you want.

Note: After you press the Left Ok button the application will ask for the Access Point to use when connecting to the server to acquire the Certificate and Key File. You must have GPRS/WAP/Edge/3G activated to successfully download and save the Cer and Key file. The process takes place in the background, takes around 3 mins to 5 mins in average.

Certificate and Key File Screen - Save It and Proceed.

Certificate and Key File Screen – Save It and Proceed.

Step 6 – This is the last step of the process and is simply a logical step. Open X-Plore or File Explorer or Connect your Phone in PcSuite Mode and browse into your device. If you did take step 4 and saved the two files on your memory card rather than the phone memory then browse into your memory card and locate the folder “MyCert” and you will find your Certificate and Key File within that folder. Make 2 copies of the “MyCert” folder and put 1 copy of the folder as a back up (optional but recommended for safekeeping) somewhere inside your phone or PC and transfer the other Copy of the folder on your Computer (anywhere you like).

These Steps are Entirely Optional

All the Steps shown on this particular image are Automated.

Step 7 – Connect your phone to your PC or Laptop using Nokia PcSuite. You already have your Certificate and Key file located on your memory card and all you need is to get your hands on them.

Browse to Nokia Phone Browser

Browse to Nokia Phone Browser

Browse to the Cer and Key

Browse to the Folder where the Cer and Key is saved using Nokia PcSuite or X-Plore

Dev Certificate and Key File

Your Dev Certificate and Key File!

Step 8 – Run SisSigner 2.2 from your PC and Browse to the Unsigned SIS File on the first Field, Browse to the Dev Cert File (the one you just copied from your phone) on the second field and Browse to the Key File you just downloaded. Then Click Sign Sis to successfully sign the application and install it on your phone! Yes – You Are Done!

SignSIS Tutorial

SignSIS Reference & Instructions (Click The Image To View the Full Version)

Conclusion & Remarks: This is by far the fastest and easiest method available to acquire your Certificate and Key File for signing your unsigned Nokia Apps, Games and Themes. Get it now and remember – you must finish requesting the Certificate and Key File within the FIRST 2 Hours after your installation of XSteveDore Express.

Symbian Signing!

Symbian Signing!

Process 2:

The second process through which you can get your IMEI specific dev Certificate and Key File easily is by registering with any one of the 2 sites: Site 1 and Site 2. Both the listed sites are in English so it should not really be a problem for a regular web junkie to complete registration and getting your signing certificate and key files. This process however is very lengthy compared to the process I mentioned above. On an average getting your Certificate and Key File from either of them will take you around and at least 24 hours to 48 hours (or more).

Still, to make things really easy for you here is a step by step guide I prepared just for you – my good friends and loyal subscribers & visitors! In this guide I will be using Site 1 as the example site. Site 2 works the same way compared to Site 1 so one guide should do it even for the newest of newbies.

Step 1: Simply click on any one of the 2 links of the sites I specified. For this guide I am using Site 1 as an example like I told you earlier. After clicking you should be taken to a page for free registration. Here is an image with pointers on what and how to fill up the vacant forms.

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 1

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 1

Step 2: After filling up the registration form as shown above you will have to submit your registration application. This will show you the message “Registered Successfully” and forward you to the main page. You will now have to click the top right Login Button  and fill the blank fields with your registration info as shown below:

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 2

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 2 (Click the Picture to view a Better Version of the Picture above)

Step 3: After you successfully fill out the Login Form with the username and password and have clicked the Login button you will be taken to the back-end of your account. While you are logged in and browsing the back-end of your account you will see a button which allows you to apply for a free Certificate and Key for your IMEI. Now click on that “Apply Certificate” button as shown on the image below.

