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Version: 2011, Version 11.2.6
Works With: Symbian^3, S3, Anna, Belle
Publisher: Sygic
License Type: Full


Stunning 3D maps with voice navigation. Available for Europe (including Russia), Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Easy maps downloading and updates.


Bit of manual overwriting of some files maybe a turn off for novice users.

ring the power of android devices to your shiny new Symbian S^3 smartphone and amaze your friends instantly. Sygic Aura, originally released for Android devices, can be successfully used for GPS navigation on Nokia smartphones that carry the Anna or Belle Symbian OS. With the easy installation steps I am about to post here you […]

by Chaos Inc.
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ring the power of android devices to your shiny new Symbian S^3 smartphone and amaze your friends instantly. Sygic Aura, originally released for Android devices, can be successfully used for GPS navigation on Nokia smartphones that carry the Anna or Belle Symbian OS. With the easy installation steps I am about to post here you will quickly get up and navigating with hardware accelerated navigation on your Symbian smartphones.


Sygic Aura

Before we entangle ourselves with the installation steps, let us take a look at some of the features of Sygic Aura quickly.

  • Sygic Aura includes free map updates including latest road coverages and POI.
  • Hardware accelerated graphics lets you navigate smoothly with zero lag anywhere anytime.
  • Real time traffic updates assures you the fastest route is taken by you when you need it.
  • Offline navigation allows you to store all maps on your memory card without much fuss or incurring GPRS data charges.
  • Voice navigation is also included and regional street names are properly spoken in the right accent.
  • Comes built in with Google Local Search which enables you to explore a world full of POI.
  • Allows you to search your streets directly without the need of remembering any of their names.
  • Clear, precise and animated Lane Guidance System assures you do not mix up the lanes when you are navigating a new city for the first time.
  • Detailed and flexible multi-stop route planning is also present which calculates the exact ETA for any sort of complex navigational systems.
  • Alerts you of speed limit changes, existing speed cameras and real time speed traps the moment they are deployed.
  • For contacts with stored address details, Aura can easily navigate to their location with just one click.
  • Additionally works with simple GPS co-ordinates, postal code based navigation etc.
  • Sygic Aura for Nokia Symbian is multi-touch compatible, comes with a built in with a bluetooth enabled car audio enhancement.
  • Aura can navigate easily even when it is running in the background. It will keep running even when you are making a call!
  • Automatic rotation when you turn your phone to landscape and vice-versa.
  • Real time weather updates, twitter/facebook sharing, destination sharing, location sharing are some of the other features of Sygic Aura.
  • Includes a SOS assistant, a travel book, stopwatch and a comprehensive point of interest catalog.
Installation instructions:

It is quite simple to be honest so here we go without any further ado:

Download 1 – Sygic Aura Download

1) At first you have to download the zip installer (download 1 – namely Sygic Aura Download) and extract it on to your PC preferably, so that you install Sygic Aura on your phone. You will see that there are things there, one the SetupSygicGPSNavigation.SIS file and a folder called Sygic.

2) Now we have to transfer the installer on your phone. To do that please go ahead and transfer the Sygic folder to the Root of your phone’s memory card and then install the supplied SetupSygicGPSNavigation sis file to your phone. You must select English as your preferred language.

3) Once the SIS installer has completed the installation successfully, you are basically done. All you have to do now is to get the correct Android maps on to your Symbian device. To get the maps for your desired country please install the second file from below (download 2).

Maps Update Instructions:

Download 2 – Sygic Maps Downloader

1) It is quite simple too. Simply download the above file namely Sygic Maps Downloader and extract it.

2) Now browse onto the following folder after the extraction is done with. Go To: Sygic Downloader 1.9 – Android – Aura 11.2.6. Run the exe file and download the map you want straight on to your computer.

3)ย  Here is the tricky bit though, once the download is over you need to rename the maps file and transfer it on to your phone so that Symbian OS recognizes it along with Sygic. For eg. Say you downloaded the map of Australia, you will notice the file is named as aus.ta.20XX.YY. XX denotes the name of the maps and YY denotes the version number of the map itself. You need to rename this to aus.ta.2013.01 and copy only this specific folder to Sygic/Auramaps on the phone’s memory card. There will be other folders that doesn’t need to be copied at all so you will only have to copy the country specific folder which in our case is aus.ta.2013.01.

