About me? ….Ah..Err… well these are some facts which would make you know more about me..

I am not affiliated to Nokia by any means, and I do not work there either. However I do design themes for Nokia phones only because of my personal interest. Please check out the disclaimer for further details about that, and also check out the License under which each Nokia mobile theme is protected to find how you can use and distribute my themes.

Ok then, here is a picture of mine:

Ishtiaq Saddam

Ishtiaq Saddam


I’m from the tiny rebellious country named Bangladesh and my real name is Ishtiaq. I’m a complete musciaholic (Websters definition: Someone who is living, eating drinking n sleeping on music… someone who is addicted to music lmao!!) and I love designing and creativity in things.

I love working my free time with new tech stuff as well so you might call me the gadget guy too lol. In music I listen to everything starting from Mozart to Maynard, only thing I hate is commercial pop shit ya know… But here is a true info about me ” I’m a huge huge n superhuge fan of Pink Floyd and I have all their official albums, live albums, studio albums, all solo albums, and more than 200 major bootlegs.

So you can see aye! After Floyd I’m a huge Tool, NIN, Manson, Portishead, TON, Radiohead, Doors, Zeppelin, and countless other bands who knows what is true melody! I also have all these bands entire discography individually. So if you are a fan of them too and need any of their music do let me know through the contact form or email me directly by clicking here.

Now if you ask me my technical expertise then I’d say that I love working with flash CS3, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Go live etc when it comes to designing and beside these I can work my way pretty well with music programming software like Fruity Loops! I’m also a big sucker for any new cell phone application thats just around the corner but not yet discovered and those things in general which may have a good value in our lives.

Ami banglay gaan gai!

Check out my official Google Author Profile here.

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  5. Ashif

    It sounds awesome, like ur pages; nice presentations.

  6. modish

    Well, I suppose it’s ‘fun’ to read about applications, but your site will not allow me to download a single one. That makes reading about them on this site an exercise in futility.

  7. Md Safdar

    how to download games.whats the username and password

  8. hassankk12

    how to sign up this website to download panoman

  9. nasim

    how can i download games

  10. This is a very resourceful site. Thanks to your ‘free time’ :p
    R tomar somporke jante pere khushi holam. 😀

  11. Bjackso

    Sooo many good apps.

    Not one that I can install on my N8!?!?

    How do I ‘get er done’?

  12. Bisi


  13. Lauren

    Just saying, I think you’re doing a really good job with this site! It’s a nice resource, hope it continues to go well in the future.

  14. himel

    wicked site buddy… long time haven seen you, but been visitng your site 😉

  15. Shazaim

    U r great. Nd keep it up.

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  19. Pikko69

    Aloha Ishtiaq, I have been downloading a lot of apps to try for my symbian phone. The way you present the apps for people who are a little bit more into the real symbian stuff FANTASTIC !!! But the apps are not the only reason why I am a fan of your website, you also write a very fine and clear article about updates, new apps or phones etc Only by reading your article I am informed enough so that I can make a choice or know what to do and that is very rare..so keep on doing what you do…. I will be visiting your web hopefully for a very long time and thank you !

  20. Abiaka

    Hi! I a great fan of ur website, but the only problem is that i’m still stuck with the good ol’ N70. So, most of the thing on ur site is not compatible 4 my fone, can u suggest any site where i can download ngage games for n70( i already go soccer but want a few more) i would be really grateful i u can reply by mail

  21. aju

    hi friends a use netquin antivirus while uninstalling it its not removing how can i remove it please help me friends

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  26. regal

    how can i get a activation code for trend micro mobile security, i install free trial , but i cant buy product online bec it to expensive,

  27. Assalamu alikum,

    Hey onik bhai its ryan from america. I see you created a website with lots of traffic good job.

  28. i wan Arsenal themes for series60 too

  29. Katherine

    I have some upcoming news I think you may be interested in. Is there an email address where I can reach you directly?


  30. Great site. i would love to work with you some how. We can send themers your way. Maybe a link trade.

  31. Gp

    Dear Ishtiaq Saddam,
    I have an unusual request. I own an E90 Nokia of course; and I need to know how am I able to download the most up to date software so that I may use a push email service.
    The provider in my country is “Telcel” and I am in Mexico. Since this phone is not sold or distributed by Telcel, they refuse to assist.

    I understand that the “BlackBerry Connect Software” which enables push e-mail and data access solutions to work with non-BlackBerry devices will work on my E90.
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  32. The site design is really great ,I like it.
    But here I want to ask you a question ,how long have you blogged for this?
    Best regards.

    Jackie Chia

  33. vijay

    I felt i was in 6th Heaven after going through this site… well i have a query like can we have a software where we can listen radio through bluetooth headset on Nokia phone .

    i feel confused in searching softwares for the NOKIA N70 ME can you advise me .. i will be very thankful to you…

  34. shauli

    hello! Goood site!
    Do u have some portal for nokia 5800 exprres music?

  35. Hello
    I would like to contact the owner of this blog, i have an offer for you maybe you will be interested.
    Have a nice day!

  36. hI,Ishtiaq,
    its great work, can u plz tell me, how can i load software for my nokia N95 8 GB.
    like total recall, block calls, fs callers.

    have a good day

  37. Great site!
    What do you think about “Private GSM” Application (http://privategsm.com/privategsm-en/)?

    This would be the first call encryption application with real usage value.

    • Indeed Christian, it surely seems like it. Great find… I will get it reviewed and feature it in an upcoming post. Thanks again for letting me know!! Cheers!

  38. aaron

    hey, i was wondering if theres a mobile version to this site.
    Im currently browsing it full screen with my N81

  39. DavE

    Great great great website! Keep up the good work!