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 3

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 3

Step 4: After you click on the orange “Apply Cer” button you will be taken to another blank form where you will have to fill up the info required for acquiring your certificate. It will ask for your Symbian device’s IMEI number, Phone’s maker and Model Number and for your remark. The remark field is simply an extra field so that you can tag this request and write anything relevant that you want to include. You can find your IMEI number by pressing the following combination on your phone’s keypad. The combination to find your IMEI number is: *#06#

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 4

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 4

Step 5 – After you have submitted your request to acquire your very own Certificate and Key file as shown in step 4, all you have to do is wait for 24 hours to 48 hours (or maybe even 72 hours) and check back to download your generated Certificate and Key. The time taken to have your files ready usually takes a day on average but it can take much longer.

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 5

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 5

Step 6 – To find out if your files are ready you will have to sign in again on the site. To do this you will have to click on the Login menu as shown below. Once you are logged in simply click on the”My Certificate” menu as shown on the image below. If your files are ready then the “State” message under the “My Certificate” menu will be shown as Normal. If it is anything else but Normal then you will again have to check back after 24 hours or so.

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 6

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 6

Step 7 – Once your State Message is shown as “Normal” as shown on the image above, it means your Cer file and Key file are ready to be downloaded. All there is left to do is to simply click on the .Cer file once and click on the .Key File once. They are located under the “Operate” header of the table shown below. These 2 files are what you need to Sign your Unsigned Applications, Games or Themes. These 2 files will also eliminate error messages such as “Certificate Expired” or “Unable to Install Protected Application from Unprotected Supplier” on your Symbian device. Once you have the 2 files, click on the “Log Out” link to safely return to our blog!

Symbian Signing Guide 2 - Step 7

Symbian Signing Guide 2 – Step 7

Conclusion & Remarks – As you can see this process is dead easy and with this tutorial in your bookmarks mean that you will never get lost at any point in time. I really hope that this tutorial and reference guide will serve all your Certificate and Key Files requirements that you sometime face when trying to install our featured applications, games or themes.

The process works on all sorts of devices and smartphones of Nokia and other brands. Still here is a list of Nokia N-Series, E-Series and X Series smartphones that I have written this extensive tutorial for:

This guide applies to the following Symbian OS supported Devices – E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E63, E65, E66, E71, E72, E75, E90, N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N78, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N95, N95 8GB, N96, N97, N97 Mini, X3, X6 Xpress Music, 5800, 5700, 5500, 5070, 5130, 5200, 5220, 5230, 5300, 5310, 5320, 5530, 5610, 5630, 6020, 6030, 6060, 6070, 6080, 6080b, 6085, 6086, 6101, 6103, 6110, 6111, 6120 Classic, 6121c, 6124c, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6210 Navigator, 6220c, 6230, 6230i, 6233, 6234, 6267, 6280, 6290, 6288, 6300, 6301, 6303c, 6350, 6500c, 6500s, 6555, 6700, 6600 etc and more.

Please subscribe to the RSS Feed (it is free!) before you download the files! Writing this entire guide took much effort and when you subscribe – it is all worth it to me!!

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  117. tinashe

    according to your instructions I am meant to run SisSigner 2.2 from my pc. Is this particular program part of the initial download coz I went through it but I cant find a signing software with that particular file name. I have located one with the file name ‘signer’ which is located in a folder ‘signer 1 – PC’ then there’s the other one named ‘signtools2.2’ which is located in the folder ‘signer 2 – PC’…

    …and what’s the ‘freeSigner’ application for? Can I use this to sign applications directly from my mobile phone?

  118. Ibro

    I’m using n95 8g & I try downloading SignSIS on my phone but its giving me certificate error Tell me what should i do about it. I need to download themes and lots on my phone. Help! Help!! Help!!!

  119. zahri

    when i try to extract the file using winrar its says unexpected end of archive.
    Please can u give me another link pls

  120. Jeremy Russell

    The SiSSigner program i have for PC doesn’t work. is there another program i can use to sign my files? Thank you.

  121. Jeremy Russell

    The SiSSigner program i have does not work at all. What am i doing wrong if anything, and is there another program i can use to sign my files? Thank you.

  122. rititi


    Thank you for your blog.

