Metal Gear Solid | N-Gage 2.0

Lately I have been busy with so much thing that I could not manage me some time to make a new post, however today is the first day of a new year and thinks are gonna change for the better! Metal Gear Solid now comes designed an...


FIFA O9 on Nokia NGage!

Lately I have been really busy with overhauling this blog with some WEB 2.0 colors. I am completely redoing my logo and the entire template! In the meantime all you Nokia mobile freaks will be able to enjoy a game I am about to...


Heroes Lore | Nokia Game

Get yourself ready to go through an epic adventure of magic, heroes, guardians and monsters. One of the most highest grossing game of the year in the eastern world now hits the smartphones of the western world. Make no mistake ...


QuickOffice Premier 6

Mobile Office would never be complete without you able to explore, share, read and write office documents on your mobile phones and Quick Office Premier Edition does just that! Version 5 ensures a free upgrade to the upcoming v...

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