Thank you for your interest to advertise with Nokia Symbian Themes

By advertising in Nokia Symbian Themes you can reach a wide range of tech savvy audiences of age group between 14-55 years. People who visit here care about gadgets, phones, and technology related issues greatly. My visitors include general teens to web savvy webmasters, from absolute tech newbies to geek fiends, in other words people who already likes, or wants to, stay with the technology trend. This is also the right time for you to gear up with Nokia Symbian Themes and make it your stepping stone to market your product at a very reasonable cost. As I am only starting out, this is the best time for you to grab it as prices will increase in the future.

All stats are based on Google Analytics:
Before choosing an advertisement on my site you might first be interested in the following statistics:

  • 30 days Visitors: 108,500 + (and growing every month)
  • 30 days Page Views: 500,000 + (and growing every month)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 48,917. (with an up ward trend)
  • Home Page Rank: 6 (with almost all the inner pages having a PR5)
  • Daily Unique Visitors: at least 3500+ (without being dugg or stumbled upon and it is growing everyday)
  • Daily Page Views: at least 16,000 (without being dugg or stumbled upon and it is growing everyday)
  • Feed subscribers: 2000+ (and growing every day, and are not calculated within the daily/monthly visitors)

Aside the stats, why should you advertise with Nokia Symbian Themes:

  • Your ads will be shown at the best possible places. Thus it will get full attention to the visitors whenever they open the site.
  • Your ads will be shown throughout the site, in each page and post or even tags/categories.
  • Every single of those 108,500+ visitors is also a potential buyer for your product!

Currently, I accept a variety of sizes of ads 468×60, 300×250, 125×125, 120×600, ads with the following criteria:

  1. Ads can include .gif animation.
  2. Ads can include Adobe Flash animations.
  3. Ads cannot have any audio of any kind.
  4. Ads cannot include adult/pornographic images or cannot lead to such sites/products.
  5. All ads will have the rel=nofollow attribute in accordance to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Policy.
  6. 125×125 Ads cannot be bigger than 25 KB in size.
  7. 300×250 Ads cannot be bigger than 40 KB in size.
  8. 468×60 Ads cannot be bigger than 35 KB in size.
  9. 120×600 Ads cannot be bigger than 50 KB in size.
  10. Ads Must have proper title and description.

Pricing/Cost of each ad:

Presently, no weekly advertisement options are available and no discount are yet given for advertising more than a month but then again that is negotiable case by case.

  • The cost per 125×125 ad for one month is $50 with a CPM of $0.20 only. (Four slots below the fold only, Rotating Randomly)
  • The cost for the 300×250 ad for one month is $300 with a CPM of $0.60 only. (Above the fold, One Slot Only)
  • The cost for the 468×60 ad for one month is $200 with a CPM of $0.40 only. (Above the fold, One Slot Only)
  • The cost for the 160×600 ad for one month is $150 with a CPM of $0.30 only. (Below the fold, One Slot Only, underneath the Stuffs Menu in the right sidebar)

I reserve the right to approve/disapprove any ad. In that case you will get a full refund of course. Set prices can increase without notice in the future.

To make the payment via Credit Card/PayPal/Wire Transfer/Moneybookers/Egold/Bank Check etc. please mail me directly with the subject “Advertisement Details”. You can also attach your individual banner and link description to make the process faster. My address is potrokunjo at gmail dot com (preferred) or webmaster at nokiasymbianthemes dot com.

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