    I can’t seem to install an application however. It says certificate limitations.

    what should I do?

    Thank you

  123. Martinus Kaptein

    Dear colleage,
    Thanks for your help in getting out of difficulties related with certificates.
    I just downloaded the Cer. and key file.
    However, now my question is how to get further with the downloaded files?
    The Cer.file I could install at my computer.
    However, when I opened the keyfile ther came a question where registering this file? Could you give me an operationsguide how to apply the two downloaded cer. and keyfiles in order that you can work with them?
    Kind regards, I’m waiting for your answers,

  124. Martinus Kaptein

    Dear friend,
    Thanks for your help in getting out of difficulties related with certificates.
    I just downloaded the Cer. and key file.
    However, now my question is how to get further with the downloaded files?
    The Cer.file I could install at my computer.
    However, when I opened the keyfile ther came a question where registering this file? Could you give me an operationsguide how to apply the two downloaded cer. and keyfiles in order that you can work with them?
    Kind regards,

  125. spacyzuma

    Pls will either method work on my N8?

    I want to install the cracked Total Recall software on it. I did the above some months ago on my Nokia 5320XM and it all worked perfectly, but I’m scraed to try it on my new N8.

  126. guys… and then what should i do with these 2 files?
    i use the “Process 2” on my E72.
    what should i do then??… Help please…


    • JaimeCarlos

      “Step 8 – Run SisSigner 2.2 from your PC and Browse to the Unsigned SIS File on the first Field, Browse to the Dev Cert File (the one you just copied from your phone) on the second field and Browse to the Key File you just downloaded. Then Click Sign Sis to successfully sign the application and install it on your phone!”

  127. yogendra

    fantastic job its mindblowing & works 100% on my 5235 keep it up friends

  128. Kharl

    how do i install the key and cer file after i download it? is just like installing a sis file?
    do i have to use a signing tool to install those two files?

  129. assef


  130. eexx

    iam not able to download key and cert as it is showing exclamatory message.please help

  131. tango Crash

    SIsSigner 2 PC has an .
    SisSigner 1 PC – not recognized by PC, signing failed

    The Path of the Righteous Man Is Beset on All Sides by the inequities of the Selfish and the Tyranny of Evil Men !


    This link shows the stuff in english.

    Tried it many times( within the 2 hour frame), however the access point never gets established. The access points work fine otherwise for sure.

    It just shows the access point wheel icons grinding and the net connection never gets established, so i guess it never gets the certs.

    Anyway, Thanks.

    Anyone knows if this first process is still operational ?

    Will try option 2.

  133. Pretty confusing .

    There are a few more steps of chinese screens missing from the screen shots !

    Thanks for the effort though, must have helped many , I am sure.

    Never underestimate punctuations !

    Eat, shoots and leaves !!!

  134. NokiaUser

    This is the best tutorial out there, thank you!
    Much recommended.

  135. ido4444

    i had a feeling it won’t download the files

  136. Mahmud

    IThe provided ZIP file got trozan horse!!!!! AVG saved my PC! But love this post anyway!!

  137. shamim

    bro how to sign my 5320
    please do somthing

  138. Charlse


  139. Kevin

    Tanks a lot man. I got my cert and key within 8 hours of registration. I tried it to sign a few apps and it works. Thanks man you are the best..keep the good work going on.. God bless.. Thanks again..
    And those who cannot follow these simple steps they must be really dumb. No use of blaming the admin blame yourself and read the post properly..

  140. Khopl

    Can someone help? The guide is very confusing…beginning from the 1st step. Do I download the “All In One Signing Tools” into my phone or my PC? I tried downloading directly from my phone…but there is no “My Own” folder! WTF?!

    How the F*@# am I suppose to follow to Step 2 if I can even get pass Step 1??!!

  141. Death

    Thanks a lot…

  142. someone

    you are a fucking liar. What does sign.sis have to do with C://Windows/system32? It is a fucking unoneping 2 second msdos window. Symantec’s norton IS defined it as trojan gen. Hey, everybody, do not download it.