That’s it enjoy high performance navigation any time you want without incurring extra charges right from your smartphones. Maps that are currently supported are all the countries from Europe including Russia, England, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Portugal, France, Spain etc. many countries from Asia including China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and faraway countries like Australia, New Zealand etc.

Sygic Aura is supported by Symbian OS S3 devices like Nokia N8, C6, C7, X7, T7,E6, E7, 702T, Nokia Oro etc. Please like us at Facebook or subscribe to our RSS Feed before trying this out. Also feel free to share your contents on our forum ๐Ÿ™‚

Last but not the least, if you need other versions of Sygic for S60 v5 devices or S60v3 smartphones then check out our earlier article on Sygic GPS and another on the Sygic Mobile GPS Navigator.

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  1. zari s

    give me whatsapp applaction for nokia 500

  2. Rashid Hassan

    It says Disk Error in my nokia C7. Can you pls Help me to use this awsome aap..

  3. Maddy

    KIndly upload the Pakistan maps. Thanks in advance bro.

  4. Maddy

    Brother give me a Pakistan map.

  5. fred

    It is simply ridiculous.

  6. A.Mak

    hi, i have a problem, well when i downloaded the maps the file already was named wth the numbers in it, and when i put it on the memory card i tried loading the app, it worked everything is fine but the map isnt loading, can someone help

  7. Dorian

    Could someone tell me if there are maps of South Africa, if not what would the best alternate be

  8. butch

    well I just used ovi map and it works for me, I can use it in my car while driving navigation is easy, it’s offline and downloading for any country is free no hustle at all, just download it using nokia suite, first you have to download nokia suite and install it on your PC and from there connect your nokia phone and start downloading which ever country you want, put the setting to offline and there you go, start navigating.

  9. butch

    Have downloaded both files but unable to extract it. any help pls..

  10. el Maydi

    thx for the upload ๐Ÿ˜€
    but i can’t get the map Of Algeria.
    can someone help me please

  11. Sid

    can any body tell how do i rename the folders for india maps???

  12. ilyamac

    Hello! Unfortunately, it’s works only with maps 2011.09

  13. Christos

    Hello. I would like to know if there’s maps of Cyprus

  14. Sikander Ali S

    Hd games not running in my nokia anna bele 500 why ? Plz help me any sugetion

  15. Gregor

    I instaled sygic on my nokia C7 today. But I have one problem. I transfer maps wich I need for myself and renamed just like it so posed to be and then transfer to my phone in to wright map. So when I start sygic on my phone happens that on my screen say the map version 8.21 does not match the software version 8.31. Could some one help me to solve this problem?!

  16. Suhail

    Assalaamoalaikum Ishtiaq bhai first of all i am thankful to you for the efforts you are doing for us your work is absalutly appriciable , dear brother i have nokia x7-00 symbian belle refresh
    i did every thing as per your advice ,installation of files in root folder installation of maps as per your instructions means everything went fine ,but when i started the software for results its giving disk error ,i deleted all setup 2 times installed again but same ,when time comes for results it gives disk error .Yes one more thing i want to share with you my phone is hacked and i am usind it successfully
    kindly help

  17. STEFAN

    Please help me for sygic aura installation on Nokia Symbian x 7 Belle I’ve tried many methods I do not see a map of Romania

  18. mikeisdutch

    I still use the ‘old’ symbian version 11.2.
    can you comment on why I should move up to this android version 11.2.6?
    there is a new version avaliable 12.XX also for Android
    have you fixed this one to?

    love to hear your comment



  19. mikeisdutch

    what are the WCL files for?


  20. mikeisdutch

    these maps 2013.1 ‘run’ for half a year now, when and DO they get updated???


    PS, only european maps !!!!

  21. Friends help me, I have an N8 and downloaded the Sygic application of this Site and does not have the map of BRAZIL, please.

  22. Rani Gupta

    Ab solution b bata saale . . . Sirf post karna janta hai . . .
    Jab ata jata hai nai to post kiya . . . Teri to.

    Pura mood kharab kar diya.

  23. raj

    please koi indian maps kaise download karna hai wo hindi me bataye.

  24. Rani Gupta

    Where are you sir . . . Please reply?

  25. raghu

    installed successfully.but i tried to download India country maps ,i downloaded for my state its name is like i01.xx.2013.01 i renamed it to i01.ta.2013.01 placed in Auramaps. nothing happened , what is solution for it do need to place in symbian folder.. reply asap

  26. Rani Gupta

    @Chaos SIR, . . .
    please provide working files data, here only europe files. . . . need asia files. please sir check again . thanks

  27. ree

    thanks so far,
    sygic is running well but it will only use the greek map. i tried to install several maps, but the programm will not find it. (i have renamed the maps and copied in the right folder). so please help me. where is the mistake?

