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Version: Multiple
Works With: Symbian OS. S60v2, S60v3, S60v5, S3 Anna, S3 Belle
Publisher: F-Secure
License Type: Full


Great detection rate, a complete security suite with individual options for each features.


Pricey and slows down the phone a little.

One of the better desktop antivirus software solution provider F-Secure have released an antivirus security solution that is compatible with Nokia’s latest Symbian OS platforms like the Symbian S^3 Anna and Belle carrying smartphones. A few years back F-Secure became one of the very first antivirus vendor who dedicated an OEM antivirus solution that is […]

by Chaos Inc.
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One of the better desktop antivirus software solution provider F-Secure have released an antivirus security solution that is compatible with Nokia’s latest Symbian OS platforms like the Symbian S^3 Anna and Belle carrying smartphones. A few years back F-Secure became one of the very first antivirus vendor who dedicated an OEM antivirus solution that is only compatible for the Nokia S60 version 2 platform and phones like 6680, 6681, 6682, 6630 etc.

The latest version of F-Secure Antivirus does a lot more than simply protect you from a wide array of worms and viruses. It is a complete security suite that protects you from online theft, provides parental security, provides a built in firewall for filtering out dangerous SMS/MMS, helps locate your phone in case it is lost or stolen and definitely protects you from nearly 98.6% of all known malware threats.

Main Features:

  1. F-Secure antivirus ensures safe browsing and safeguards your identity online against known and unknown threats.
  2. Child protection mode protects your children from unsuitable web content and applications provided that you enable filtering of such content beforehand.
  3. The built in firewall and filtering engine automatically blocks any unwanted voice calls and blacklisted SMS/MMS messages.
  4. In case of theft or if your phone is lost, F-Secure Mobile Antivirus helps you locate your missing device using GPS and SMS.
  5. In case your phone is stolen and there is absolutely no other way of recovering your device, F-Secure can remotely lock and erase all the contents of your device using SMS.
  6. Prohibits the installation of  any harmful mobile apps, malicious software and all hidden ad-wares.



F-Secure Mobile Antivirus

F-Secure Mobile Antivirus

F-Secure Mobile Antivirus

F-Secure maintains an updated list of harmful websites into their online database which is checked every time you enter a website into your browser’s navigation bar. In case the website you are trying to enter is marked as harmful, F Secure Mobile Antivirus automatically stops the navigation, displays an unsafe website page and blocks the offending site.

The remote locate feature is another awesome thing that comes within the suite. It can locate, display and track the location of your device in real time. It can overlay the track on a map which displays how far the phone has traveled from a specific time, thus allowing you to pinpoint the perpetrator’s location history. You can trigger a remote alarm which even works even if the phone is in silent mode. It also provides SIM card lock and works on the background even if the thief changes your SIM card with  his when SIM lock is not activated.


If you still need a license key after installing any of the downloads above, or if the software asks for a key then try using the following genuine license which should be valid for 6 months from the time of your installation. License Key: 1EPD-YSG8-Y3V9.

Please register in our forum and do not forget to like us on Facebook. Check out some more antivirus apps in our Antivirus and Security Apps section. Some of the devices that are compatible with this security suite from F-Secure are N80, N8, C6, C7, N95, N73, 5800, 5530, X6, E71, E72, Pureview 808, 6681, 6120, N97, N96, E7 etc.

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    its fantastic and i’m rilly enjoying the application in my nokia E6

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  5. Russell nokia n8

    The code is working fine thank you but what should i do after 180days?

  6. Makibul Hussain

    The licence code does not work which u given. Plz give valid code!

  7. Berihun Belay

    I like it, since it makes my phone secure.

  8. stephen

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  9. Brazil


  10. Umar muhammad

    I can’t update f Secure Plz help me

  11. jablo

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  14. honeymarch

    i have been upgraded my noxia x6 a couple days ago, after all upgrades my phone has a notice of “system error” every time i open my phone. How can i remove that “system error” note?

  15. sathya

    i have a nokia n8… I forget my fsecure security code.. How i send sms from the trusted number to reset… That means which format… Pls help me

  16. Rabban

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  18. johnny

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  19. Bhupendra

    Hi farooq,
    great job keep it up it’s activated not just for 30 days but for 6 month
    the activation code is – 1epd-ysg8-y3v9
    great job … !!!
    Don’t know why most of people are shouting for the code as you already give it twice ???
    It’s working till date

  20. Bibin

    i own a nokia n8,now it seems to ask security code while exiting the f-secure app.if anybody knows how to overcome this problem plz help me.i can’t even insert a new sim card too,plz

  21. Jannat

    Can it work in Nokia E71

  22. sagar

    I have nokia 808. im using this app. but my sim is not working n i want to unlock the phone. what should i do??
    pls help

  23. Kamar

    Does it work for Nokia asha 302?

  24. Paul

    Thnx alot…..
    It work for 30 days

  25. veenit

    I am using nokia c6
    Recenty i repaired my cell
    I have changed my sim card
    And when i switch on my cell it asks for unlock key
    I remember my unlock key
    I always try to unlock but it says wrong code
    I have send message from trusted mobile no.
    But then too my problem is not solved
    Please help me

  26. Ionut

    I have nokia c6-00 and extract sim , now my phone stuck in white screen
    Help me:(

  27. edwin

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  28. Jaskeerat

    Thankx alot 4 ur key
    it really worked!!!
    Thank u very very much…..

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    Bro i had for got my security lock key can u help me to unlock it

  30. Gina

    I have a Nokia n8 with Fsecure on it. I have forgotten my security code and I have tried send a message from the trusted cell no. But with no success. What else can i do . Please help…

  31. marcus

    I’ve got a problem. When I tried to close an app the F-Secure asked about security code. Im pretty sure that I don’t entered any code. Is there something like default code? Pls help.

  32. nazila

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  33. magembe richard

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  35. someone stole my phone yesterday and my F-secure is activated but still no massage,can they hack the phone with a computer and shut it down

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  37. I lost my Nokia Purview 808 this morning and will like to first lock it and then wipe the content and invariably locate the phone.

  38. nikhil

    wht is the key for this?

  39. Amit Jadhav

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  40. farooq

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  41. farooq

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  42. bala


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  45. Please, my nokiaE63 mobilephone snaper does not function, I want you to help me out. Each time I want to use it, am always replied ” General feature not supported.

  46. please tech me how to unlock my mobile Nokia e72?, because accidentally lock my phone using the anti theft.by f-secure anti virus

  47. pls help me to re unlock my phone, nokia E72 i was accidentally lock by using f-secure anti-virus? pls help me to it? how to unlock pls send me to my email that i mention .

    • Ben

      Hand format it so dat everytin will be erased includin d Fsecure antivirus(Hold these buttons:
      – Capslock
      – Space
      – Backspace and Press the power on. As
      usual, keep the buttons
      pressed and voila!)mek sure ur memory card and sim card ar removed cuz it gona erase everytin .tanx

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  49. zain

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  56. kaveh sepehrmanesh


  57. Oyelami abdqadir

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  59. Ndu

    I have a F-Secure that is the defualft version of the !st Nokia Belle update and it would be good to know if this one is different or similar. and also if its the demo or full version.
    Thank You For the good, work thus far and all your SymbianS^3 uplaods have been helpfull and i appreciate it very much.

    • Its is good . Tho esi bath me eak jog tho bantha hai .. So read ; when i born devil. Said oh sit one more god.. And you born devil said oh sit competition!!

  60. Menato21

    It for 30 days only…!!!
    It’s not full…

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