  143. boriske125

    hi after i change the date like you said uts not appear it said to me error xertificated and exoired and he send to me that i will speak with supprotr can you help me

  144. boriske125

    hi how i can install the aplication fo fre sign its seems expire certificate thanks for help

  145. follow some simple steps, first unzip (AIOSgn) you see there are 3 folders go for (common) here u see (SisSigner – Use Any 1) folder, click it see there are 3 more folder , now follow my instruction click this folder (Signer – Mobile) and install freesigner app in ur mobile phone if you got expired certificate message go to mobile clock settings and change date back to 2009 year / 7,6,5 or 4 month now u can install ur freesigner…….

    Now go to this site { }
    and follow some simple steps (Prosses 2) that shown above read it carefully…

    you will get ur IMEI number cert & key after 24 hours, download it in ur PC. now copy to ur mobile rename them (MyCert ) shown above please follow above steps carefully…

    now u can make unsign version to selfsign version useing ur Mobile with (freesigner.sisx)

    if u want to selfsign from PC than go to (Signer 1 – PC) folder open this folder and click (Signer.exe) now u got simple steps u can do it in ur own……..

  146. hello sir thanks a lots i successfully done by following ur tutorial now its really very simple for me and i got doing every thing which i cant, now no error message thanks once again…….

  147. Bryan

    It does not show any fonts..and at step 5, when they said a pop out suppose to come out… but it did not appear.

  148. After clicking on second last icon and after 1st option some Caution mark appears and nothing happened wht ws that?

  149. Hey, ur FreeSigner.sisx shows expired Certificate

  150. Hello

    please help me, I downloaded my certificate and key from Site1 of process 2, but I still can’t install apps in my Nokia X6, I still get a certificate error. Please advise. Thanks

  151. Hello,

    please help. I already downloaded my certificate and key file from Site1 of process 2, I used it to sign applications, but when I try to install those signed applications in my Nokia X6, I still get a Certificate error. Please advise. Thanks!

  152. Chintan

    hi i wanna really thank you………….i was looking for a way to get a certificate from 2 days and was disgusted by the opda ppl…………how much they make us wait…….but i used your method 1 and it worked thanx a ton u rock!!!

  153. chen58

    Hello guys.
    I did try to get my CER & KEY files from OPDA.CN
    but the status is still “Applying” since I Applied my IMEI number (Aug-29).
    it says that it should be up to 5 days – so- what went wrong?

    BTW – i tried to apply with new login name – but still – nothing happend

    HELP please.

  154. adrian

    can help me??
    i just a small kid thx..

  155. ubagu david

    i need my developer certificate and key for my 5800d-1 xm,imei 354182/02/148038/7,code 0559427

  156. ubagu david

    i need my developer certificate and key,so how do i do that

  157. is there any certificate for my nokia c5 available. Process 1 wont works,shows error.

  158. mka

    Hi – I followed your directions without problems until step 5 of Process 1. When I click on the 2nd icon from last, then click on the left button, I get 4 items in a list: the 2nd says (cer) and the 3rd says (key). my xpressmusic 5800 only has an Options tab and a Back tab at the bottom. You say that the Certificate and Key should automatically download, does this mean I just press Back? When I go into the memory card I don’t see a new folder titled ‘MyCert’ (It’s also not on the phone memory because I followed the previous step). I do have a ‘AMDownloads’ folder however, but it’s empty.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks.

  159. me

    grate works fine!

  160. dan

    i downloaded the .cer and .key files now wat next??
    thrs an application that this website provides but its in chineese. how my application is signed????
    explain the procedure after downloading both files to my pc.
    mail it to me at “”

  161. Chandra

    Hi… Thanks.. I got using opda site. Thanks………………………………………

  162. shiv kumar

    I was trying to install smart movie in my x6 but it is showing ‘certificate expired’ error

  163. Chandra

    Hi. While installing XSteveDor, it shows certificate error….. Waste of my time…

  164. romeo1231

    As I know the cer and key file gives only certain permissions to an application. For example some applications like rompatcher and modo cannot be installed by signing with this certificates it will give error saying ‘required application acess not granted’ and for not facing that type of error hacking is recomended.