  28. Omer

    the steps r vague and really hard to understand.
    1) i am getting a disk error when i run the app after i install on my nokia c7 with official belle refresh. i tried installing on the phone memory and the mass memory.

    2) i am still not able to understand what to do with the map folder i downloaded? u renamed it in ur example but what of other countries like Pakistan? what do i change the XX and YY to? obviously, i will do this when that DISK ERROR is fixed. i have already downloaded Pakistan’s map from the Sygic Map Downloader Android section, since the Symbian section only has Europe.

    3) After installing the sis file, where on my phone is this Sygic folder that I have to copy the files in the Zip to? or do i create a new folder called Sygic (from the zip file) directly to my memory card?

    so for the admin, plz help us with the DISK ERROR (alot of people are getting this) and then the rename instructions for maps of other countries apart from Australia.

  29. Rani Gupta

    In india its working(bcoz india in Asia) ? Please sir ans. Me?

  30. Rani Gupta

    Hello sir, im downloaded all in here. Also india.rar. Please help me how to use india.rar data. Please please . . . Thanks

  31. Kami

    Does this supports nokia 603??

  32. Kamran

    When i click on sygic 1.9.exe it only shows me maps of Europe where are the maps of pakistan

  33. Nokia User

    Worst Support! Totally Cheated!!
    Please do provide COMPLETE Instructions!! This file is only valid for Europe. There is a license file only for Europe. Won’t work for countries outside Europe! You should mentioned the complete details while Copying and uploading filed into your server!!
    Simply wasted my time!!

  34. Nokia User


    I think for india map, we need more clarity. The India.rar contains files like “i01.mi.2013.01” … “i32.mi.2013.01”. I copied all of them into the phone folder: :\Sygic\Auramaps\
    I start the app, but for India it does not work.
    Please help.

  35. Paquito

    Works 100% with Europe maps, but 0% with Africa or America; The ,sis installer appears as 11.20, not 11,2,6. What is the problem?

  36. i have downloaded everything necessary for indian wat to do pls tel in detail

  37. tahir

    i put pakistan map
    my file was
    but my sygic map saying disk error
    how to fix?
    can naybody tell??

  38. Khan Lala

    can any one help me how to Install this software…..i have installed on my nokia 700(belle) after intallation it says disk error!

  39. RABI

    tell me in details about the specific folder name and where to put…..etc,,,etc,,,,in detail about the india map. please…coz i’m troubling ..i have downloaded everything but still showing no indian map…..just the preloaded image in blur…..

  40. myfyzal

    do it have malaysia map?

  41. siaq

    solution for installing india maps

  42. siaq

    what will be the name given to india folder to copy on to phone e.g. as mentioned about australiya. as the folder in side the rar file is named as india. we need to rename it so what will be the new name please mention…thnx

  43. Ashley

    Thanks for your reply Rick,I am putting Sygic onto an N8.
    I have done exactly what you instructed (my insallation map is grc.ta.2011.09, but it only installs Greece when Sygic is activated. If I remove the Greece map from Auramaps then restart Sygic it shows no maps available?

  44. Ashley

    Hi Ishtiag,
    I followed the instructions, but something is still wrong? the phone says “no maps installed” I have downloaded (aus) and (nzl) and neither require renaming.The map of Greece works fine but it has other files attached such as ” contents,europe,footprint etc and a serial number is included in 1 file”. Does the (aus) map file require similar files attached to make it work?
    Thank You

    • Rick

      hello, no friend. u jusst need 2 paste the folder containing the aus maps in the maps folder of ur phone. but first u need 2 rename ur aus maps according to the greece maps format.

      if ur greece maps format is grc.ta.2013.26 then u need 2 rename ur aus maps to aus.ta.2013.26 n then paste aus.ta.2013.26 in the maps folder of ur phone.

      thnx ishtiiaq. awsum post.

  45. sahil

    cant find india maps….

  46. Ashley

    Sorry for the above comment, I opened the file rather than saving it and the file downloaded OK

  47. Ashley

    Download 2 seems to have a problem as the file is damaged? It’s only downloading about 200B instead of 12.2Mb.

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