  40. hardik

    hi chaos .inc thankyou for your games but can you please tell me the whole method from downloading to playing of the “one” i downloaded it but i don’t know how to install and what to do

  41. Does it work in my nokia 6131

  42. Greetings,

    I’m from the N-Gage Marketing Team and stumbled upon your site.
    Would like to offer free N-Gage themes to your users.

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  43. I hav jus stumbled upon this site…and this look lyk a jackpot ..
    im gettin a new nokia 5320 xpress music , i hope all these work on it !!
    and keep the apps and themes coming , u rock !!

  44. Asif Istiak

    hi Istiaq, by name u r my ‘mita’ lol and i m also bangladeshi. I just want to express my feeling for this site. Easy to browse, nice outlook, funny but informative archieves, 1 click download, amazing collection of items in one site.

    And as a bangladeshi, u also make me feel proud. This site is like home for my N81 8GB. Best of luck bro.

  45. jay

    I really like this site, has some good content, nice simple layout, so i thought i drop a few words. Hey why dont check out my website too

  46. Oren

    great site !
    one of the best.
    it will be greater if you catalog the app/games for each cell id by adding a search box.
    anyway tnx a lot.

  47. Lol… thanks a lot Lavkesh!! I will try my best 🙂

  48. Lavkesh

    Can you please provide me with phone guardian versio 2.0? Symbian signed now doesnt supports developer certificates without a valid publisher ID. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thanks you for providing us with such good softwares for free. Keep up the good work and I am gonna keep coming to your site whether or not you give me the phone guardian 😀
    I hope you get some good advertisers too.

  49. shittygarbage

    Hi there Ishtiaq. You’re site is simply amazing and very informative. I Like your new website design. It’s easier to browse the files now. Keep up the good work and Continue sharing your knowledge!

    Best wishes.

  50. Rabia

    wow this site is amazing! ur bangali cool im paki! lol keep it up this site is great!

  51. Is there any way you could separate somehow, themes and games etc. designed specifically for the Nokia E90? Most of them don’t fit the inner screen unless they were designed for it. Great site and thank you for all your hard work!

    Wayne “Kila” Watts

  52. arvie

    hey man you are great!!!same like others bangladesh (i join the banglacommunity) where there are many great people like you!!keep your nice job I very appreciate your job (but sorry I dont understand how to register in this forum)

    greatings from INDONESIA!!!1

  53. crashtrashslash

    OMG DUDE I HAVE BEEN ON THIS WEBSITE FOR 4 HOURS STRAIGHT AND I NEARLLY DOWNLOADED EVERYTHING frm A to Z. i dunno how to thank u abt this amazing work and time spared on giving us the best on the net.

    Best wishes to u dude and ur incredible work btw my N81 8gb blew off cause of putting too much applications and games LOOOOL too excited.

    Best wishes

    • Lol.. so sorry for replying so late! You are most welcome! Just please subscribe to the Feed if you liked my effort. That’s free too! And check back often as I always update the site with new things!

  54. kork

    Ciao Caos ti volevo chiedere un piccolo favore… se potevi! No

  55. arshad

    hey dude thansk for the reply but in the tutorial i cannot find the .key file
    and the open siged is closed for users without a publisher id
    can you plz help me get the key file
    or if you can send me a devcert for my phone
    plz help me

    thanks in advance

  56. arshad

    hey dude how r u?
    great site you have its really cool and themes are really good
    just 1 problem i have can you help me with the signing problem
    i am really trying hard to get the application signed
    plz help

    • Did you check out the tutorial section? There is a tutorial for signing applications/games/themes. Though the new beta signing might give you some troubles but I think ya will sort it out in a zippy.

  57. kamaljit

    good work gr8 site keep it up
    thanks a lot for that stuff

  58. anonymous

    Hey awesome site you got here. Could you try to make more sport related themes but in the same style you use presently. namely Arsenal themes. Thanks and good luck.

  59. Psyke

    Great Themes man!!!!!

    But Sir can you please upload themes for series 60 version 2 themes!!!! Please!!! My phone is nokia 6630…

    I’m realy greatfull if you can upload that… Thanks!!!!

  60. ahh man you dig some good music. tool is awesome i can’t get enough of their music and maynards voice. a perfect circle kicks ass. i’m a huge deftones fan too. i also listen to a lot of hardcore and metal.

    glad to see a fello symbian enthusiast digging some good tunes.

    • Woohooo!! Go maynardians!!! Respect to you when you said the magic word… (maynard that is! lol) I love deftones as well… I like a lotta music to honestly speak… APC absolutely kicks ass and so does Maynard’s new project Puscifer! Cheerio amigo! Godspeed!

  61. Dei_Han

    Hi there, Greetings from Serbia! 🙂

    This is really the best symbian site I saw!!!!!
    hope U’ll continue doing the great job!


  62. Really neat site you have. I like



  63. Hi Ishtiaq,
    I received your raiting response. Thanks. Even went through your site. It is flashyand informative. Although I dont use lots of such themes but after going through the site came to know how does it work and how the appearance changes. I have an option in my mobile Nokia N95 such feature. But I use my mobile only for phonecalls. Sometimes I feel that I should have bought a low featured piece. anyways.
    Deepankar Kankalia

  64. Hey thanks man.. This site is still infant to tell you the truth. Lol. Thank you again, it really inspires me what you just said…. Please visit back again.. Always appreciated and if you have any requests for anything nokia related, just let me know and I’ll try my best to manage that! Cheers!

  65. rusty

    wow that’s one of the best symbian site!!i hope you will continue to make your good job…especially the download section…i really appreciate you work!

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