  165. Aamir

    can someone pls tell me that if we’re getting cer+key by following above procedure, then what’s the need of “HelloX2” and Rompatcher, as i found these to be very crucial on other websites?????

  166. Lavin

    Hey!! Thanx a Ton… At the beginning it was a bit hassle trying to play around with the chinese app.
    But later it worked like a charm on my 5230…. Although the interface of Signsis2.2.exe is a bit different but I managed to work it out..
    Thnx again..

  167. cruciato

    i cant install this says certificate using 5235.thnks

  168. babar amin

    Hi. I have done all but unable to download the key and cer file.. whenever I click on them HTML file is saved and nothing else! please help

  169. palas_b400

    my certificate and key file downloading as a note every time.what to do????

    • sonali

      it’s ok. just don’t use the browse button in sissigner. rather type the path to the cert/key file. it works fine.

  170. olumyde

    what next if i download the cer and the key in the 1 site

  171. mack

    im using ur second process, what to do after downloading the cer and key?
    help me….

  172. gelz

    i tried site2 but the key file cant be downloaded. but the status is complete. i have the cer file already. why is this so??will i have to wait a lil l0nger?

  173. jpmartins

    I’ve tryed out the 2nd procedure. It already passed more than 48 hrs and no certificate and key file available!!!! It sucks!!!! On the satate it figures an red up arrow saying “Applying”.
    Does anybody knows any other way to ger certificate and key file!? Many thanks!!!

  174. About XSteveDore, what name are written on the cert(s). when we create them? I wish to have the cert(s). using my name, but is that even possible?

  175. trojan

    tried the steps on the chinese version currently on opda.. I get nothing created like the dir on mem card or certs. if I press the first option in the second step above the cert and key I get an error.. don’t know what it does but thougt I’d try it… whats the problem and will I be fooked now for the quick wat of getting the certs? oh by the way its an n97

    • trojan

      looks to me like its failing on the server connection when connecting to the web… is there a password needed or should it be blank?

  176. libyan

    does this give a solution as well for the untrusted certificate problem in nokia 6120 classic ?
    that occurred while entrerred yahoo e mail although signing to the yahoo website was done
    and other e mails was openned easily like hotmail , gmail and others ?
    if you need any details i will provide you dears ? please urgent

    • libyan

      notice : the signining in into yahoo email to read messages not done ……unlike other emails like hotmail…….

  177. ravaelneo

    chaos, i wanna ask something, the sis signer taht attached in all in one signing tools that ive downloaded is v 1.8? there’s no imei input there…. can it be used? coz i tried to looking for v 2.2 on the internet but i couldnt found it. and what about the mobile version ,can it be used to register our imei? pliz reply this message.thanks.

  178. it is really awsome thanx so much i WNTED to throw my phone now hope is there again

  179. Megadeth

    Hey Istiaq bro do u know how to get a cer and key for like 20 yeas with the issuer and subject name of Myself..,is there any software coz I have seen many users with their own cer with their name and all
    the other thing do reply bro

  180. metalracer

    I downloaded HelloOx and got certs and keys from opda site. Everything works as promised. Great work! Thousand thanx!

  181. raghu

    XSteveDore Express is not installing again same pr..

  182. XspOt


    Im not a computer savy guy but I want to maximize the potential of my phone through adding applications..I do encounter the expired certificate thing and its frustrating..I wonder by the methods presented beforehand, is it safe to do it because im scared that maybe my phone would get corrupted or anything..Can any of you please reply on this?


  183. Nishant

    hello i hv signed core player 1.36 using certificate and key provided by for my Nokia 5800XM but its still gives Certificate error while installation….Reply pls…

  184. Nishant

    hey I hv singnd Core player 1.36 with My own Nokia 5800XM cretificate nd keys generated by but its still Not working In my phone…please Reply..

  185. shivam

    the asks for password

  186. martin

    thanxs for the hlp i hope i can continue hacking steps furthermore, sorry for my english i

  187. gilergamer

    i tried to get the certificate&key using xstevedore method,but when i try to install to my phone it require a’s that?help me please….

  188. Irfan

    in the step 5 when the 2nd last option has to chose, i got a tone with big cross sign………. and nothing happing. plz tell me wats the problem? wait………..

    • That means you have exceeded the number of times you can request a certificate/key. This also usually means that you have the key files and certificates already. So connect your phone to the Nokia pcsuite pc browser and locate your cert/key.

      • maedafoca

        I just found your page and find the tutorial great! Still, I’m sorry but i’m new on those stuffs…
        Anyway, I have an N86 device and I would love to play all game as possible!
        Do those files certificate an dkey allow me to register n-gage games?
        What should I do to be able to play my games with certificate and key files?

        • raghu

          the same pr again….XSteveDore Express it s not installing….it is saying contact supplier certificate error plzzzz reply

  189. NOD

    The downloaded file contains a virus!!!!!

  190. incus

    Whenever I try to use process one Step 5, I get an error message prompt with a big red exclamation point. What would this mean? How will I know if I was successful in obtaining my certificate and key? Help please..

  191. incus

    Whenever I try to use process one Step 5, I get an error message prompt with a big red exclamation point. What would this mean? How will I know if I was successful in obtaining my certificate and key?

  192. Oprek

    I’m still confusing, what should i do with the cer and key file. I have downloaded the freesigner sisx cz i want to sign helloox 2 but, it still could not install. Help me please, thank’s before.

  193. amelcruise

    hey bro.thanks a lot for this info.i already had my .cer and .key files…but i didnt know how will i use this..there’s no instruction after ive downloaded it..Am i going to put it already to my phone?

    • Hiya bro… that is up to you. You can choose to keep them on your mobile if you are usually downloading files from your mobile through GPRS.

      However, my recommendation is this:

      After you have downloaded the key file and certificate file you can make a copy of these 2 files and keep one copy of those 2 files (cer n key) on your computer and keep the other copy of the two files (cer n key) on your mobile.

      The reason for keeping the files on your mobile and on your computer is so that you can sign any unsigned application or unsigned games easily from both the mobile phone and the computer.

      To sign any apps/games/themes etc you will simply need any 1 of the 3 signer files I have included in the download.

      Within the Signer folder you will notice that there are 2 .exe and 1 .sisx (already signed) file. The EXE files are for your computer whereas the SISX file is for mobile. All 3 of them are Signers – 2 of them are Signers from PC and the other is a Signer App for Mobile.

      When signing files from your PC choose ANY ONE of the 2 EXE files (whichever you feel comfy with). Both the exe files are standalone programs so you are not required to install them – Simply Click to Open and Sign!

      If you want to sign apps/games directly on your mobile phone then you will need to Install the SISX (already signed) file on your mobile device. The SISX file is a simple application that acts in the same way the EXE files does – only difference is that it does the Signing from your mobile phone instead of the PC.


    thanks 4 nfo, you’re still da best, anyway how did you learn all those symbian things? keep the good work…

  195. jgamda

    thnx 4 da tutriol will it work with n79.. Bye

  196. Filthysoul

    Hey Istiaq bro….I was eagerly waiting for ur surprize but ….bro The post 80 apps on messaging wass not bad but important.Hey bro pls post some new games and apps….Pls update the applications to the new versions.This site is really awesome.Keep it up..cheerios

  197. Yusuf

    Nice Tutorial…
    Thanks for the softwares….

  198. james

    thnx a lot for writing the 2 tutorials. u guys simply rock. i am trying the process 1 now!

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